Chapter Two

A Patreon exclusive story by Meraki P. Lyhne

Feeding had taken way too long, but it had totally been worth the stress Matadon was under now, packing up the rest to catch the flight to the new Great House of Nol-Beaudon. One thing was the feeding being awesome energy, the other was that it had helped distract him from what now stressed him.

Finally, he’d meet his son.

The realization made Matadon stop and take a deep breath to calm himself.

It was always a crap shoot when going out to procreate with humans—especially after abortions became a widespread possibility. He’d read all the for and against stuff, and he’d decided he simply didn’t understand enough of the nuances of human society to form a valid opinion. But not knowing whether he’d managed to father a child or not had stressed him out.

Looking at it from the Cubi standpoint, it sucked because it was their only way of securing new blood to their race. Along with procreating with bree—feeders, of course, but that didn’t bring them the needed insight to stay updated with the human world. Recent events had proved they hadn’t managed either way, and Matadon had lived in a hotel for almost a year, seeing to Cubi families as they tried to survive among humans.

But of course the women had rights over their own bodies.

From a Cubi perspective, he was sad that they had to go procreate like that because he hadn’t held Aaron when the boy had been born. He hadn’t played with him once the boy had learned to crawl. He hadn’t had the opportunity to bake him a birthday cake and watch the excitement grow in toddler eyes at learning what everything tasted like.

When getting bogged down by thinking about that, Matadon remembered those instances with the three children he had gotten to experience it with. His two daughters and son—all grown, empowered, and out in the world. They’d given him three grandchildren, too, and he’d gotten to see their excitement at experiencing the whole world.

He’d at least gotten Grand Lady Geodin to tell him whether his loins had born fruit or not and what date the child had been born. That was all he’d gotten out of her after months of yammering on about a possible depression if he wasn’t told. It had even been the truth because his libido had dropped from stress, which was what finally convinced her to tell him something.

He’d also been told he wouldn’t be sent into the human world again to procreate like that, considering he mentally couldn’t handle the stress.

A healthy baby had been born on September 5th and gone home with his human mom and none-the-wiser dad. But it was definitely a Cubus baby because the Grand Council’s influence in the human society let them collect the PKU blood test if the mother had been visited by a procreating Cubus just prior to falling pregnant. Of course, there was a bunch of bureaucracy implicated, and the Grand Council had to send information on the mother almost as soon as the Lord had left the human woman’s bed. If the human Cubi relation’s health department hadn’t received any information early on in the pregnancy, the Cubi would have to fight a lot harder to get access to know whether or not the child was Cubi that early on.

He’d heard of some who fell through the cracks and weren’t discovered until way later. Some Minglers were even specialized in tracking those children down.

Now he knew he had a son. Their new King had sent a video message, and he was drop fucking dead gorgeous! It still filled Matadon with gratitude that his King had sent such a personal message, disclosing that his son was at the Great House of Beaudon, that his name was Aaron, and that he was acclimatizing to the news that he was a Halfling to a Lord.

“You ready?”

Matadon snapped to and looked at Lady Stadin, standing in the door. “Yes! No, almost…shit.” Matadon got to it, ignoring the Lady shaking her head at him losing focus. Again. That had happened quite a bit since Grand Lady Geodin had called and told him a Lord was on his way to take over his position, and that the car dropping that Lord off would take Matadon to a chopper and fly him to the House of Beaudon.

“Mata, I’ll send what you forget, don’t worry.”

“But…yeah.” Matadon shoved the last things into his bag, zipped it up, and slung it over his shoulder. “Ready!”

“Your phone is charging.”

“Shit!” Matadon beelined for the nightstand and remembered the charger, too, which he fought to get into a pocket on the way out the door.

Lady Stadin laughed, following him through the hotel they occupied.

A Lord stood in the hall with two bags, looking like he’d just stepped through the door.

Matadon went to him, his hand out. “My Lord, welcome.”

“Thank you. You’re the one returning to see your Halfling child?”

“Yes.” Matadon felt the excited smile spread on his face. Nervousness spread in his chest and made him nauseous.

