Chapter Thirteen

A Patreon exclusive story by Meraki P. Lyhne



Aaron sat alone in the den after breakfast and read the news. Dawdon had had to leave just after breakfast to meet up with Heimli, Dawdon, and Harrodon as they got ready to cover the recital in two days. The article about it and the mission had run that morning, and Aaron had just finished reading it and smiled at the pictures Dawdon had captured during training.

It was a good article, and Aaron hoped it would spark a lot of interest in the recital. The Cubi were allowed to know that a team had been picked for a mission to go save Halflings who’d gotten lost during the great escape from the Great House of Dahlidin.

That part had a picture of Aaron and Matadon, dancing, with the caption: Lord Matadon and his son, the Untouchable Aaron, preparing to enter the human scene to get close to the Halflings.

Humans expected their government to keep secrets. The Cubi kept secrets, too, but an entirely different kind. The power of the Royal and a Fountain was one big secret, yet it was to hide Fountain power and keep the eyes of potential enemies on the Royal. They were easy to spot with eyes so distinguishable. It was wild to know that Fountains, becoming the Grand Council or Guards, were the crown jewels due to the potency of their doses.

That put Aaron’s mind back on the commotion at Matadon’s room the evening before. It also explained why Matadon hadn’t risen from bed yet. Aaron and Dawdon had heard him cry out and left Aaron’s room to see what was going on. Seeing Artidin and Grand Lady Geodin run down the hall and enter a room that stank had pointed out sides to the Cubi that Aaron hadn’t contemplated as much.

It wasn’t a problem for Daniel because his or his lovers’ doses didn’t cause the trouble Matadon had experienced with a lover. Even though Bowdon fed on men, Matadon’s hormones depended on women, so they didn’t create the kind that Bowdon needed, thus leaving the dose in effect but Bowdon incapable of sucking it out of him without the help of Artidin and Grand Lady Geodin.

Some of that biology still seemed weird to Aaron, and he didn’t understand all of it. Having it equated with blood types helped. He just hoped that a Royal would rise with the power to open up for gender hormones. It seemed unlikely, considering men and women were different hormonally, and hormones were what Cubi fed on. Unless something could make all of them feed bisexually. That would be fitting, considering they all were by nature. Maybe that was just so that they wouldn’t have problems when being Empowered to one or the other?

Also, being dosed out of his mind was something Aaron had heard he had to come to terms with, and the desperation he’d heard in Matadon’s tone was…kinda frightening.

Would it be insensitive to ask? It was Matadon’s love life after all. That was something sacred. Dawdon’s reaction to it had certainly pointed that out. He’d found the whole thing quite romantic, and he’d been very cuddly after they’d returned to bed. He’d talked about asking his dad if they could throw a dinner party to introduce Aaron to his siblings and call his mom. She was in the human world at the moment.

It felt like the introduce the boyfriend to the parents stage of a relationship which Aaron figured he’d opened up by planning to do that when they got to Las Vegas.

Aaron and Dawdon had decided that that evening with Dawdon’s family would also be their night. It felt ridiculous for Cubi to plan their first sex, but that was apparently because Aaron was human raised, and Cubi youth were mainly prone to heavy petting with friends. He knew that because he and Freydon had done that many times. So had Dawdon and Geradon, but not since Dawdon and Aaron had started seeing each other. That wasn’t merely because of the culture Aaron had been raised in, yet Dawdon said it was part of why they didn’t do that anymore. It was because heavy petting was merely close friendship while actual intercourse was a feeding thing they hadn’t really grown into, so that was part of an exploration phase between really close friends.

And yes, Dawdon and Geradon had fucked. Aaron could never compete with that kind of friendship. He didn’t want to, either. He had a friendship that close with Daniel, yet because they were both human raised, they’d never had the sex and heavy petting. Also, they’d been too young for that when separated, but Aaron could see it having evolved into it.

Aaron had fantasized about Daniel sucking him off a few times, but he’d never admitted to it. Now he had to come to terms with him and Daniel fucking. It wasn’t really that difficult, but now his best friend was an Incubus King.

When first told that Daniel would be the one to Empower him, he’d found it weird. He’d since tried to imagine it. He’d imagined it more than once, actually, trying to figure out how that would work. Who’d top? Maybe both? And how would they know whether Aaron was for men or women when with a King who could feed all?

That, he could ask Matadon. As someone who’d been in a harem, he’d probably know.

Speaking of the sun, Matadon sauntered into the den, heading for the kitchen. He didn’t see a thing. He returned a moment later with coffee, apparently looking for Aaron, and he smiled and joined him on the sofa.

“Man, you look knackered,” Aaron said.

“Good morning. I am.” Matadon drank from his coffee, put the mug down, and slumped back against the pillows, sighing heavily. He cracked an eye at Aaron, who had trouble not grinning. “Oh, gods, you heard?”

“Kinda hard not to.”

Matadon covered his face. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything.” Aaron smiled at the blushing Lord. “Just tell me one thing.” Matadon peeked out between his fingers, making Aaron chuckle. “Is your heart happy now?”

The blush deepened, and Matadon nodded behind his once again closed fingers.

Aaron grinned. Okay, so he had to hand it to Dawdon. It was sweet and romantic, leading Aaron to think it wouldn’t be the right opening to ask about the hardship Matadon kept fearing for Aaron when he became a Fountain for Daniel.

In fact, as tired as Matadon looked, no topic in the serious talking category seemed the right time, so the other question would have to wait, too.

“I’ll just get some more coffee, and I’ve queued the dance footage from yesterday. Maybe we can start with watching that and figuring out where to take our medley idea.”

“Good plan. I can wake up to that.” Matadon lowered his hands and folded his arms, yet his face still had an adorable tinge to it.

Aaron grabbed his mug and left for the kitchen, giving Matadon a few minutes to collect himself. Once he returned, Matadon sat with the remote in one hand, and his huge mug in the other, flipping through the raw footage from yesterday. “By the way, there’s an article about us today.”

“Yeah? The recital?”

“That and our mission. The recital will hopefully be booming, then.” Aaron sat. “Yet it kinda negates the whole idea behind having the recital.”

“How so?”

“Well, it was to get more students. And I have two classes today. First, young Cubi, then grown Cubi. You should join the class then.”

“I’m outfucked.”

Aaron laughed. “It’s pole dancing.”

“I’m in!”

