Chapter Eight

A Patreon exclusive story by Meraki P. Lyhne



Matadon sat alone in his room, trying to get a feel for this new chapter of his life. He didn’t feel at home yet, but he didn’t expect to anywhere within the first two weeks of arriving somewhere—especially since all his belongings were still at the Great House of Dahlidin. With the important task the Grand Council had assigned him upon the great escape with cubs and families, there had been no room at the hotel. He and the other Lords and Ladies had decided to favor the Cubi they were tending to, leaving their own stuff to be forwarded to wherever they ended up settling after the crisis was over.

He hoped it would be in the Grand House of Nol-Beaudon.

Looking at the frames with his children and two grandchildren rooted him in something more than physical surroundings. They were the only belongings he’d brought along with necessities like a week’s worth of clothes. He’d settled on the idea that that mindset was also what gave him the ability to easily live with changes, and that ability was what earned him the responsibility to help tend to the most vulnerable during the time of the greatest upheaval their people had seen in centuries.

He’d framed the photos that Aaron and Dawdon had given him and put them with the others on the desk. He couldn’t stop staring at them, feeling rich is finally having a complete line. Whatever goofiness Aaron and the King were up to in that photo, he had no idea, but it looked fun enough that it simply made Matadon want to laugh with them. Having the collection of frames completed left Matadon feeling fulfilled. Whole. A chapter ended, and a new began.

It reminded him of something he could finish now. Or change? It had become a big part of his life and as important as the pictures of his children. He’d probably have a difficult time letting go of that habit now that it was no longer needed. Contemplating it, he decided to keep it but change it.

Pulling the diary from his bag gave him a sense of peace. It had become an anchor the way the photos were, but that was because he hadn’t had a photo of Aaron to work as one. Instead, he’d written a diary. He wondered if Aaron would ever read it. It had been written for him.

Matadon opened onto the first page, staring at a pencil drawing in one corner of a baby swaddled in a blanket, sleeping. He read the short passage. September 5th. Dear child. Today you were born, and I missed out on holding you in your arms. But I imagine you, the scent of you, the feel of your soft cheeks, and the cuteness of your tiny fingers and feet. I already love you. One day, I will hold you and tell you to your face.

He leafed through the pages, catching glimpses here and there of the highlights he’d imagined in their lives, filling them in with fantasies to root his mind. Not knowing anything had been torture. That level of insecurity had nearly broken him, and the diary had become a stand-in for what the frames did regarding his other children. That sense of peace. Of belonging. Geodin finally telling him the date of Aaron’s birth had been the day he started the diary, and he’d used it as a tool to balance his mind.

He leaved to the last page written on and smiled. [DATE]. Dear Aaron. Today I finally met you. You’re more beautiful than all the fantasies I’ve managed to dream up of you over the past twenty years combined.

Matadon grabbed his fountain pen and unscrewed the cap. He wrote [DATE] Dear Aaron. We share a great passion in life, and I’m so very honored that you allow me to share in it. May it help us forge the bonds denied us by circumstances and necessities outside our control.

He then spent half an hour sketching the two of them in stiletto boots, holding hands—Aaron as a secure and graceful dancer and himself as a bowlegged staggering mess. It made him chuckle at his silliness.

In the meantime, his mind wandered to all the opportunities that lay ahead. He wondered about his emotions and what to do now. Finally, he settled on making a new diary about their dancing, yet this time he wouldn’t write it for Aaron, he would just write it for himself. He should have thought of that earlier when they went to provisions to get frames and put in the order for the massage bench. He needed a new notebook if not a real leather-bound journal like the monstrosity he’d written in for the past twenty years.

He still needed to talk to whomever ran the feeding areas to see if he could have a room where fee—humans could come to him if they so inclined. He figured his idea could help raise pure energy, which would be his Cu’Boka reason for establishing the place.

His thoughts rounded Bao’s sad expression at not managing pure energy. It was the main topic everywhere, and it had been how the young Cubi had phrased it when answering questions with the Natural Beauties.

Geodin had talked about it, too, over breakfast. They’d known that humans weren’t happy, of course, but from green eyes and up, the Cubi usually had good friends in their companions. Geodin certainly did in Jade.