“I wish you the best of luck, My Lord.”

“Thank you. You’ll get my room. I changed the bedding, and all towels and stuff are fresh.”

“Thank you. Now hurry up, My Lord.”

“Yes, thank you.” Matadon hugged Lady Stadin, put on his shades, and left the hotel. A car with tinted windows waited by the curb, and a man in a dark suit and shades, waiting by it, opened the back door for Matadon to enter, merely nodding at him as he did. As Matadon got into the car, he saw the black ring on the man’s hand. He was a Guard Lord who fed on men.

Matadon didn’t get to say anything to him before he’d closed the door and gone around to sit in the driver’s seat. Guards were feared or awed by most, yet Matadon had been around a lot of them, considering he’d been lucky enough to have the King of the North’s attention for a decade. It was the connection that got him sent to the West of Nol-Elakdon’s Kingdom to aid Geodin as she rose to a position of responsibility within the House her mother, Dahlidin, had founded for her brother, Nol-Elakdon.

Nerves rose as the car set into motion, bringing him closer to Aaron.

“I’m Guard Lord Bowdon, and I’ll be accompanying you all the way.”

“Thank you, Guard Lord Bowdon. I’m…Lord Matadon, but I’m sure you know that.”

The Guard Lord chuckled. “You can take off your shades back there, My Lord. The windows are tinted for a reason.”

“Yes…” Matadon pulled them off, feeling a bit too beside himself. “Thank you.”

“You okay?”

“Yes, Guard Lord. I’m just…when will we be at the Great House?”

“Tomorrow. We need to pick up some more on the way, and I need to feed three times a day. You?”

“Once. I fed just prior to leaving here.”

The Guard Lord nodded. “And I can’t even feed on you.”

“You’re welcome to try.” Matadon could have facepalmed himself for flirting with a Guard Lord.

“I might just do that.”

Matadon snapped to and caught a grin on the Guard’s face. Awkward silence followed. “I’m sorry if I seem distracted. My mind’s a bit all over the place.”

“That’s understandable. Many we pick up to come to the new Great House are.”

“Yeah…” But most weren’t going home to see their child for the first time.

“That’s not it, I hear.”

“My son. I have a human born Halfling to meet. I only finally learned of him and that he was taken in around six months ago. A month after it all went to shit.”

“And he’s at the House?”

“Yeah. With the King.”

“Aaron? Your son’s Aaron?”

Matadon gaped. His distracted brain hadn’t even offered up the tidbit that of course a Guard Lord would knew of his son if he stayed with the King. “You know him well?”

“Oh, yeah! I know him well.”

Matadon scooted forward. “Is he…uhm…” He had no idea what he was about to ask.

“I won’t take the experience away from you, but I’ll reveal one thing to you. The reason I might jump you even though you’re for women is because you move like a dancer. So does he.”

“He dances, too. He said so in his letters.”

The Guard Lord grinned, upping Matadon’s excitement to meet his son. Both being dancers hopefully meant they had that to bond over. “Have you checked his social media?”

“I’m not…that tech savvy. Someone showed me, and he’s beautiful!” Matadon had seen a video of his son dancing, but it had been an old video, and the footage had been grainy. But he recognized style and skills. The boy certainly had that from him because he remembered the mother well, and that had been…a disaster on the dance floor, but quite fun. She was good at letting lose and have fun, not caring what the world thought of her. Or maybe that had been the drinks?

“By the way. You might as well spend the quiet time reading this. We’ll be picking up a few more in the car in about half an hour.” The Guard Lord reached back with a spiral bound book about a quarter of an inch thick.

The cover had the new King’s crest on it, making Matadon smile. He was fond of the King on a genetic level, but knowing that he and Aaron had been friends since childhood made the ache in his heart to be with his King be felt a lot stronger.

Opening it, he found forewords from a…Tunra-Nol?

“What’s a Tunra-Nol?”

“In our King’s words? A sheriff.”

Matadon chuckled. “Is he worth his salt? Stupid question, I guess.”

“Yeah. What House were you under?”

“House One under Grand Lady Geodin. I worked directly under her.”