“Thought you might be.” Aaron grabbed the remote, scrolled to the first clip, and pressed play.  



Aaron and Matadon planned until ten thirty, danced with the team at eleven, had lunch at home around noon, danced with the young Cubi at two—where Matadon functioned as an assistant to Aaron—and he participated as a student that late afternoon, showing off what they needed to work on.

Matadon had trouble getting the fluidity of ballet or the Chinese ballet dancing into some of the pole dancing, yet Aaron figured it was because he focused too hard on the technique of the pole than he did letting the music move his body. He didn’t have that fun and free-spirited look in his eyes as the others did when writhing sensually and sexually against the pole. He looked too focused on learning to master something technically difficult, and it was obvious that the skills from breakdancing put him at the top of the class. Technically.

It said something about his dedication, and Aaron appreciated it. He also figured it wouldn’t help Matadon or any of the other students if he made attempts at correcting that flaw during class.

No spilled doses meant Aaron didn’t have to evacuate his own studio, but it had been fun, and a two Succubi had ended up in a sixty-nine, oblivious to everybody else.

Unlike any other class, three Guards stood visible at all times when dosing Cubi were being taught. Bowdon was not one of them. Aaron kept wondering about Matadon and Bowdon’s relationship, yet it was none of his business—unless they made it his by telling him something. Like, Matadon introducing his boyfriend or something. Until then, he was the invisible guy watching Aaron. Which suddenly seemed weird. Like…stepfather weird?

The thoughts about those two kept milling in Aaron’s mind that day. He was happy for Matadon because now he figured he knew who’d caused that gloomy expression the first morning when Aaron had thought he’d caused it. Expectations hadn’t been met but not by Aaron. By Bowdon, Aaron suspected.

The Cubi left the dance class, shaking Aaron’s hand as they went, yet a Guard handed out disinfectant wipes for the eager Succubi and kindly suggested they skipped the hand shaking.

“I love how you prove my teaching works.” Aaron bobbed his brows at them.

They grinned and sent each other fuck-me gazes.

“It sure does,” the Grand Mistress said.

“We do love watching you dance, too,” the Mistress said. “So sensual.”

The Grand Mistress nodded. “The dance at the coronation?”

“Uh!” The Mistress shivered.

Aaron grinned. “If you should ever have an idea for a dance. A song…”

“Do you have a forum? For fans?”

“Uhm…” He didn’t. He hadn’t even thought of that because he hadn’t had fans until after getting to Daniel’s House. “I don’t.”

“That could be cool. But we know you’re busy. We read the paper.”

“Are you two…”

“Lovers? Yes.” The Grand Mistress took the Mistress’ hand. Aaron remembered the Grand Mistress from the previous class, and she’d been alone then.

“We really love your dancing. We’re just sad that you can’t dance around dosing Cubi. We’re having a ceremony.”

“A cup fest.”

“And we’d hoped you’d…be available.”

“Guards!” He’d fucking love that.

“Yes, Aaron?” Artidin came over.

“They’re having a cup fest,” Aaron said. “Can I be secured to dance for a cup fest?” The Succubi looked at each other, completely fangirling. “Please, say yes!”

Artidin smiled. “Yes.”

“I’m so dancing at your cup fest!”

Fangirling ramped up, yet Artidin stopped them from hugging Aaron. “Shower first, Mistresses, and you can hug him. You didn’t dose, but…”

“Yes, Guard Lady.” The Succubi nodded eagerly, and Aaron found them adorable.

Another detail struck Aaron. “Wait, when is this?”

Matadon stepped closer, paying attention.

“Oh, yes, the mission,” the Mistress said. She gnawed her lip. “We want summer children, so we planned cup fest for the fall.”

“That’s hard pressed because I’ve seen some of the Halflings dance, and they’ll go far in that competition.”

“So will you and Lord Matadon!”

Aaron smiled at the Grand Mistresses belief in their skills. “If we catch the judges. It’s not always about talent. That’s the human aspect.”

“What is it about then?”

Aaron hated it. “Power and money.”

Their expressions said it all. They didn’t understand. “Are you powerful in the human world?”

“It holds more nuances than that. Cu’Boka is not normal. Power earned. Point a camera on it and it can grow petty, vindictive, and corrupted. That’s showbiz.”

“You know that. That’s power.”

“Unlike the world we enter to secure Halflings,” Matadon said, “Aaron knows power and thus has power. Showing it is different.” Matadon smiled proudly at Aaron.

“We could wait.” The Grand Mistress looked at her Mistress. “When are you born?” she asked Aaron.

“Early September. Halloween party conception.”

“Christmas,” Matadon said. “Lord Roardon ran off with Susan for a late Halloween party, so I stuck around for a company Christmas lunch with your mother.”


“I was a dancer then. I snuck in.”

Interesting detail.

“Early spring child?” the Mistress asked her lover.

Aaron seriously needed their names, so he asked.

“Linda!” The Mistress said. “This is Penelope.”

“Mecla?” Aaron asked. They nodded. “When do we leave?”

“June first,” Artidin said.

Linda counted on her fingers. “March children.” The Succubi looked at each other. “That’s still cold.”

Aaron was about to beg them not to plan around his time schedule. He then realized how important it had to be for them to do that, so he kept quiet, feeling strangely honored.

“I’m born in March,” Matadon said. “I loved that my birthday marked the coming of spring. I’d plan out the adventures to be had that summer. Best childhood memories.”

Aaron didn’t even know what date his dad had been born. Man, they had so much to learn about each other. His comment seemed to fall just right, though, and the Succubi perked up.

“Outside the recital, I promise you, I’ll move heaven and earth and tow the moon to fit the date you set before I have to leave,” Aaron said. “I’ll even tell the King that he can forget any meetings that evening, but I’d kinda have to know soon to book above him.”

Their eyes widened, then smiles spread. Seriously, how could Aaron deny a woman bearing the same name as his mother?

“Uhm…how soon?”

Aaron smiled. “Make it special for you. I’ll do anything in my power to add to it.” Oh, the fangirling. Aaron felt moved. “Oh, and may I bring a photographer to memorialize your evening? All photos go to you. He’s my boyfriend.”

“We will accommodate,” Artidin said.

“What did I miss?” Aaron asked.

“An unempowered. We will secure him at a dosing party, but we would suggest his trade master assist you instead.”

