Chapter Six

A Patreon exclusive story by Meraki P. Lyhne


Matadon was hungry by the time Aaron began spacing out from a day full of impressions. Matadon felt exhausted, too, but with five hundred years on the boy, he’d learned to budget his mental energy a bit better, he guessed.

He hadn’t wanted to leave until Aaron had withdrawn for the evening, and it was almost ten when a Guard Lady showed him to Grand Lady Geodin’s apartment.

“Thank you, Guard Lady.” Matadon nodded, acknowledging her. She nodded and left, and Matadon knocked on the door. A human woman opened. “Lord Matadon to see Grand Lady Geodin.”

The woman smiled genuinely and stepped aside. She bit her lip and gave him a not so discrete elevator glance. The scent of her increased his hunger, and he kept looking at her as he stepped inside, staying near enough to the door for her to have to step up close to him as she shut it.

“Do you like massages?” Matadon asked.

The look she sent him went straight south.

“Of course she does, Matty, we all do when you give them.”

Matadon turned his head to look at a grinning Geodin, strutting her beauty in a lace teddy. Pink silk. That was the best color on her. She’d bundled her long blond hair up in a messy bun. He loved that. “Good evening, Geo.”

“Oh, you’re hungry.”

“Very.” And so was she, judging from her teasing tone and dark purple eyes.

“And all hers tonight.” The human sighed exasperatedly, whipped her head around to almost whip Matadon with her hair, and stalked off as if insulted. Matadon snorted, while Geodin laughed heartedly as she came over.

“I did tease her a bit when she asked why I seemed so happy tonight.”

Matadon looked at her dark eyes, and his cock hardened fully while his mind dug up the details of her erogenous zones and what she liked. He pulled her close and leaned in. “Oh, I’ll massage you good. Just wait with dosing me.”

She bit her lip and pressed herself against him, looking sneaky. “How was your day?”

“Fantastic and long.”

Geodin chuckled and hugged him. “I’m happy you and Aaron had a good start. He’s a good boy.”

Matadon knew her too well to miss something in her tone, reminding him again that Aaron called her Grand Lady, yet he was pretty loose with titles around everybody else. She must have scowled at him, yet she wouldn’t tell Matadon yet. He didn’t want to know yet, either. He wanted to feed so that he could think straight because he’d had a hunger boner since an hour and a half after dinner.

To get that ball rolling, he began nibbling her neck and snuck his tongue out to tease the fine hairs on the side of her neck. A shiver raced through her, making Matadon grin and slowly walk them toward the doorway she’d emerged from.

“Wrong way, sweety.”

“Nope.” Matadon altered his course enough to press her against a wall and lower himself to press fully against her while getting free access to suck on her neck. With the mischievous hunger in her eyes, she might dose him too early, so he’d better figure out her specific need now before he lost himself in heightened need from her powerful dose.

Her usual needs for quick top-offs counted a hot and heavy on furniture, a quicky full of hunger against a wall, or getting eaten out. Matadon figured he’d start there and read her needs, so he set on the mission of making her feel how much he’d missed being with her.

He really had. Knowing a body as well as he did hers, it was what he imagined the pleasure great musicians took from getting the greatest sound out of their instruments. And the sounds she made when he did it right turned him on immensely.

Every sigh, whimper, breathless moan, and loud groan raised his hunger.

The taste, scent, and feel of her assaulted his senses and awoke memories of hours of pleasure they’d found together as he’d helped suck out massive amounts of Royal doses in her. At least as long as he could.

Once her energy rose above his as a Master, he could no longer assist and had to watch Sires and Lords step in—even with the King empowering Matadon more often to raise him, too, so that he could continue helping his friend. They’d remained close friends, and she’d been allowed to bring him to her mother’s House—the Great House of Dahlidin—when her uncle, Nol-Elakdon, had strengthened her sufficiently to let her go home and become a Grand Lady of the Council.

Having her back in his arms after more than a year of separation, Matadon greedily tasted her body and touched every inch to bring her pleasure. He loved spoiling her and spent time caressing and fondling whatever set her body aflame to writhe against his as he explored on his way down.

Finally, the scent of her overwhelmed his senses, and he ran his hands up her thighs and hips, thus lifting the silk out of the way to bury his face between her legs. His groan of satisfaction set off a chain reaction in her body, and she thrust her hips, giving him more space to seek out her folds and lavish the tender flesh with attention.