“Really? Why were you sent out of House, then?”

“Because I’m really good with kids, and I asked to lead on the cub housing.”

“I see. Rumors speak highly of your work, then.”

“We’re a good team.” Were. Now he was going home to see his own child, and the thought made him smile again, yet the nerves that rose with it once again distracted him from fully engaging with the reading material.

“Tunra-Nol is Lord Seldon. He was under Grand Lord Ildon and from House Three under House Lord Caledon. He was head of training the difficult breeders. He was the one who found and neutralized the poisonous breeder who started all this.”

“Oh, wow.”

“Yeah, he’s a good and fair man. He also happens to be the lover of our King.”

“Wait, he was Lokil-Nol?”


“Fantastic.” Matadon was all caught up. He liked reading the newsletters from the new Great House, but he had too much to do to keep up with it. The new news outlet was too prolific to fit his schedule.



As the Guard Lord had said, they picked up two Succubi and a human woman around half an hour later. They were chatty, so Matadon didn’t manage to read more than half of the Tunra-Nol manual. Their optimism was a welcomed distraction, though. Seriously, Matadon merely needed to keep himself distracted until they arrived at the Great House.

It took another few hours before they arrived at a lodge for Cubi.

The Guard Lord stopped by the front door and let everybody and their baggage out. But he left the car running and walked them inside, staying very close to Matadon. It seemed his flirting had paid off, which made him smile.

Guard Lord Bowdon looked intense as he scanned the lobby. Matadon always thought Guards were hot for that personality trait alone. The only thing more intense in the world was the focus of a Royal locked on to a single Cubus’ pleasure.

That thought made Matadon hungry for a snack, and he adjusted his cock in the tight jeans. He didn’t get a lot of time for it, though, because Lord Bowdon put an arm around his waist and moved him forward to the reception.

“Guard Lord Bowdon with some of the party being picked up tomorrow. I need a room with a triple-King bed and a human male, receiver of pleasure.” He looked at Matadon. “Lord Matadon will stay with me.” He looked at the human woman behind the reception desk again. “He’ll need a female receiver of pleasure in the morning at the latest.”

“A snack…” Matadon regretted having said that because the Guard Lord seemed in full Guard Lord mode as he looked at him and raised a brow to hear the rest. “Would be greatly appreciated, though.”

 The Guard Lord looked at the woman again. “And a snack.”

“Yes, Guard Lord.” She glanced at Matadon and a smile played on her lips. It was a cute smile.

“I left the car running. Please have it parked and return the keys to me. I’ll shower and need to feed as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Guard Lord.” She hopped to it, handed over a key, and ran off.

Again, Guard Lord Bowdon put his arm around Matadon and led him to a hallway and through the cozy hotel. It smelled of wood and lavender incent. Or maybe that was the flowers on some of the scattered furniture.

“You’ll have to snack with me feeding next to you. You will not leave my side.”

“Yes, Guard Lord.” Matadon second-guessed whether he’d been a successful flirt, considering it was not a flirtatious look in the Guard Lord’s eyes that accompanied that order.

Lord Bowdon opened the door and guided Matadon in first, then closed and locked the door. “I’ll shower. Don’t open if anyone knocks but come tell me.”

“Yes, Guard Lord.”

Apparently, Matadon’s tone got Bowdon’s attention, and a smile stretched crookedly.

“I’m hangry. Sorry.”

Matadon grinned. “Oh, good.” Matadon dropped his bag, put his hands on his hips, and shot one out. “I was afraid my flirting skills had dropped so low.”

That made Bowdon laugh. It was a deep and rich laugh that made Matadon think him even more sexy.

“You’re staying with me because I was sent to secure you. I could take others with us to save resources, sure, but I’m here for you.”

“Oh.” Matadon stood up straight.

“With your son being the best friend of our King, does it really surprise you that you’re a priority?” Bowdon began undressing, and Matadon looked. Matadon was a slender man with muscle definition, sure, and it was obvious he used his body for something athletic, but the Guard Lord looked powerful. He was only half a head taller than Matadon, but he was twice as broad. At least. Nah, that was Matadon getting horny for the sake of being horny. It had been years since he’d been with a guy. Mainly because when he did, he wanted to lose himself in receiving passive pleasure. Just let loose and sail away.