“Oh…” Well, the evening before with Matadon ending up in need of assistance kinda pointed something out regarding doses, and Daniel’s parents’ cup being filled had meant Aaron and Freydon had been pushed into a corner of the festivities. Back then, he’d thought it was because of the crest he wore. Not that they’d been there for long, since they had dance offs in the hallways to have fun with. Maybe that was why? “I trust in your duties.”

Artidin smiled and dipped her head.

“We’re just so happy it can be done,” Linda said.

“Please send your schedule to me, and I will arrange for Aaron’s security and attendance at your cup fest. Congratulations.” Artidin pulled out her phone and urged the two to move along.

Aaron stayed back, watching and waving the two off as the Guard Lady showed them out. “I know nothing about being a Fountain,” Aaron admitted.

“You’ll learn,” Matadon said.

“Feel free to help me learn faster. I’m afraid I promised too much.”

“Ah, yeah. But that was really nice of you.”

“I’m not supposed to do stuff like that, am I?”

“Of course you are.” Matadon casually draped his arm over Aaron’s shoulder. “You’ll be what our King can’t be because he’s just one person. You’ll be their gift, and you’re eager for their attention. All Fountains are. Maybe that’s part of what Royals see in the ones they choose?” 

“I should practice, then.”

“What will you dance?”

“Something enticing doses.” Aaron looked at Matadon. “What kept you from feeling the music and focusing on technique instead today?”

Matadon thought for a moment. “It’s so new to me, and I need to become better to assist you.”

Aaron smiled. “Help me come up with something fun for them.”

“We need to focus on ours.”

“We need to get to know each other’s diversity and shortcomings to do medleys, too. Technique isn’t what’ll sway the judges. They want the soul, too. Release it to the feel of the music. Why we’re dancing.”

“Was I that stiff?”

“Maybe only to me. But that’s because I was looking for it.”

Matadon slowly nodded. “You’re right.”

“So, where is Bao when we need her musical wizardry?”

Matadon laughed. “I got one. If you can access my playlist.”

Aaron grinned, leading Matadon through the maze of poles still up.

“Would you like help taking these down?” Afdon asked.

“Yes, please! But leave two.”


Aaron and Matadon spent a few minutes looking through the playlist, then queued the number and put it on loop.

Two poles at equal distance from the mirror remained, while the rest were being disinfected and hung on the wall. Aaron found his pole, and Matadon the other.

“Maybe incorporate a cup?” Matadon asked.

“As a prop? I know diddly about cup fests other than staying about ten minutes at Daniel’s parents’. Will you tell me about them?”


“Cool.” Aaron grabbed his phone and turned the music down a bit, then sat.

Matadon sat closer to him. “You know that a lot of doses are collected to fill a cup because that’ll prompt our bodies to produce semen or release an egg, right?” Aaron nodded. “The many doses overwhelm our system and stop functioning as a dose, but we’re still giddily high, and we need a lot of orgasms. I guess that’s to make sure there’s a lot of potent semen present for the egg. Also, Succubi orgasms are what prepares the uterus. It kinda cramps during an orgasm.”

“Which is that delicious dick massage when making a woman come?” Aaron remembered a girl he’d been with a year before, and her pussy felt like a vice around his cock. He’d loved making her come to feel locked in her as she writhed. He’d chased her orgasm that evening, and she’d fallen asleep after six with a goofy and satisfied grin on her face.

“Yeah! In this case, the many doses make her womb prepare what human wombs do every month, and that ends in menstruation if not used. Also, the semen will get trapped in the womb and ours can survive a full month in the right environment. Her womb.”

“That’s pretty neat.” It also explained what Aaron didn’t really know about human procreation because he never really paid attention in biology classes.

“The cup fest is a tradition that also functions as a bonding ritual of friendships and family. All those asked to participate in a cup fest are expected to then support the couple and the cub to be born. The cup is a symbol of trust and love. The Cubi word for that cup and the womb is the same, actually.”

“Then how do you know the difference?”

Being,” Matadon said. “You add the being to it.” Aaron blinked. “Just a second.” Matadon stood to get the crest from Afdon, then returned and sat closer to Aaron, holding out the crest. “This little thingy? That’s being.”

“So, the crest is a Cubi word?”

“Sentence, actually. This right here”—Matadon pointed to the right side of the crest—“says Beloved diverse feeder of the House of the West, which means Royal. If you put the symbol for house up here instead, it would read Grand House of the diverse beloved of the West.”

“Feeder?” Aaron looked up.

“Yes. This.” Matadon pointed out a line and a few other details.

“A Royal is a feeder?”

“Yes. I guess that’s why many of us don’t understand why humans find it offensive. It’s probably in the translation. It means nourishment and then this is added. Being. Meaning alive.”

Aaron chuckled. “Well, maybe humans don’t know that the very top of the hierarchy is referred to as a feeder, too.”

“Maybe, but ask Daniel whether he feels it an honor or not to be the feeder of his people.”

“Oh, he does. He feels like a gift, and it’s his pride in life. His Cu’Boka.”


“What does this part mean?” Aaron pointed to what Matadon hadn’t pointed to.

“Untouchable. It’s the concept of enjoy and stop. Meaning it’s prohibited to enjoy you. Again, being is on here, so it refers to a person. If being hadn’t been on here, it would refer to an object. Like…do not eat. It could be a sign on a soap bar to tell kids not to eat it.”

Aaron chuckled. “Wow. The Cubi language seems difficult to learn.”

“It really is very simple, which I guess could be part of what makes it difficult to someone with a very expansive vocabulary in comparison.” Matadon put the crest down. “The cup looks like this.” Matadon drew it on the floor. Not that it left lines, but it seemed simple enough, considering it was just a triangle with a hook at the end of one line. “Guess what it also means.”


“Yes, if being is added.”

“So, Succubus looks like that?”

“No, the terms Incubus and Succubus were not gender normative in the days our language evolved. One means to lie beneath, meaning receiver of pleasure, and the other means to lie on top, meaning giver of pleasure. We later added a different passive and active and kept the first two as referring to a female or male Cubi to make it easier on humans who give such attention to genders. We don’t. Outside procreation and feeding hormones, it’s irrelevant.”

“Okay, so cup means female and womb and is only relevant for procreation, got it.”

“Yes. Motherhood is revered, and to an Incubus it’s an honor to wait on her.” Matadon’s smile seemed sad.

“You look sad.”