Geodin moaned and lifted a leg, and he helped situate it over his shoulder as he found a more comfortable position to sit. It gave him the room to use his hands, too, and he caressed her ass and thighs, teasing her with sensation instead of going for the money-spot.

The grip to his hair indicated she wanted that instead, so he focused his tongue’s attention on her clit and slowly pressed a finger into her.

“Oh, yeah, Matty. You know exactly how to work that tongue.” Geodin’s fingers combed through Matadon’s hair. Looking a sex-tussled mess after pleasing someone was a matter of personal pride. Leaving a woman a sex-tussled mess was the hottest he could imagine, and they were most beautiful as they collected themselves during the aftermath. That was his thing, anyway.

When she wanted something, Geo usually went for it, which included grabbing hair to keep a face in place to tilt her pelvic for a better spot. It was easy to learn with directions so clear. He didn’t miss the thrusting for more internal stimulation, so he pushed a second finger in and stroked her insides, minding not to push too hard on her dose gland.

He was going to tease her before he got lost in the dosed need for culmination.

The downside to the way he sat was that his cock got squeezed uncomfortably in the fold of his pants, yet he refused to let up pleasuring her to tend to that now. Also, the floor was cold.

More thrusting, and Geodin tried to raise herself to allow for easier access, He read her perfectly and elongated his tongue to join his fingers inside her, this time going for the dose gland.

A loud cry escaped her, and Matadon’s cock complained from its confinements as it tried to bob enthusiastically in response.

“Oh, that’s it, that’s it,” she whispered, holding his face in place.

Matadon whimpered and focused, wanting her writhing on his tongue. The sweet taste of dose assaulted his tastebuds, and he cussed at her mentally because licking her would not sooth that need now.

He got the hint, though. Stop teasing and start fucking.

She was apparently in the need of a top-off, and dosing him was how she got her way. Matadon scrambled to his feet while getting out of his shirt. The victorious grin on her face as she attacked his fly-buttons ignited him, and he eagerly helped while claiming her lips for a sloppy and greedy kiss.

There was no time to get out of pants. They were merely shoved out of the way before Matadon turned her around to face the wall and latched onto her neck, sucking a tender spot while steering himself inside.

The need in him, caused by the dose, released its iron grip around his brain, making him moan, and he focused on everything he knew about her to bring the pleasure she needed. With one hand on her hip, he trusted and rotated his hips to continue the internal massage his tongue had focused on, while he encircled her with his other arm and grabbed a breast.

“Oh, that’s what I want!” Geodin stuck out her ass for him, and he grunted from effort as he kept up to find the perfect rhythm to top her off. The way she pushed against the wall, she was hellbent on culmination, and Matadon focused only on that.

And there was the shudder. He slid his hand from her breast and down between her legs, cupping her vulva. He wanted to tease. He was a tease. Adding a bit of external pressure but not focused stimulation usually caused a reaction he wanted so badly.


Geodin cried out while thrusting or grinding back against him or onto his hand. A ripple of lust shook his body, tearing a moan from him. It ignited the last spark in Geodin’s pleasure, and she bucked, orgasmed, and groaned against the wall.

Matadon reduced his snaps, fearing he’d slip out and no longer add to the stimulation. Her ejaculate coupled with her spasming body made it almost impossible not to, and he held her close to keep her firmly on his cock.

Finally, she went lax in his arms, merely twitching and breathing heavily, while Matadon grinned victoriously against her neck. The dose fog cleared his brain, allowing him to think straight again. He hadn’t come yet, but that was irrelevant after having fed on a dose that high. His immediate need had been topped by that, and now he could focus on teasing them both into sensory heaven and overload.

“So…” Matadon caught his breath for a second. “Which way?”

Geodin giggled and stood straight, slipping off him.

He reluctantly let her go, but he had a handful of her juices, so he licked that off, tasting the level of pleasure energy he’d caused. He wished human women could ejaculate as easily as a Succubus.

Geodin took his free hand and started walking, yet Matadon pulled to stop her.

“You forgot a detail,” he said, in between licking the deliciousness off his hand.

“What?” She looked down, then sputtered laughter. Yeah, he wasn’t going far with both ankles caught in pants. And they were tight, so no kicking those off. “Let me help you out.”

Wow, the look in her eyes. Yeah, she knew him well, too.

Geodin crouched and helped one leg out, but Matadon’s focus was on how close her mouth was to his cock. He turned his hips a bit, putting the tip of it closer to her face, getting a devilish grin.