Focus, Mata!

“No, I guess not. It’s been a while, though.”

“Been a while?” Bowdon finished stripping, tossing his clothes on the bed. Matadon hated wrinkled clothes, so he picked up the pants and found the seams to finally hang them over the backrest of a chair by a tiny desk with more flowers.

“I stayed with Nol-Elakdon many years ago. I was a Harem Master then.”

“Perfect. Then you know your way around a home full of Guards.” Bowdon sauntered into the bathroom and turned on the water.

Matadon continued hanging the white dress shirt and suit jacket, getting a whiff of the Incubus’ scent. Delicious. He then put the shoes under the chair and found the toiletries he needed later. It was only late afternoon, and Matadon didn’t want to be alone with his thoughts as they’d soon turn to excitement about meeting Aaron and then turn to anxiety, so he went to the bathroom door, which was luckily open, and leaned against the doorframe.

Being watched by a Guard Lord, he figured it important to tell him about his turbulent emotions, but the guy also deserved a moment to just enjoy his shower. He seemed pretty practical about it, though, and was already on the stage of clearing suds from his body.

Someone knocked on the door, and Matadon told Bowdon as instructed.

“Tell them just a sec.”

“Just a second!” Matadon shouted.

Bowdon left the shower stall and wrapped a towel around his waist, leaving his dark hair dripping water down his still wet torso. Matadon stepped back to leave the Lord room to pass and open the door to the room. A naked human male entered with the receptionist, whose gaze sought out Matadon and offered another sweet smile.

Oh, so she’d be his snack? She had a cuteness factor about her that he enjoyed. Especially her smile. Kinda girl next door look.

The guy seemed less thrilled as Bowdon closed and locked the door after them. The receptionist handed something to Lord Bowdon, and the car key landed on the tiny desk a moment later. She then came to Matadon, while Bowdon used the towel to dry off.

“You know, My Lord…” The receptionist looked up at Matadon under dark lashes, that cute smile turning sexy. “We have a maid here who enjoys the fantasy of seducing Incubi in the mornings.”

Matadon’s brows shot up. “Tell me more, please.”

She turned around and stepped back against him, so Matadon embraced her from behind and ran his hands up her body, seeking out spots that she’d enjoy more of his attention to. “Turning down a bed, but finding an Incubus having overslept his checkout. She likes pretending she has no idea what you are. Finding a morning hunger boner will make her giggle befuddled.”

Matadon chuckled. “And my reactions to play into her fantasy?”

“Depends on her mood, but the few she keeps talking about master sweet dirty talking that make her feel safe in being slutty.”

“A strong female drive, I see.” Those who could relinquish human world expectations to a woman’s proper conduct as a non-sexual being would most often be able to produce pure from then on. There was the other end of the scale, too, of course, and Matadon had only once met up with a nymphomania. A true one! She’d outfucked him completely.

Matadon would think about that feeding later and focus on the softness under his hands. Not even the dosed moaning and grunting from the human getting sucked off by Bowdon on the bed could distract Matadon from exploring the delicious pure energy simmering across his skin now, even though Matadon really wanted to see what kind of Incubus he’d come onto.

To have the human woman in his arms feel a center of his world, he slowly walked them toward the big window with a long and wide cushioned bench instead of a windowsill. The landscape outside was beautiful. Matadon had missed nature while living at the hotel.

“What are your fantasies?” Matadon whispered, pressing his lips gently against the shell of her ear, then licked an earlobe. Not her favorite spot, so he kept exploring with his hands, running a finger across the line of her low-riding jeans. That got a reaction.

“I love the spa. We have a spa. A sexy massage.”

Matadon halted for a moment, mentally going through the contents of his bag. “Oh, I’d love to give you that.”

“My Dame said to not suggest it because you’re roomed with a Guard Lord feeding.”