“I didn’t get that honor with your mom. That time to bond with her and prepare for fatherhood and…” Matadon shook his head. “I was never cut out to be a procreating Lord, and I was never asked to again. I loved the idea of you too much and dealt very badly with being separated from you.”

The unmasked sorrow revealed to Aaron how loved he was by the man he still had trouble seeing as a parent. It strengthened something in him. Like he easily bonded with Ramudon as a sibling, it strengthened Aaron’s sense of security and place in the man’s life. He really needed that—especially when going into the human world on a mission, so their little heart to heart, prompted by a request for a dance, left Aaron feeling closer to Matadon. To…his dad. It was the first time he really saw Matadon as his dad, and it kinda changed how he looked at the Lord, but not in an authoritarian way. He just felt that they grew closer.

“So, you had a cup fest with Ramudon’s mom?”

“Yes.” Matadon lit up. “I was so nervous. She asked me to father a child, and…I’m pretty sure I made ass of myself, but she still swears I didn’t.”

Aaron laughed at the awkwardness he saw under the surface. Matadon could be quite adorkable.

“We had it at her place. I gave her a lap dance that evening while the cup was handed around the circle.”

“At Roardon and Susan’s cup fest, it stood on a pedestal.”

“Ours did too, but we had a bowl because we drank from the same. She’s a Succubus. Susan’s human, so she doesn’t need it.”

“Oh. So, a cup circled to be poured into the bowl?”

“Yes. She had a human lover back then, so the three of us withdrew to make Ramudon.”

“How did you know he wouldn’t Ramudon her lover’s child, then?”

Matadon smiled. “The lover was female.”

“Oh…” Aaron figured he still had some gender-normality and straight-as-normal ways of thinking to work around. “But then you produced semen. She could get pregnant.”

“Yes. Had she, I would have had two children that night. But she was out of cycle, even though we did try to plan for it.” Matadon smiled. “She was a wonderful mated mother to Ramudon. She kinda reminds me of Ramudon’s lover, Natalie. I can see why he fell for her.”

Aaron nodded, smiling. He liked having this insight. “I think I’ll let you handle most of the choreography ideas and details for this pole dance.”

Matadon chuckled. “Thanks. I’ll see if I can talk to them. Get to know them a bit. See what’s special in their lives.”

“What was to Ramudon’s mom?”

“My dancing. It’s how I caught her eye.”

“And you get a handyman.”

Matadon laughed. “She’s very handy and creative. He got that from her.”

“Gotta prepare something, though.” Aaron gnawed his lip.

“Well, it’s pretty obvious that you’re part of what interests them. So, dancing and…the coronation dance? What was that? It certainly made an impression.”

“That was sexy stripping and showmanship, and I…jacked off on stage.” He was not doing that around his dad.

“Wow. I can’t be here for that because you’d stink up the room.”

“Kin hormones? Because your room stank when Grand Lady Geodin and Artidin ran to you last night.”

Again, Matadon blushed and covered his face for a moment. “Yeah, kin hormones. It kinda tells me your hormonal level as a Cubus, though. Once the hormones are detected by your nose, you can be dosed, even though your body isn’t ready to produce the hormones.”

“It’s why we need to get the Halflings.” Aaron nodded, knowing that much from talking to Dawdon and Geradon about normal Cubi teen physical maturity.

“Yeah, they can get really bad headaches, shakes, joint pains, and unslakable lust that no masturbation can keep down for long.”

“Geradon said something about grumpiness being a normal Cubi teen thing?”

“It can be. Which is why we please each other so much at that age.”

“It does something, doesn’t it?”

“Yes. On a hormonal level, we evolve from pleasure, and we evolve the most with hormones from other Cubi teens. I think it’s why Halflings flock together on an instinctual level in the human world. They may not cognitively smell the hormones in each other, but we do grow from each other. The Cu’Boka, again, like all other Cubi words, can have many meanings, but it’s what binds us together as a people even on a hormonal level.”

“Wow.” That explained why Aaron had started having fantasies about Daniel sucking him off at sleepovers he’d had later with human friends, thinking back to the sleepovers he’d had with Daniel way before they were ready for the cub bonding that was heavy petting.

“Did you plan on masturbating during the coronation dance?”

Aaron felt his cheeks heat. It was still weird knowing it was his dad asking such a question, flinging it out there like he asked about a favorite condiment or something. Cubi human clash. “I left it open because I can get quite aroused while stripping. It drew a crowd on stage in the human world, too, but I wasn’t allowed to back then. Here? That was interesting.”

“I’ll bet. Especially as a new human in our world.”

“Yeah.” Aaron laughed at remembering. “And it was fun making fun of that fact. Watching people fuck while watching my dance. Even Daniel.” Aaron laughed louder.

“And Ela?”

“He wasn’t there. That was the night Kaydon got burned, so he left the coronation early to tend to the attack in Baltimore.”

“Oh, shit! I heard about that…” Matadon gnawed his lip, looking troubled. Then he smiled. “But I watched the coronation on screen. Man…a Royal making his people dose and spontaneously orgasm is…” He looked at Aaron, grinning. “Just you wait. That’s awesome. The lack of pre-lust hormones means it won’t even stink up the room with kin hormones.”

Matadon stood, collecting the crest. “But, onto pole dancing. I suspect we have half an hour before dinner.”

“Ugh!” Aaron stood and turned the music back up. He liked that number, wondering whether he should figure out some jokes, too, like he had for the coronation party. It had been easy then because he knew Daniel so well. This would probably be harder.

Maybe he should just figure out a way to make that forum for fans. He still couldn’t get over that he had fans to make something like that for, and the cup dance would certainly be rumored after that.

It made him smile because as he rose a Fountain, it would become easy for him to share what Daniel had in mind for him to help share to the people. And this was where dancing became valuable to the Cubi people on a whole new level.

Aaron grew quite emotional realizing that. His art and passion held purpose far exceeding anything he could have imagined. He’d focus on that when dancing for Linda and Penelope.



The next day held much of the same schedule. Aaron and Matadon worked on dancing and the mission since they got up and until dinner. But tonight, Aaron would have dinner at Dawdon’s dad’s place and be introduced properly. He’d probably been staring into his closet for the past ten minutes, wondering what to wear. Heels, no heels?

“Ugh!” Aaron stomped out of his room and stopped at Matadon’s door. He listened, but there were no…intimate sounds, so he knocked.