Matadon finished his little sketch, grinning at it. There were about fifteen pages left in the thick journal, and he’d fill those out, hoping they would be enough room for the final entry to be Today I gave you this book, containing all I wished for us, because now we can write real stories together. Aaron wasn’t mentally ready for the level of intimacy between them yet—the father and son bond that would let him appreciate the gift of Matadon’s thoughts. Aaron was still insecure in something, and Matadon hoped he’d soon earn the respect and trust for Aaron to open up and share his thoughts and emotions. When he did, he’d trust that Matadon would be what a parent should be in his life—the stable bedrock of physical and emotional support in anything in life.

He needed the diary to write the real stories to hopefully help him figure out how best to earn that relationship with his child. The upside was that he no longer had to keep it to little entries of a paragraph or two in order to keep it all in a single book.  

He could, of course, just order a new diary by using the app that Aaron had helped download onto his phone, but Matadon wasn’t that tech savvy. He still tried, yet he got lost in the interface. He couldn’t even find the feeding pads on there. He totally needed a snack, and he’d eyed a young woman at the dinner table.

Maybe he should go look for her?

He did know how to text, though, so he texted his son, Ramudon, if he wanted to meet up for dinner with them, yet he hadn’t shared anything about Aaron, feeling the need to get to know him first. The others only knew that they had a Halfling sibling out there, and that one day, around the age of twenty-one, that child would be brought in to become Empowered at age twenty-two. That Matadon had been reunited with said child before that wasn’t something he’d shared yet. That revelation deserved more than a text message.

Hopefully, they could have dinner with Ramudon’s oldest child, Skyndon—the grandchild who was in the House. Ramudon’s daughter was a Mingler in the human world.

A text made the phone vibrate in Matadon’s hand. I’d love to, Dad! When and where?

Matadon felt the enthusiasm behind the text. Up to you. I’m new to the Grand House. I arrived yesterday. Show me what I’ve been missing out on.

A little thumbs up popped up.

Matadon liked emoticons. They were fun. He looked for a possible one to send in return, but he saw a little dancing woman, which reminded him that he had some training to do. Glaring at the stilettoes standing next to his bed, Matadon decided to do that first, so he packed the diary away. He put on the black leggings, tight black top, and newly mauled white t-shirt cut to the length just below the ribcage and the sleeves had been removed with scissors, too. Finally, the boots. He kinda liked their dance uniform, and he agreed they needed a team name and logo on there. For all kinds of dancing, the clothes allowed freedom to move, and that was the most important part.

There was no music in his room, and the speakers in the phone wouldn’t do. Aaron had downloaded an app that was easy enough to use. Matadon merely had to press an icon on the phone, and it would open the playlist. He could then find the song he wanted and press play.

Since Aaron had gone with Dawdon and Geradon, Matadon was left on his own for the evening, but he’d had to insist that Aaron also had time for himself and his friends. He feared that Aaron could feel suffocated under the need Matadon really felt for spending every waking moment with his son, and it would most certainly compromise Aaron’s need to build his relationship with young Dawdon.

The living room was the biggest place with music, yet it was probably full of people. Still, the training he’d planned consisted of walking around in the stilettoes, so Matadon left his room, being very aware of the strain those four inches put on his ankles and the balls of his feet.

As suspected, the living room was occupied by four people watching TV. Matadon remembered the Butler’s name, Alex, and the name of the human who’d been a regular of Lord Caledon. Oliver. And Leon, the human from the government. He was still naked. They all were. The last was a blue-eyed Succubus that Matadon didn’t know.

“Good evening, My Lord,” Alex said. “We’re looking for a movie if you want to join us.”

“No, thank you. I was looking for music. I have to learn to cooperate with these, so I figured waking around would do that.” He showed off a stiletto boot.

Oliver chuckled. “Your son’s challenge?”


“The speakers in the kitchen are good,” Alex said.

“I’ll keep it down, I promise.” Matadon went into the kitchen and looked around. It had a mandatory junk corner with everything, and Matadon hoped that included the jack to plug his phone to the speakers. The shelf above the mess held that. The mess was fun to look through, though. It said so much about the people who occupied the space around it. A few LEGOs and a discarded child’s sock made him smile. Children were usually at the house, yet he hadn’t met any yet. He’d learned that two had left with the King and his entourage for Denmark.