She left it alone while freeing that foot, though, then shifted her weight to bypass his hungry member and free the other foot. He so wanted her to suck him off, and a groan of disappointment escaped. He turned his hips again, slowly, so that his erection pointed toward her face again.

Yeah, she knew exactly what he wanted, judging by the snickering. He finally thrust his hips a bit, poking her cheek with his cock. Geodin turned her head enough to sneak out her tongue and lick up the underside.

Matadon’s breath caught, and he held still, trying to keep his balance while she managed the project of freeing him from his pants while licking him. It was not a successful combination. He wanted more. He wanted to feel her mouth swallow him. He wanted to watch that intimate connection of her lips wrapped around him.

His food finally slipped from the constricting fabric, and he reached to help her up. He grabbed her ass and pulled her tight, then lifted her to have her lock her legs around his waist.

“That way,” she whispered, pointing,

Matadon leaned in to kiss and suck her neck as he headed for the door that led into her bedroom where he flopped them both onto the bed.

Geodin was in her fun feeding mood and laughed, then tipped him over and slid her soft body down his. That grin…she had plans. Nimble fingers caressed his balls and massaged the perinium, sending delicious jolts of pleasure through him. Her other hand closed around his erection, and he watched as Geodin’s tongue snuck out and around the head of his cock.

He’d get a kink in the neck if he tried watching her, so he bundled up the covers to support his neck and give him the fantastic view of her beautiful mouth opening up and closing around him. And her tongue knew exactly what to do. “Plans for a delicious intimate massage?” Matadon asked.

“Mm-hmm,” she mumbled around his cock, making him jerk from the resonance sending vibrations through him. That felt awesome. She slowly pulled off, but her lips remained locked the glans. Her tongue teased the slit of his cock, and his breath quickened. He loved getting sucked off, but a Cubus tongue could do delicious thing. It could elongate and become thin enough to slip into a cock. It was a pleasure only found with a Cubus.

Matadon sailed away in her skills and intimate knowledge of his body and pleasure, and the climax he hadn’t found earlier while dosed and chasing hers soon rose, leaving him panting and fisting the sheets. The orgasm rolled through him, and he quaked, watching as Geodin kept her mouth on his to get the energy she’d caused to building him.

The climax ebbed away, leaving him spent and breathing heavily.

“I missed the taste of you.” Geodin nibbled her way up his body and snuggled in.

“Me, too.” He pulled her closer and relaxed, relishing in having his closest friend back. Matadon turned onto his side and propped his head up on his hand, looking at Geodin. She lay with her eyes closed and a satisfied little smile on her lips. Her messy hair looked adorable. A woman messy from sex with him always looked so hot.

She smiled, apparently feeling him watching her. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. “So, you and Aaron had a good day?”

“Yeah. He showed me around, then he challenged me to a dance off in the studio.” Matadon still felt amazing about how that had gone down. They’d truly bonded over something, and they could build on it, whether Aaron wanted another dad in his life or merely a friend. A dance partner, hopefully, and Matadon knew he was going to have to work his ass off to earn and keep a spot on that team.

Geodin reached up and stroked his cheek, studying him.

“What do you see?” he asked.


“And in Aaron?”

“Well, I haven’t seen him since before lunch, so that would be unfair to even guess at, considering the day that made you so hopeful since.”

“He’s a really good dancer.”

Geodin chuckled. “Yeah, a true scatterbrain.” Matadon raised a brow, thinking he knew exactly why she’d scowled at his son, then. “Come on, Matty, it’s a compliment for the creative minds.”

“I’m not a scatterbrain.”

She laughed incredulously and mirrored his position. “Oh, yes you are. And I love that about you. You always bring a party when my mind’s full of chores. You’ll start dancing when hanging curtains, while I run around, stressing about finding the curtain rings.”

Matadon shook his head, grinning. He remembered that. “He’s so young.”

“Yes, but as I understood from what Lord Seldon told me, then he didn’t have it easy. That usually matures someone.”

Her comment pinpointed something. “I feel poor from not even knowing what.”

Geodin took his hand and stroked it with her thumb. “He’ll hopefully tell you. But whatever it is, he reacts with rebellion. He pushes back even when what he needs is to pull someone closer. Just be prepared for that, and don’t let go, even if it’s what he asks for.”

Matadon appreciated her insight. “Does he fear you?”

“Hopefully just a little.”