“Yes?” Matadon called out. Aaron opened the door and leaned against the frame. Matadon sat by the tiny desk with an open notebook and a pen in hand. “Hi, Aaron. You don’t look ready.”

“I’m not! I…what should I wear?”

Matadon chuckled, capped his pen, closed the notebook, and stood. “Let’s go have a look.”

They left Matadon’s room and went back to Aaron’s.

“Also, are there other Cubi…what’s it called, formalities I don’t know about?”

“Probably, but without really knowing more than what I’ve learned from TV, I can’t really guide you.”

“Ah, yeah, uhm…host presents?”

“We have that.”

“I don’t have any.” Aaron plopped down on his bed and looked around his room. “I haven’t prepared anything because Dawdon sprang the invite on me today.”

“I see. Mom’s home, dad’s home, or do they live together?”

“There’s a difference?”

Matadon smiled. “Yes.”

“His dad’s home.”

“Okay. It’s considered polite to praise décor and to verbalize that our needs are covered, then. An Incubus’ pride is showing off a sense of purpose and stability through his home and…nest. A mother chooses us from our ability to take care of her when pregnant, remember?”

“Ah. And in a Succubus’ home?”

“Coziness. All the things we’d equate to a child’s needs being covered from being wrapped in their mother’s loving arms.”

Aaron smiled. “Is that what goes into thoughts of presents in general?”

“Yeah. In the case of host presents, it’s rude to bring something to an Incubus’ home because he’s supposed to be the one to secure everything needed. Showing up empty handed is then the gift. Birthdays and stuff? Absolutely help him build nest.” Matadon began looking through Aaron’s clothes.

“Huh! And to a Succubus?”

“Something that adds to coziness. It can even be edible.” Matadon pulled a shirt and a pair of pants out, holding them up together. “Be it to help her create a cozy moment for her and guests or something to decorate her home for years to come, it’ll be something she earns respect for.” He returned both items. “Even if she hasn’t mothered a child yet, adding to coziness is considered a gift.”

Aaron smiled. He kinda liked that. It made it easy. “I should totally bring something for Linda and Penelope, right?”

“Yes. No one usually knows they’re invited to a cup fest. Presents usually follow the party with many visitors over the following weeks, yet we’re always given the first three days to be private and fuck a lot.”

“How long does the cup doses last?”

“Three days, which is why guests from the party gives us that time.” Matadon hung a shirt on the closet door and dove back in for pants. Good choice of shirt.

“Man, that had to suck in the human world.”

“Yup! Which is why we don’t go alone.”  I’ve heard of an Incubus who managed to father three children in those three days. The kicker is that his real name is Studdon.”

Aaron laughed loudly. “Yeah, okay, so a real Cubi stud.”

“Exactly!” Matadon flung a long scarf over the closet door. “I see your problem here. You have a lot of dance clothes and like…five sets of regular clothes in the nice end, and one set of…work clothes. You fit mine, so we can have a look in my sparse closet, by why doesn’t an Incubus of your status and company have more?”

“Because I usually steal Daniel’s.”

Matadon’s brows climbed. “You’re allowed to do that?”


Matadon flung out his arms. “Then why are we not in his closet?”

Aaron laughed and got up. “Let’s do that.”



Showing up empty handed felt strange. Well, he was carrying his toothbrush in a pocket, and that was it. Aaron appreciated all Matadon had taught him of the Cubi ways the past few days. Now he was merely trying to remember his first impressions of Sire Ingdon’s home. And Freydon’s home, considering his parents lived together because they shared two children.

Bowdon was with Aaron that day, yet Aaron refrained from asking questions. He didn’t want to talk about Bowdon and Matadon, afraid he’d say something stupid or insensitive about the blunder of a Guard Lord dosing his lover.

“You’re just stock full of questions, aren’t you, Aaron?”

“Hmm?” Aaron looked up, finding a grin on the Guard Lord’s face. “No!”

Bowdon’s grin widened. “Yes, you are.”

“Okay, but I’m trying to contain myself because…that’s your business for now.”

“For now?”

“I’m going to Dawdon’s for the meet-the-family dinner. You guys are still figuring stuff out and there’s been no meet-my-kids dinner. Until then…your business. I’m just sad you’re on my detail, considering I’m then not monopolizing my dad’s time. Which could be spent with you.”

Bowdon’s smile changed. His gaze softened. “My shift ends in thirty minutes. Then I’ll go be with your dad.”

Aaron smiled. “Thank you for letting me know that.” They arrived at the door. “Considering there are dosing Cubi here, do you need to come inside?”

“For introduction, yes. I have to make sure everybody knows your status. Then I leave to wait here for Lady Tomdin. You’re protected, Aaron, not hindered from having a life. I hope.”

“I don’t feel hindered.” Aaron knocked on the door. “It’s still a bit strange.”

“I get that. I hope you’ll feel comfortable coming to me with questions. Or your dad. He knows the score, having been in a harem.”

Aaron nodded, thankful he had. And thankful that Bowdon would help him acclimatize, even though he felt pretty certain that that had nothing to do with Matadon. It occurred to Aaron that he didn’t really talk a lot with his Guards, but maybe that was because they were always invisible around him, so he didn’t notice them most of the time, and they had so many other duties and obligations outside following him around.

The door opened, and Sire Ingdon smiled. “Welcome, Aaron.”

“Thank you, Sire Ingdon.”

Sire Ingdon stepped aside, and Aaron entered.

“Sire Ingdon. I’m Guard Lord Bowdon. May I follow inside for a moment to make sure everybody knows of Aaron’s situation?”

“Yes, of course. I did mention he’s Untouchable, but I understand.”

“Thank you, Sire.” Bowdon followed inside, and Ingdon led the way to the den.

Aaron looked around, trying to find something to point out in a politely praising manner. It was difficult because it wasn’t really something he was used to. Orderly, sparce, and clean. Except bowls with knickknacks here and there. They piqued his curiosity, but he followed on through to where Dawdon waited with six people, grinning.

Dammit. Was there a formality here Aaron didn’t know about? Or were they waiting for the Guard Lord to say his piece and leave?

A Sire bowed his head at Bowdon, who returned the respect.

“Sire Ingdon,” Bowdon said.