Earbuds. Those wireless ones. The little box indicated they were fully charged. And the box said Aaron. He’d borrow those to make sure no one could be bothered by whatever he found on the playlist. Syncing them with Bluetooth was easy enough, so he put them in his ears and started the playlist from the beginning. It took a moment of skipping songs until he found something that fit the stilettoes.

Belly dancing. He seriously needed to learn those hip movements, so he put the phone down and slowly warmed up his joints by moving his spine and hips, finding the passing between raising one hip to the other something he definitely had to work on and find a method to. Especially if he were to have hopes of obtaining the fluidity Aaron showed off. He made it look so easy.

Fatherly pride warmed Matadon, adding to his determination to make his son proud. He was clearly a driven professional artist, and it hurt Matadon that he didn’t find value in his own contribution—that he didn’t recognize his Cu’Boka.

How to teach him that? Especially considering they weren’t at a father/son relationship level. They were building friendship. Maybe by finding odd jobs to aid with and show Aaron by example? Show the difference between the necessary evils like dishes and the true core of Cu’Boka? How to show the value for all of what was truly fulfilling for the individual, too? Maybe focus on how the two could overlap? How one could have more than one Cu’Boka? More than one passion?

Musing about stuff always flowed easier while the body moved, too, and Matadon rolled into more attempts of what little he’d seen Aaron perform, testing out the hip jerks that made it look almost stop-motion. He knew those movements from practicing popping, but he’d never really focused on hips alone.

As he danced around the kitchen, a presence in his peripheral vision frightened him, and he recoiled. It was Guard Lord Bowdon, standing leaned against the doorframe with a hungry look on his face and deep dark eyes trained on Matadon.

Matadon’s dancing had caused that look, and he felt very good about it. And horny. Seriously, he still wanted to seduce that Lord. He removed the air pods from his ears. “You frightened me.”


Damn, that smirk looked sexy. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah.” The smile on Bowdon’s face grew. “Keep dancing.”

Matadon chuckled and bit his lip, glancing at Bowdon. He needed to figure out what turned the Guard Lord on. Shyness seemed to work a bit. “Would you help me, then?”

“I don’t dance like that.”

“No, but you like this kind of dancing?”

“Yeah.” Lust laced Bowdon’s tone.

“Then watch me and give me feedback.” Matadon rounded the breakfast bar, putting a little more movement into his hips as he did. Bowdon had mentioned liking the way dancers moved, and his gaze sought out Matadon’s legs as he cleared what had obscured the view.

“Wow. They look uncomfortable.”

“They are, but I’m learning this.”

“From your son?”


Bowdon smiled. “It’s going well I hear. With you two.” Matadon nodded, feeling happy that it was so. “If I didn’t have a shift in fifteen minutes, I would totally help you by…watching you. But I’ll be out of the house.”

Oh, the promise of being watched by Bowdon sent a signal south and raised Matadon’s hunger for something Bowdon couldn’t cover.

Matadon closed in on the Guard Lord. “I’ll just have to imagine you watching me,” he whispered. Yeah, that had an impact on the big Lord.

“You know…” Bowdon closed the gap between them, and Matadon’s breath grew shallow from the intense look in the Guard’s eyes. “I could give you my schedule for the week. So that you know when I’ll be around to watch you.”

Matadon shook his head. “I actually like the mystery.” What he really liked was the thought of teasing the Guard Lord.

“Do you now?”

Oh, gods, that tone. Matadon grew rock-hard. “You could whisper it to me when I can’t see you.” He leaned in a bit. “Then I can dance just for you.”

Now that had an impact. The throaty groan being suppressed said it all. The fingertips brushing up the side of Matadon’s thigh to hip sent fire to his groin.

“What other mysteries do you like?” Bowdon whispered.

“Well, this isn’t a mystery for me, but…when does your shift end?”

“At three AM.”

Matadon leaned closer to ensure the heat from his breath would caress the shell of Bowdon’s ear. “Then sneak into my bed and whisper me an idea for a dance. I’ll work on that for you.”