“I think we can come up with something similar, though.” Matadon leaned in and kissed the back of her neck. “I’m pretty good at massages, yet I don’t have any oil.”

She turned her head. “The room does.” She left his arm and dashed to chest of drawers under the wall-mounted TV. From it, she pulled a bottle, and held it out proudly as she returned. She then opened the windowsill bench and pulled out a blanket. To ensure the oil wouldn’t stain the cushion fabric, Matadon surmised.

“Perfect.” He took over the project and situated the blanket, then flashed her a sexy smile as he rounded her to once again feel her up, but this time he slowly began to undress her. “Tell me more.”

She hummed in appreciation and let him undress her. “I love feeling desired. A simple massage leaving the Incubus turned on and slowly zeroing in on my ass. I’m as passive a receiver as they come.”

“I like that,” Matadon purred. “I wish I had a full feeding with you in the spa. Hours to explore you.”

“Considering you leave so early—”

Matadon put a finger on her lips, not needing the reminder that he should be nervous. “Let’s just pretend. Do you also like to enjoy the fantasy of not knowing about us?”


Matadon smiled, imagining how that feeding could unfold. “I’ll paint you a picture, then.” He finished undressing her and slowly guided her to lie on her stomach on the bench. “After a long day on your feet in the reception, you go to the spa to relax a bit after work. Your Dame has hired a new masseuse, but you haven’t had the chance to meet him yet. You’ve only had a glimpse of him, liking what you saw.” Matadon poured a bit of oil on his hands and spread it, warming it by friction, then put his hands on her shoulders.

It was absolutely not optimal to stand next to a bench that low when giving a backrub, but at least it was wide enough that he could straddle her. He was uncomfortable, but that didn’t matter now.

He started in on the backrub, clearly feeling that she needed to be loosened up. A groan escaped her, but not a sexy one. Still, he wanted to give her a full experience and help out her back a bit, so he continued. Giving massages was something he was good at, and he enjoyed her fantasy.

“As you relax after work, you know most of the hands of the masseuses at the spa. But the hands on you are not the ones you’re used to.” Matadon smiled as his tone and story made another cute smile spread on her face. Yeah, she could enjoy a fantasy, too. “You imagine it’s him. The one you caught a glimpse of.” Matadon ran his thumbs down the muscles near the spine, then along the muscles under the shoulder blades and rounded off with the wing muscles just above where her full breasts were pressed against the cushion.

There was the kind of little moan he wanted. So close to her breasts yet not there. Coupled with the fantasy he’d tried to evoke in her mind, it was the slow tease and her fantasy that could take it further.

Matadon continued that line of massage, putting effort into actually massaging her. She clearly had a computer job, considering the muscles he was working on. Once in a while, he went a bit further and let one hand stroke a breast. The scent of her arousal slowly rose and filled his nose, so he moved the massage lower. He could only imagine what she was imagining, and she wasn’t sharing verbally. But, as he moved down her body, the feel of his thighs on the outside of hers made her jut out her ass a bit while the scent of arousal rose further.

He loved the sight of her ass perking up like that. The dip of her spine and the muscles working there to raise her hips. For access.

Oh, he was going to tease her mind. The energy traveling his skin led him, but he needed more oil. At least it was one that worked well with intimate areas, so he made sure the cap made a sound when he popped it.

Her excitement rose.

Smiling, he let the drops fall from the bottle and onto her spine. They were just cool enough to be felt against the skin he’d warmed, and she gave a small jerk, while arousal built. Especially when the last few drops landed on her one buttock and one on her tailbone.

Her breathing grew deeper, and Matadon grew rock hard. Now he was sorry he hadn’t undressed. He wanted to give her a slow inside massage with his cock, too. As it were, he continued the massage. Once he got to her hips and massaged the top of her buttocks, she once again jutted out her ass, and the scent of her grew stronger.

Slowly, Matadon balanced the clinical massage with circling closer, loving how her arousal rose and the need for him to get to it soon overshadowed. He’d waited for that before he cupped each cheek and kneaded them. He even blew cold air against her exposed crack, which caused a full body shiver and a moan.