“Yes, Guard Lord, thank you. This is Aaron, Dawdon’s allon. Guard Lord Bowdon is here to make sure you all know what this means.” Ingdon pointed to the gold crest. “Aaron has been claimed by our King to be Empowered by him. Most don’t know what that means, but we all read the piece in the paper this morning. My brother was a House Lord in the Kingdom of Nil-Sundin.” Ingdon looked at Bowdon. “My best friend all through childhood was claimed by her when we were sixteen.” Ingdon looked at the people assembled. “Today, that friend is a Grand Lord.”

People gaped, and Aaron felt a bit self-conscious. Dawdon looked a bit more intense, though, so his dad had probably already sat him down and explained it.

“My presence is not to protect Aaron from you,” Bowdon said. “You are not perceived as a threat. Aaron was raised in the human world and only recently joined us. He doesn’t yet know or understand what is second nature to all Cubi youth when around dosing Cubi. That is why Aaron is always with a Guard. I will wait outside.” Bowdon bowed. “Have a wonderful evening.”

“Thank you, Guard Lord!” they all said.

“May I?” Ingdon held out his arm, then followed Guard Lord Bowdon outside.

Aaron felt…abandoned, yet Dawdon came to him immediately and took his hand, grinning. He then stole a kiss, making Aaron blush. Glancing at the strangers in the room, they had all averted their gazes at their moment. “That was awkward.”

“And kinda frightening. Guards are scary. But only half as scary as when dad told me today. This?” Dawdon poked the crest. “I had no idea.”

“I don’t see myself as one yet, let’s be real.”

Dawdon chuckled. “Dad said for me to not mention it, but I really suck at following instructions like that. I guess that’s the reporter in me. Geradon’s even worse!”

Aaron laughed because he totally believed that.

Someone cleared their throat, and Dawdon stepped back. Aaron looked at Ingdon, who stood next to them and looked away, but he was smiling.

“Sorry,” Aaron said.

“Don’t be, Aaron. Knowing you came to us recently and need guidance, I hope this evening leaves you feeling that you have a greater support system. Friends. And I have been warned not to take offence when you blaze right past titles. We won’t take offence, and we’ll help you figure out when it’s needed or not by…kindly correcting you. Unless that method would upset you?”

“I take kind suggestions well. Constructive criticism is the only thing an artist grows from, and I think that goes for all things in life.”

Ingdon smiled. “Very true.” He looked at his son. “Dawdon?”

“Yes, Dad.” Dawdon hauled Aaron to the others. “Everybody, this is Aaron.”

“Oh, we know, little brother!” A red-eyed Succubus grinned.

“I don’t,” a Sire said. His eyes were somewhere between blue and green. It looked as freaky as Daniel’s lover, Seldon’s, as they shifted from green to purple.

“That’s because you have two left feet, Allon,” a woman said, making the Sire roll his eyes and grin.

“That’s my older sister, Jigdin, and my uncle on my mother’s side, Ruudon, and his adli, Gina. Human.”



“Oh…so like allon?”

“Yes, but it’s a…baby term. I don’t know how to translate that?”

“Don’t bother. I just learned that a Royal’s crest in Cubi includes being a feeder, so I’m sure a lot is lost in translation.”


“Carry on.”

Dawdon laughed—so did the others. “Okay, my older brother by my father, Master Preydon. Dame Zecdin is my dad’s best friend and the Succubus to Empower me—”

Aaron looked at him. “How—forget it. Wrong time.”

“How that works?” Ingdon asked. He looked like a patient father.

“Yeah. What if he’s for men?”

“The one parents honor with our children’s Empowerment are to be the one to dose them and bed them first. They secure the partner of sufficient level to take over if the cub’s first lust isn’t slaked by their touch.”

“It’s like godparents,” Dawdon said. “I looked up human customs to see if I could help you.”

Aaron smiled and squeezed his hand. “Thanks.” That left him wondering how he’d know when Empowered by a Royal. Would it then be Daniel who found a Succubus to lie with them? It probably was. Would Aaron have a say? It was frigging Daniel—Aaron would just make his wishes known and hope the Kingly side of his best friend listened. But he’d have to accept if Daniel went against it.

“And finally! My aunt, Mom’s sister, Dame Sigdin.”

“Hi.” Aaron could have facepalmed himself.

“You know, when my brother revealed whose heart he’d won, I got jealous. I love watching you dance and totally crushed on you at the show in the Great Hall.”

Cubi formality hellos included vanity stuff, Aaron remembered. She was hot. All Cubi were. But she shared something with Dawdon. A glint in her eye.

“I certainly recognize that a special flavor to hot runs in the family gene pool.” Aaron glanced at Dawdon, considering he felt completely out of his element flirting with his boyfriend’s sister as a way or normal Cubi interaction.

Dawdon smirked, though, and the sister rocked her hips a bit, looking very pleased by the comment.

“Man, I hope you’ll feed on women. Might have a feeding chance, then,” she said.

A beat went by, and Aaron squeezed his eyes shut. “I’m sorry, I’m so very new at this.”

“It’s a compliment,” Dawdon said.

“Yeah, Matadon tried to explain some of this to me. Still new.”

Dawdon put his arm around Aaron’s waist and pulled him closer.

“Sweety, you’re in company who understands,” Gina said. “So…how about them Knicks?”

Aaron burst into laughter.

It kinda lightened up from there, and the hellos went more smoothly. Apparently, when first meeting someone, you used titles. When talking about someone, you used titles, and when they told you that you were now on first name basis, you skipped the title to their face in direct converation.

Aaron even managed a compliment when Sire Ingdon could easily produce everything people needed, be it a bottle opener, an extra glass, a napkin, dice for a game, or Gina needing a nail clipper from banging a finger. “Man, I love your knickknack bowls, Sire Ingdon. You have everything we need in those.”

Ingdon beamed as he put his arm around Aaron’s shoulder. “Thank you. You can skip the tile, Adli. I’m very happy to see you and my son’s love and affection grow.” Dawdon grinned across the table. “He’s been yammering on about you for months.”

Dawdon’s face fell. “Dad!”

“He has!” Dawdon’s sister said.

“So have you,” Ingdon stated.

She looked as horrified as Dawdon at the reveal. “Dad!”

Aaron chuckled as the siblings exchanged glances. “You’re equally cute when awkward.” They blushed, and Ingdon snickered. “That expression at the café is when I fully fell for you.”

“Aw!” Jigdin shouldered Dawdon, who blushed.

“Fully? And the first time?”