Respect could be born from that. That was probably what she wanted. “He calls you Grand Lady, even when you’re not there. When he refers to you.”

“Daniel did raise his authority a few times, reminding him to respect the hierarchy. He’s getting better at that when out and about, though.”

Matadon nodded, appreciating the insight and her concern. “I’m glad you help me. I can see that you care about a friend.” He leaned in to kiss her forehead, but he didn’t miss that look, and he immediately pulled back to look at her. “It’s not merely about my son and I reuniting, is it? Something concerns you outside that.”

“Of course. I’m on a Grand Council, and my King just went to Ela. Something brewing in Denmark, and I don’t know what.”

Matadon gaped. “Ela didn’t tell you anything?”

“Just that humans are being stubborn and ignorant.”

“That’s nothing new, but we also know that that’s because of an old agreement we can’t change now.”

Geodin nodded, her eyes giving away deep thoughts. “Nol-Beaudon has gotten us far. I hope bringing his vision to Denmark will help Ela because implementing it in Denmark is what caused problems.”

“Is this Kingdom ready to see the King leave with his vision?”

“No, but at least we can just call him and have him attend a meeting on the big screen.”

“There’s that.” Matadon absentmindedly stroked Geodin’s chest, following the curve of a breast. “You know I don’t gossip. Just in case you want to vent.”

“I know.” She smiled at him. “But I won’t take up your mind when you have a son to focus on getting to know. The Natural Beauties and the rest of our Halflings out there are not your problem now.”

“Natural Beauties…” Matadon smiled. “Aaron wants to focus on helping them acclimatize. I’ve told him I’ll help.”

“Do that, then. And if you find a specific way, come and tell me. If needed, I’ll bring it to the right Grand Council member.”

Matadon grinned. He sometimes felt quite lucky for the trust and friendship he’d earned with someone so powerful. In this case, it could hopefully help him aid Aaron in something he wanted. Which brought him back to the insecurities and lack of clarity on his own Cu’Boka.

“You’ll be a good aid with the Natural Beauties since you just returned from the human world, and you learn and adapt so fast.”

“I’ll aid Aaron there, then.”

“Now you’re the one looking worried.”

Matadon smiled. “He’s contemplating what job he can get near the Natural Beauties to live up to Cu’Boka and also be near them.”

Geodin knitted her brows. “But he’s dancing.”

“Yeah, he just doesn’t see that as contributing. I sense quite a bit of insecurity in something, but it sure as hell isn’t in his abilities to dance.”

“Human notions?”

“I’m sure, yeah.”

Geodin gnawed her lip, thinking. “Let me think on that.”

“Thank you.” Matadon leaned over and rested his forehead against hers. They stayed like that for a few minutes, simply sharing a moment of friendly peacefulness and the knowledge that they got each other’s backs.

“I’d trust you with a Natural Beauty, by the way.”

Matadon pulled back. “What does that mean?”

“If you find one who comes to trust you and that you bond with, then…the Royal dose will awaken the Cubus in them, and then they’ll go into rut, needing doses and feeding while they overcome headaches. I know you’re attentive enough, but I don’t want you to feel like you should, even if you bond with one, because you need to focus on Aaron. Having already been claimed, he has only a few years before Beaudon will bury him in a bed with a harem.”

Matadon nodded, knowing exactly what to expect. He even feared Aaron’s reaction to it if he wasn’t warned properly in time, yet he didn’t want to frighten the boy, either. “I wonder what our King sees in him to choose him as a Fountain.”

“Vision,” Geodin said. “They sense Cu’Boka that aligns with their vision.”

That pleased Matadon to hear when also having learned that their new King’s vision was to raise the standards for Cubi and human alike.

“You know, Matty—” A yawn cut Matadon off from paying attention, making Geodin laugh. “Oh, sweety, I’m so sorry. I forget what a taxing day you’ve had. Do you want to go sleep in your own bed?”

“No.” Matadon laid down and made himself comfortable. He held out his arm for her to snuggle closer. “I want to feel safe with a friend. I want to feel at home.”

Geodin placed her head on his shoulder and draped an arm and a leg over him. “You finally are,” she whispered.

Matadon smiled, letting her reach across to turn out the lights. They snuggled back in, and Matadon closed his eyes. He couldn’t imagine spending the first night there alone in a bed that he didn’t know the smell of. The scent of Geodin made him feel at home.

“Please wake me early so I can be home when Aaron wakes up.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”