Bowdon’s breath came faster, too. “You present a valuable lesson in self-discipline, My Lord.”

Matadon had lived around a King for long enough to know that Guards worked fiercely on that, and they appreciated those challenges to grow. It was part of the fierceness Matadon loved. Guard Lord or Lady, he didn’t care—being at the center of their attention was amazing. When they weren’t on duty, of course. “Good. You won’t need it when alone with me, though.”

Another groan. Bowdon grabbed the back of Matadon’s head and claimed his lips in a scorching kiss that made Matadon lose his balance on the heels and almost twist an ankle, but Bowdon caught him, pulled him tight, and deepened the kiss.

Matadon felt craved, and his lust flared.

Bowdon broke the kiss and locked gazes with Matadon. Fuck, he looked hot with kiss bruised lips and eyes that dark. “And now I have to work for six hours. With this.” He guided Matadon’s hand to his erection, and Matadon grinned, stroking the thick meat. A needy gasp escaped when Bowdon cupped Matadon’s erection, and that sly smile spread again. “And you have to dance with this. Seems like we both leave the other with a challenge.”


“Until later,” Bowdon whispered, then stepped back.

Matadon still didn’t feel stable on heels after that kiss, so he grabbed the breakfast bar—catching his breath and getting his horniness under control—while Bowdon backed all the way to the door. Judging by that smile, he knew exactly what impact he had on Matadon, too.

They were apparently going to have fun provoking each other. Matadon liked that idea, and the grin spread on his face.

Bowdon left, taking Matadon’s urge to dance with him. Also, he no longer felt secure on these heels, so he took the boots off. He quickly packed up, leaving the air pods in the junk pile, and returned to his room to change out of the dance clothes.

He noticed a text had rolled in while he and Bowdon had been teasing each other. Geodin had texted him whether he and Aaron wanted to drop by for an evening among friends, so he called her up.

“Hi. Thank you for the invitation. Aaron’s off with his boyfriend, though.”

“You’re more than welcome alone.”

“I should find a woman to feed on first.”

“I’m sure Jade would love your attention.”

Matadon grinned. Yeah, Geodin’s companion had kept up poking fun at the massage comment. “I’ll just shower, then I’ll be over.”

They hung up, and Matadon grabbed nice but comfortable clothes, showered, shaved, and dressed. As he sat on the bed to pull socks on, his gaze landed on the stilettoes, making him sigh. Never miss an opportunity to practice, and never miss an opportunity to grow. That was his mantra when having to learn something new.

Matadon grabbed the boots and put them on, then stood and grabbed his phone from the desk. His gaze caught Aaron and the King, snickering. Nol-Beaudon wore a light makeup. Both had started a trend in the House, and Matadon stood with both feet planted in one of them.

Also, he felt a bit frisky, so he hurried from his room and went into the living room. People weren’t exactly engrossed in the movie. They were chatting and watching the people talking on the screen.

“I’m sorry to bother everybody, but…does anyone have some makeup I can borrow?”

Alex sat forward and looked at Matadon’s feet, then at his face. “Trending?”

“When in Rome! Or the House of Nol-Beaudon.”

“I know what you mean, but I don’t have stilettoes.” Alex got up and led the way, so Matadon hurried after him back past his own room and a few doors further down. Matadon stayed in the hallway, considering Alex hadn’t said to enter. He showed up a moment later with a small cosmetic pouch. “Just whenever. I don’t use it often.”

“How many do?”

They walked back.

“It’s definitely growing,” Alex said. “I see human men taking to it, too.”

Matadon smiled because he saw that as progress, considering the world he’d just become too familiar with. “Nothing wrong with pretty men.”

“No.” Alex grinned. “I’ve come to enjoy them when feeding, but I miss my gruff Viking.”

“I bet.”

“Have fun with it.” Alex pointed to the makeup pouch as they neared Matadon’s door.

“Thank you.” Matadon went to the bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror. It had been a while since he’d put makeup on, yet he wasn’t going to try anything fancy. Just…some eyeliner. Maybe some shadow. Maybe he should start with a peek at what Alex actually had.