“Ruudon,” Dawdon growled, scowling at his uncle.

“What? We’re getting to know your allon here. It’s important.”

“When he posed for pictures as a picture and tried to dance along in the hallways with a frame around his neck. He did well, the weight and bulk considering.”

Dawdon covered his face, chuckling.  

Aaron enjoyed Dawdon’s family. He loved the openness and fun. It also gave him a new kind of insight into the Cubi ways, like the pride an Incubus took in his nest. He hoped to visit a Succubus, soon, to see if he could spot the cozy factor. 

Aaron and Dawdon used the bathroom together around bedtime, brushing their teeth and stuff. Aaron already knew about the enema machine in the bathrooms at Daniel’s apartment. He knew how to use one.

But it was finally their night, and Aaron would receive. His dick stirred just at the thought as he kept eyeing Dawdon in the mirror, while finishing up brushing. Dawdon stripped and tossed his clothes in the hamper, standing naked and hot with a semi hard cock.

Aaron wanted to watch, figuring the Cubi way was to…just do that. The look on Dawdon’s face made Aaron grow even harder.

“How many lovers have you had?” Dawdon asked. “Not just fun fucking and heavy petting but…like us?”

“Three. All girls.”

“You’ve never been with a guy?”

“Yeah, but…not a lover.”

Dawdon smiled and stepped up behind Aaron, who felt the hard cock press against his ass. He peppered kisses up the side of Aaron’s neck, causing a chill to race from there to Aaron’s ass.

“Seriously, that’s ill advised a minute before I have to use that thing.” Aaron pointed at the enema machine with his toothbrush.

“Did you eat something bad?”

Aaron knitted his brows. “No, why?”

Dawdon grinned across his shoulder. “You’re Cubus, not human. This…” He licked up Aaron’s neck and sucked an earlobe, which went straight to Aaron’s cock. “Will make what’s needed for a single fuck pass. Cubi has a second locking joint like the puborectalis sling at the rectum.”

“The what?”

“What locks poop above the rectum. Which is the part penetrated.”

Aaron blinked. “You sound so clinical about wanting my butt.”

Dawdon laughed. “Trust me, though.” He sucked on Aaron’s neck. “Give me a minute, and you won’t need that thing. We’re not going at heavy feeding, so…” Dawdon kept nibbling at Aaron’s tender areas, which he’d already spent hours mapping and knowing. “You can cause this yourself. Fantasize about getting fucked,” he whispered. “And touch here.” So very slowly, Dawdon’s hand slid down Aaron’s body, around his hard cock and achy balls, to tease the perinium. Aaron grunted. Light pressure turned that into a groan. “Slow circles and a fantasy.” Dawdon kissed and nibbled. “Your body will accommodate.”

“Seriously, did you just turn a bathroom routine sexy?”

“Some of it, I hope.” Dawdon pulled Aaron closer, ground his hips against Aaron’s ass, and groaned as he sucked harder on Aaron’s neck.

A shiver tore through Aaron. With it followed a need for…the bathroom. “Okay! So that works.”

Dawdon chuckled. “See you in a minute.” He stole a kiss and dashed from the room. Aaron stared at the door, feeling weirdly cut off with nothing but the tiles breathing back at him. Wow. He’d learned a lot of interesting Cubi things today. He wanted to feel more of Dawdon, so he finished up, wondering why he hadn’t heard about this second…sling? From a nature’s niche point of view, it all made sense. Why hadn’t Daniel told him about that? He just said he always needed to go. He was a Royal. Maybe it was instinctual, too?

Certainly worked.

Considering he’d only found Daniel prepping the machine—and left to leave that experience out of their friendship—before taking on Marcadon alone, Aaron understood the heavy feeding comment, too.

Aaron finished up, washed up, bundled up his clothes, and dashed from the bathroom wearing nothing but the gold crest. He met Ingdon halfway. “Goodnight, Ingdon.”

“Goodnight, Aaron. Oh, by the way. If I’m to make pancakes for you buys tomorrow, it’s before eight.”

“Thank you! I’ll tell Dawdon.”

Ingdon grinned and continued back to where Dawdon’s sister and brother had stayed around even though it was almost eleven.

Pancakes before eight? After sex and the day Aaron had had? No, he wouldn’t want to be up before that.

He slipped into the room, finding Dawdon looking sexy under the covers, reclined against a big pillow, scrolling on a tablet. Dawdon looked up. A smile spread and his eyes grew heavy-lidded. His tongue snuck out to wet his lips, while his gaze traveled Aaron’s body.

Soft ambient music played and around ten candles and tealights flickered in the corners.

Aaron dumped his clothes on the chair and stepped forward, enjoying the appreciative glance.

“Take that off, too,” Dawdon said in a thick voice. Aaron looked down, finding himself naked except for the crest, so he did and hung it on the backrest of the chair, then turned to let Dawdon watch him again.

The bathroom need had made Aaron grow soft, but he loved being watched, and Dawdon’s gaze made his cock slowly fill. Looking at the contour of the cover, Dawdon’s beautiful cock was ready to show Aaron some wonders. They’d fondled and tasted each other, and Aaron loved the feel of Dawdon’s cock slide over his tongue. He loved the taste of him.

“Tell me a fantasy,” Aaron said.

Dawdon scooted in and pulled the cover aside, revealing his naked body and hard cock. “Get in, and I’ll whisper it to you.” Aaron climbed in and snuggled up to Dawdon, who bundled him up in his arms. “Soon, we’ll be going into the human world together,” Dawdon whispered directly into Aaron’s ear. “I’ve seen this in movies. We go to a real high school. You…show me the stadium. We make out under the bleachers.”

“A high school?” Aaron leaned back enough to see Dawdon’s face.

“Yeah. Cubi youth here grow up with human TV to be able to understand the humans coming in. Movies are part of our education.” Dawdon stroked Aaron’s cheek. “You have no idea how exotic a human as young as you are to us unempowered, do you?”

“I guess not.” It helped point out what Matadon had referred to earlier. Aaron didn’t know diddly about the Cubi ways, and all they knew came from what was filtered through Hollywood. “And you like sports.”

“Football, yeah. Tight pants and cheerleaders. Total eye-candy in that Superbowl.”

Aaron chuckled. “I’m at no great risk in the human world from doses, so…maybe we can catch a game?”

Dawdon lit up. “That would be awesome.”