Still with delicate and teasing touches, he ran a thumb down her crack, finding a spike of energy as he passed her anus. A few strokes later, he circled it, feeling the muscle quiver for attention.

He kept at it, slowly finger-rimming her while he shifted his position to guide her one leg to fall off the bench. It allowed him more room to sit awkwardly but he gained access to slip a finger inside her pussy.

A louder moan escaped her, and she ground against the finger. The energy in her rose, and a moan even escaped him as the purity of it raced across his skin and made his cock strain uncomfortably against the insides of his too tight pants.

His vocal reaction apparently played into the fantasy he’d set off in her brain because she moaned again and strained to jut her ass up to give him more access. Another finger inside her, and he could run a thumb around her clit while feeling around inside for the g-spot. It was so much easier to find in a Succubus, considering it was then a dosing gland.

But he was going to see how sensitive the receptionist’s nerve network was.

Shots of pleasure spread through her, meaning he’d found it. It made him rut, imagining he could fuck her at the same time. But he had to pay attention to her energy because something was tethering. Something was…missing.

Finally, he moved back and laid down on his stomach. He elongated his tongue to take over stimulating her on the outside. It was not an easy position with fingers working, too. To get access, he slipped off the bench and pulled her lower body over the edge.

Now he had room, but it apparently broke her fantasy a bit. Without a real massage bench, he couldn’t do a lot about that, so he let go of his project with one hand to massage her lower back some more, teasingly pushing fingers in and out, still going for the g-spot.

Slowly, her mind found its way back to the fantasy, and the potency of feeding energy rose again.

Matadon focused on licking her, teasing her clit but also pushing his tongue in to join his fingers.

Again, something was missing, so Matadon explored, once again finding that she really favored having her asshole fondled.  He set in on rimming her properly this time, and the loud cry from pleasure made him shiver.

The taste of her arousal was so potent, and he moaned against her, focusing on feeling out and finding every spot that felt great to her, both on the inside and the outside.

Her pleasure rose as her mind got back into it, and when she started pushing back for more, he switched his tongue’s attention to her clit and pressed a finger inside her ass. Breaching that muscle was like pushing an on-button, and quaked, moaning loud and loudly against the cushion, then culminated and shuddered hard as Matadon continued his ministrations to stimulate her through it to hopefully draw out her pleasure.

The purity of the energy that raced to his spine and down was so delicious that he came, too, and he stayed exactly where he sat, not withdrawing his fingers or tongue before she began coming down and growing too sensitive. Then he withdrew slowly and picked up massaging her again, this time more gently, spreading out and moving back up her body.

She really was at the spa in her mind because she stayed where she was, breathing heavily and relaxing with that cute smile on her face.

He got a sense that he had to withdraw first and let her surface from her little fantasy world of not having to face the one the hands belonged to, so he did, stood, and backed away, watching her beautiful body leaned over that bench.

From tat angle, he could see her eyes flutter open.

Then she moved and sat on the blanket, grinning at him. “You could so get a job at the spa.”

Matadon returned the grin. Now there was an idea to play with. Especially since he’d read about feeding pads made by humans in the new House.

Turning his head, he found Bowdon slumping against the male, and both seemed satisfied for now. The human also looked like he just wanted to get moving.

“If you want to socialize before bedtime, the common room will serve coffee and cake in forty-five minutes.” The receptionist was back in service mode as she stood and began to undress.

“Thank you.” That would at least give Matadon time to find clean clothes and shower. Depending on whether the Guard Lord intended on moving. Looking at the bed again, Bowdon removed his arm from the human, who slipped out and stood, then beelined for the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

Matadon went to his bag and put it on the desk to find clothes. By the time he had, the two humans left, and Matadon winked at the receptionist as she closed the door behind her.

Bowdon locked the door. “That sounded like a pure snack.”

“Oh, yeah. And I creamed my pants, so if we’re going for coffee, I need a full shower.”

Bowdon grinned. “Let’s do that.” He went to the bathroom, leaving Matadon blinking. Okay, so they were showering together. Maybe his flirting had paid off after all?