Thirty minutes later, Matadon had sashayed his sexy ass in stilettoes to Geodin’s apartment, and his feet hated him. Her expression when opening the door and finding him looking pretty made him happy. When she noticed the boots and jumped, squealing excitedly, Matadon felt awesome, and it was all worth it.

“Oh, Matty! You did that for me or Jade?”

“Both, of course.” Matadon hugged her. “Aaron is teaching me to dance in these, and he said he and Nol-Beaudon started a few trends in the House, so I’m trying out both.”

Geodin giggled. “Come on.” She grabbed his hand and led him to the den.

Matadon felt pretty sure this side of the Grand Lady wasn’t one most people saw. She could be as formidable and intense as her King uncle of the North, but among friends, she was way different. So was the King.

“Oh, wow,” Jade exclaimed.

It looked like it would be only the three of them. Both women had sat snuggled up in blankets and silk night gowns on a sea of pillows, and a wine cooler stood on the table next to three still untouched glasses.

“The shoes,” Geodin said.

Matadon took the pose Aaron had showed that day to accentuate his long legs.

Jade looked. “Oh. Wow!”

Geodin found her blanket and sat. “What kind of dancing is he teaching you?”

Matadon grinned, recognizing what she’d planned. A slumber party. It was her favorite kind of hanging out with friends. Matadon wondered whether she’d changed her plans to one when learning Aaron wasn’t coming. “Belly dancing.”

The two women exchanged an excited look.

“Please, let us have a look,” Jade said.

“No! Because I’ve tried it once. Today. In the kitchen. Alone. To the amusement of a Guard Lord because I didn’t see him.” Geodin and Jade burst into laughter. “Seriously, though…” Matadon went to the sea of pillows and joined them. “I’ll dance for you when I figured out more.”

“Aaron makes it look so easy,” Geodin said.

“Yeah, the three-man show on Halloween?” Jade whistled impressed.

“I know!” Geodin blinked. “I had not seen Nol-Beaudon among them at first. The veils and flowing fabric and gold and bells. Then he changed his eyes. They stood perfectly with black silk.”

Matadon whimpered. He’d wanted to see that. He’d seen pictures of the dance off, and that hadn’t been belly dancing. “Please tell me that was filmed.”

“I think it was,” Geodin said. “Now. Tell us of your day with Aaron. You look happy and hopeful, so I am, too.”

Matadon smiled and took the initiative to pour the wine. He then went over the day, sharing that he made the cut for the dance team, that he and Aaron had a plan to do a choreography together, and that he was setting up dinner to introduce Ramudon and Aaron. And the photos he’d gotten.

“What’s the biggest change you notice when coming to the House?” Geodin asked.

“Humans. Hanging out like that could of course be because it was non-dosing Cubi on the team, but…” Matadon thought about Miguel, Bao, and Wade. “Miguel owns it. His pleasure, that is.”

“Him I’ve heard a lot about,” Geodin said. “He’s usually at the King’s apartment, helping with Kaydon.”

Alex’s gruff Viking. That made sense with what Matadon had heard Miguel running off to feed after training.

“Wade’s feeding pattern is like mine, but he doesn’t talk about feeding. In fact, he doesn’t talk a lot. He smiles a lot, though. Bao, the Chinese girl, is…a porcelain doll in the flesh, tiny, beautiful, and graceful beyond compare. And she looked so mournful when revealing that she can’t manage pure.”

“Maybe the right incubus hasn’t shown her the way?” Jade asked.

“No, I think it’s like you, actually. A lesbian for men.”

“I’m bi.” Jade looked at Geodin with such warmth. “We’re the ones fitting in fast.”

“You were an Untouchable. Don’t you think that was part of it?” Geodin asked her.

“That could be.” Jade smiled at Geodin and leaned in to kiss her on the lips. “I knew you were the one I wanted to be a companion with the moment I heard you laugh.”

Geodin blushed seductively. “You always make me.”

Matadon grinned. He remembered Geodin’s first ramblings about her new companion, brought into the Cubi world by a Lady in her House. “How are the ways we collect changing? And are they?”

“Yes.” Geodin nodded. “Our King is changing everything, but he’s mindful of us. How slowly we evolve.” Geodin smiled at Matadon. “All but you. So adventurous.”