Aaron leaned in and nibbled up Dawdon’s jawline. “I’d love to seduce you, but…high school? We’d sneak out of class at the same time. Plan it during lunch to get hall passes. And we slip out, unseen, skipping school to be together.”

“We can do that? Where do we go?” Dawdon teased Aaron by running their lips so close together that only hot breath caressed his.

The fantasy took Aaron further. “Band practices on the stadium Friday by that time. Can’t be seen, or we’d get detention.”

Dawdon growled and scooted down and closer to mash their bodies together. “That would suck. It would take time away from us.”

Aaron smiled. He’d never thought that his generic life could become a fantasy. “We need to get around the field, up the stairs, and into the commentator box.”

Dawdon breathed heavily. “What’s that?”

“A small office of sorts at the top of the bleachers on the football stadium. Where the commentators can see all of the gridiron and comment on the game. It’s empty now. No one’s watching. We’ve stolen a moment together.”

Dawson moaned and snuggled his face into the nook of Aaron’s neck. “I put on some ambient music for us on my phone. To drown out the band. To make the space ours.”

Aaron imagined them there. “We hide under the table so no one can see us through the window, just to be safe.”

“I’ve been dreaming of us all day. To have you alone.” Dawdon ran his hand down Aaron’s back and cupped a butt cheek, kneading it.

Aaron ground against him. He could easily imagine the feel of denim being bypassed by the hard caress down his back. “We don’t really have to be quiet, but if we get caught…”

“Trouble,” Dawdon whispered. “I’ll fantasize about a time to have you freely, but I need to make you squirm now. To feel you. To sink into you.”

Aaron groaned. He’d lived this. He’d been there. Well, not in a commentator booth, but he’d heard about it. He’d made a girl sneak into a boiler room during a break, though. What would make a Cubus love this? He didn’t care. He loved the groping and kissing going on.

Dawdon pulled Aaron close and shuffled him to the middle of the narrow bed, settling between Aaron’s bed and claiming his mouth.

Melting into Dawdon’s passion was easy. Hands feeling him out, kisses, groaning, and the feel of Dawdon’s weight lit Aaron’s arousal, and he arched against Dawdon, groaning and wrapping his legs around Dawdon’s waist.

Dawdon grunted and grabbed Aaron’s thigh, raking his fingertips up the outside and setting Aaron’s body ablaze from feeling wanted and needed. The weight of his lover on his chest changed and grew heavier. It turned him on bigtime.

Something got knocked over, but it drowned in needy touches, kisses, ambient music, the scent of candles, the sound of groans, hot breath against his spit damp skin, and the beautiful body grinding against his own.

Dawdon reached between them, and a slick fingertip slipped in effortlessly. It felt a bit hurried, but it totally fit the eagerness of the fantasy they’d raised together, and Aaron gasped to suppress a groan. Only that fingertip teased Aaron’s ass for a moment, sometimes massaging the outside.

“How long can we be gone before we get in trouble?” Dawdon whispered.

“I dunno. Fuck it, just fuck me, I got you now.”

Dawdon groaned loudly and pushed his finger in until knuckles stopped him from going in farther. Aaron gasped and dug his fingers into Dawdon’s back. The moan got swallowed up by Dawdon’s mouth, claiming Aaron’s again for a devouring kiss.

The fingering grew a bit heavy and raw, yet Aaron loved it. He loved the feel of Dawdon’s strong body and demanding penetration. He loved their fantasy of stolen time. He loved the neediness, and he certainly felt it. It grew to a point where Aaron’s body craved it, so he grabbed Dawdon’s ass and pulled him in, feeling the groan reverberate in his skull through their sloppy kissing that even made their teeth clash a few times.

Dawdon pulled his fingers out of Aaron and kept up the kissing while fumbling about to one side. Then a cool and slick cock slipped between Aaron’s cheeks, and the fat head of Dawdon’s cock pressed against his opening.

Aaron sucked in breath and stayed still, relaxing. Dawdon’s body stilled, and the pressure against Aaron’s hole stayed a long constant until the muscle relaxed, and the head popped in, making him jerk from a brief sting. Thankfully, Dawdon remained still, while Aaron’s body accommodated.

“Oh, baby,” Dawdon whispered. He then pulled out and repeated. Three times later, Aaron’s body opened up, and Dawdon sank in. To muffle his moans, Aaron hid his face against Dawdon’s neck.

Dawdon set a slow and deep pace. He fucked using his entire body, rising and falling as he entered and pulled back, rotating his hips and touching everything. Aaron pretty quickly overloaded on sensation and the hotness of their stolen moment fantasy, and he gasped and clutched at Dawdon, pulling at his broad back and ass to get more, to feel more, and to be claimed more.

With their faces pressed against each other’s necks, they hid their moans and breathed harder as the intensity rose. Aaron culminated first, pulling Dawdon tight with arms and legs, while the quaking in Dawdon’s body and the snaps from his hips prolonged Aaron’s ecstasy as they trembled against each other.

“Fuck,” Dawdon whispered, breathing heavily. Aaron grinned, matching the heaving. He was in total agreement. Man, planning a fuck had made it frigging epic. Dawdon managed to raise himself up on an elbow. He blinked, looking adorably outfucked. “There’d be absolutely no fucking way I could make it back to class.”

Aaron laughed. “I guess we just found the upside to fantasies. We don’t have to suffer through Ms. Scott’s biology and Mr. Perry’s math classes now.”

Dawdon snickered and pulled Aaron close. He stayed inside Aaron, slowly and teasingly rotating his hips, adding a slow stimulation and fullness that didn’t overwhelm after an epic orgasm. Not growing flaccid, Aaron was certainly bedding an Incubus. He wasn’t going down, either.

He felt physically exhausted and mentally flat after a busy day and so much socializing with new people. Also, Dawdon was so good at making Aaron relax, and sex had ramped that up ten-fold.

“I liked our fantasy,” Aaron mumbled, grinning.

“Me, too. Thank you for a moment in your world.”

Aaron looked up at Dawdon. “Take me into yours next.”

“Mine’s boring.”

Aaron chuckled. “Not compared to high school, trust me.”

Dawdon cocked his head, studying Aaron. “Whisper me a fantasy, then.”

Aaron grinned. “Touché.” He’d have to think about that one, though, and he was too tired to come up with something that evening.

He merely wanted to be held, kissed, and sleep in Dawdon’s arms.