Matadon beamed at her praise, knowing she’d relied on that ability when they’d first met in the House of Nol-Elakdon. His eyes had just changed to full blue when she’d arrived to be Empowered. They’d hit it off, and three weeks later, Nol-Elakdon had come to get him, personally, asking him to be a harem-master to Geodin.

Upon accepting that difficult task, Elakdon’s guards had packed up all of Matadon’s belongings, while Elakdon had put an arm around Matadon’s shoulder, and steered him to Geodin’s room in the main building.

She’d looked slightly terrified of everything. And tired. He always felt strong when thinking back on having given someone else that level of peace to see through such a difficult task. It was what had bonded them in a strong friendship ever since.

“Is that why all the Natural Beauties are pairing up with Cubi to be Empowered and fed like they were Untouchables?”

“Yes,” Geodin said. “I helped raised one, but he’d hit it off with a red-eye who also feeds on women, so I was mainly dosing and joining them in bed. I still do, but he doesn’t need me all the time, which is good because I don’t have time with everything happening with our human nations.” Matadon merely nodded. It was none of his business unless told. “You’ve always been my confidant. I won’t burden you when you’re focusing on building a relationship with Aaron.”

“Thank you.” He really did appreciate that. “But I’ll always be there for you, too.”

“I’ll leave you a hint to what I will need you for at some point.” Geodin leaned forward, and Matadon copied, nodding eagerly. “Ela’s working with Paddy.”

Matadon gaped. “Is Paddy okay?”

“It’s a big one. Hati has risen.”

Matadon sat back. “Wow.” That was like a Royal rising to the Cubi. Trouble always rose with a Royal, and he couldn’t imagine this being any different. That was why they rose.

“But no need to worry,” Geodin continued. “Nothing’s happening yet.”

Matadon studied her a beat, and she seemed calm. Ish. But Matadon worried about their old friend. “Please keep me updated.”

“I will. When needed. And trust that it’s not needed until I do.”

“I do trust you. I’ll busy my mind with trying to teach Aaron the core of Cu’Boka and dance with him.”

“When’s the recital?”

“When I learn Bao’s dance moves.” It put Matadon’s mind back on the petite human’s problems. If he could, he wanted to help her.

“Is that difficult?” Jade asked.

“It’s a worthy challenge, that’s for sure. It’s pretty far from my preferred dancing.”

Geodin snickered. “So’s belly dancing.”

Matadon merely nodded, wide-eyed. Even ballet to belly dancing was a stretch. He already cared about his dance team. He wanted to help her. He also wanted to help the Natural Beauties. “Should I help actively with the Natural Beauties?”

“No, only with Aaron. I don’t think tying you up with the needs of a Natural Beauty will be good for the time you need to spend bonding with Aaron. But you do hold a position to do more than merely go talk to them.”

“Like…bringing a few outside the introduction areas? Like to the dance studio?”

“With Aaron?” Geodin asked. Matadon nodded. “There’s a Guard present then. You can. I’ll make sure Bennidin is informed to let Aaron’s detail know.”

“Thank you.” That gave Matadon tools to teach Cu-Boka to Aaron.

Sitting with them in the sea of pillows in stiletto boots and jeans, Matadon felt overdressed for a slumber party, so he took off the boots. “You should have told me to wear PJs.”

“That decision was made after we hung up,” Geodin said. “I didn’t think a slumber party was right for Aaron.” Matadon had been right, then. Geodin leaned closer. “I have a pair of PJ bottoms for you in my closet, though. Your bottoms.”

Matadon grinned. “I’ll be right back.” She’d saved his PJs? Matadon felt special. He knew he was special to her, but it still warmed him. He found them on the top shelf as usual, so he changed into them and brought a blanket from the sofa as he returned to the pillows wearing nothing else.

Geodin and Jade had moved around, and Jade was lying against Geodin, being held. Jade’s legs were free from the blanket, bent, and open, giving Matadon a free view of her. The scent of arousal hung in the air.

“I noticed you arrived with a hunger boner.” Jade smiled seductively. “I keep hearing about your nimble fingers.”

Snack time.

“I’m very much up for showing you.” Matadon sat and ran a finger teasingly up Jade’s leg and thigh, circling the inside and enjoying how it made her leg quiver a bit. “Which reminds me…who’s in charge of the feeding pads?”

Geodin chuckled. “Bringing ideas?”

“Yeah. I ordered a massage bench. Why can’t Cubi set up and let fee—” He grumbled. “Humans come to us if they want to?”

“They definitely can, but I think you’d be the first to set up shop. I’ll pass your number onto that Lady.”

“Thank you.” Matadon looked at Jade. “Then I can really show you how an intimate massage is to be carried out.” He leaned in and kissed the inside of her knee.

“Describe it for me,” Jade whispered. “Your plan.”

“A spa environment.” The receptionist had totally helped him finalize his idea. “A place to be pampered.” He continued kissing and nibbling up the inside of her leg. “Scented candles.” Kiss. “Soft ambient music.” Light sucking on skin. “I’m open to ideas, too.” He licked a trail the final stretch to her groin and tasted her. Energy immediately shot across his body, and she thrust her pelvis to meet his tongue.

“I want to have expectations build in a place like that,” Jade said, while Matadon made himself comfortable, lying on his stomach. To avoid filling his clean PJ bottoms with cum, he freed his erection. Cubi feeding pillows were easy to clean up, so better spill it there than inside the silk. “A nice changing room and a big fluffy robe that hugs me softly.”

Matadon slowly explored her with his tongue, stroking her thighs and abdomen leisurely, while filing away the details of her fantasy.

“I want to feel like it’s just for me. I want to feel…safe. Seduced. Maybe even—” Jade moaned loudly as Matadon’s tongue zeroed in on her clit. “Free to just enjoy with no strings attached.”

There was a common denominator. Anonymously received pleasure? Considering he wouldn’t be using the space all the time, maybe he should find other Incubi and Succubi who fed like that and share the space? That would be for the good for many, both Cubi and humans. It could hopefully help raise pure energy.

“Will you be my first client at the spa?” Matadon asked.

“Oh, absolutely!”

Tasting Jade and exploring her desires, Matadon figured she’d be perfect for it. She easily relaxed into the pleasure he sought to give her, responding easily to touches. She was good at giving into what she enjoyed, and the energy easily guided him to when she needed more than a tongue teasing her outsides.

He sought out the taste of her, elongating his tongue to push inside, while he reached up with one hand to fondle a breast and brush a nipple. Energy stood out clearer, and Jade was in for a quick rise in pleasure. To give her that, Matadon pushed two fingers inside her and focused his tongue on her clit, loving the feel and sound of her as she gyrated her hips and moaned louder.

She may be passively receiving, but when she climbed toward her climax, she grabbed his head and held it in place. She almost froze, waiting for the last stimulation, then bucked and cried out loudly as she came.

The pure energy crashed down Matadon’s spine, and he groaned against her, keeping up the stimulation to keep up as she rode out her orgasm. He dry-humped the pillow below him to raise his own experience of the wonderful energy and climaxed Jade shuddered.

Matadon propped himself up on his elbows and looked up the beautiful heaving body to admire Jade’s blissful expression. He peppered the inside of her thighs with light kisses, making her smile.

“My body is eagerly awaiting your spa’s completion.”

Matadon chuckled.

“What will you call it?” Geodin asked.

“Pure Bliss Spa?”

“I like it. Very fitting.” Jade wasn’t moving, proving her point.

Wet-wipes stood out, so Matadon climbed up to sit on his knees to clean himself and the pillow up. He then teased the inside of Jade’s thigh with the coolness of a wet-wipe, making her gasp and jerk, but she remained still, letting him continue, and he cleaned up the wonderful mess of juices he’d caused.

Damn, she tasted good.

He returned the wipes to the table and poured them a second glass of wine. Jade still wasn’t moving outside covering her cooling body with a blanket, so Matadon handed out glasses, wrapped himself in a blanket, and joined the pile with his own glass.

They spent most of the evening chatting about the spa idea, and by the time Matadon returned home, he had a pretty good idea of what could be built and what value it could bring to the House of Nol-Beaudon—Cubi and human alike.

Excitement for when Guard Lord Bowdon’s shift ended won out, though.