Chapter Twelve

A Patreon exclusive story by Meraki P. Lyhne


Matadon had hung on by a hair that morning, using a big coffee mug as his anchor on reality. He was sure something from that meeting had slipped past him. He also knew nothing slipped past Guards. Bowdon had certainly seemed fully focused. Matadon had spaced out, catching his mind wandering to the topic that kept causing confusion. Like whether Matadon was falling for him, and if the Guard Lord even really wanted him and hadn’t merely been hungry that evening they’d kissed and groped each other a bit in the kitchen.

By the time they left to pick up Freydon and head to the studio, Matadon felt more alive and ready to dance. The many details from the meeting that morning and the day before kept roaming around in an unstructured fashion, and he knew he had to sit down with it later and put it into words to piece it together.

He did catch the part about him having to focus on being Aaron’s immediate backup. Like he had any other plans! But that meant he had to focus on the dance and the group they had to become, while leaving all else to the Guards. He had no problems with that, but he had to stay informed and in the loop to be the best possible backup to his son.

Aaron would certainly have his work cut out for him, and Matadon figured he had to help the three young Cubi, too—especially Freydon, whom they’d just picked up on their way to the studio. He seemed only a tad less nervous than he had the day before.

“How well do you feel you have the recital choreography down?” Aaron asked as they entered the studio.

“I’m ready,” Freydon declared.

“Me, too,” Matadon said.

“So, if we dance it once a day before the recital, we can start something new?”

“Yeah,” Matadon said.

“I’m afraid I’ll mix them up if I start something new,” Freydon said.

Matadon didn’t blame the cub if he was that new to dancing with someone as experienced and skilled as Aaron. Dancing it once a day as a group would definitely tend to those new to the art, and Matadon figured his son did well, balancing the needs of his students.

“Okay, so if we keep it at single skills with no choreography, you can train those?”

“Yeah.” Freydon bit his lip, nooding.

Matadon glanced at Aaron to see if his son caught that silent cry for support.

“Frey?” Aaron stepped closer, and Matadon stepped back, giving his son room to respond to a friend in need.

“I don’t think I’m good enough to be on this mission,” Freydon said quietly.

“Forget about the mission, Frey. Just focus on the dancing. And, as you could see yesterday on TV, you definitely belong. Some of those guys have danced longer than you, but you got them beat on skills.”

“You’re not just saying that because you’re my friend?”

“No, I despise rigged games, and I respect the art of dancing too much to bullshit anyone.”

Matadon liked that answer, yet he was pretending like he wasn’t listening in while slowly warming up his joints.

“Okay. But without knowing my team, how do we know what I need to practice?”

“Never limit your challenges, challenge your limits. If dancing is what you love doing, then try everything.”

“Okay…uhm, something far from what we’re doing, then, so I won’t mix it up.”

“I think Matadon needs to add to it, because most of my styles are already in there somehow, and I think you need outside influence.”

Matadon turned and smiled. “There are commonalities in dances at the moment, but I don’t think it’ll be bad if we mix it with something. Or settle on something unique. What do you like dancing the most?”

“Uhm…” Freydon thought for a moment.

“Asked differently,” Aaron said. “What do you dance at home when no one’s watching?”

Freydon smiled. “I think I kinda like neo swing.”

That grin on his face? He more than liked it.

“Let’s swing that!” Except Matadon wasn’t a hundred percent sure what that meant.

“I don’t really know a lot, I just saw it when trying to learn stuff for this class.”

“Isn’t that those moves from that movie…what’s it called?” Aaron thought for a moment, snapping his fingers, then freestyled some quirky leg shuffles straight out of swing.

Maybe the fact that the word swing was a part of the dance style should have been a dead giveaway, yet now Matadon at least seemed to remember something. He’d seen something like it when TV first came to the Great House of Dahlidin. Of course, Geodin had been one of the first to get one, and they’d danced something like it together. He’d also seen the new movie that Aaron referred to at the hotel with some teen Cubi, dreaming about dancing in the streets like that now that they’d been forced to live so close to humans.

“Wait, that’s like nineteen twenty dancing. That new movie made young men in suits, slim ties, and fedoras popular again, right?” Matadon asked.

Aaron stopped. “I think so.” He grinned at Freydon. “You’d look snazzily sexy in that. I can totally see it.”

Freydon beamed. “Thank you!”

Matadon smiled. Aaron knew perfectly well how to greet a Cubus, then. “So, neo swing.”

“Neo swing is the dance, electro dance is the music.”

“I see…” Matadon tried to remember how they danced a hundred years ago, and he’d certainly loved the swing. So energetic, and the vibe had been fantastic. “Freydon, the best you could do is to gather inspiration on YouTube and play around with moves to make them your own,” Matadon said.

Aaron mock gasped, clutching his non-existing pearls. “You and the internet?”

Matadon blinked. “It’s like TV on demand with no glamour filters unless they’re fun glamour filters. I like it way more. So authentic. And lots of raw dancing.”


“I think I found good music for it a few days ago.” Freydon came over with his phone and thumbed through it. Good tunes through crappy speakers played a moment later.

“Yeah…” Aaron bobbed along, then set course for the computer in the studio. “What will we be playing with, Mata?”

From Matadon to dad, Mata seemed a good start for a middle ground.

Matadon went to him. “I’m usually called Matty, but Mata works.”

“Sorry, didn’t even think.”

Matadon merely chuckled and stroked his back as Aaron powered up the computer. “I sometimes have to catch myself in calling you Aardon instead of Aaron.” He’d accidentally written it three times in his journal now, so his brain had apparently decided it was supposed to stick.

Aaron looked at him. “Aaron with a Cubi ending.” Matadon nodded. Aaron smiled. “You can call me that. Just don’t shorten that to Aar. Pronounced that way, it only needs an s to sound like ass in Scottish.”

Matadon snorted. “I won’t, I promise.” Matadon pointed at the screen. “No idea where to start, though, other than warmup, and neo swing seems a good way to go for that.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Aaron picked a number, then bobbed along as he backed away from the computer.

Matadon looked at his footwork, then at Freydon’s, and that cub was tearing it up with a shuffle.

“How much did you study this?” Aaron asked.

“I watched a few tutorials, and it’s basically a shuffle and heel and toe,” Freydon said.

“Teach us,” Matadon urged.

Freydon stopped for a moment, then let it rip, and his expression said it all. This was his love. It was contagious, and both Matadon and Aaron ran to stand on each side of him, leaning forward to watch his feet until some sense of pattern stood out, yet once they tried to join in, Freydon slowed down for them.

Slowly, they managed to fall into a rhythm of something, and they managed to dance in sync for a few minutes, adding more arms and shoulders.

“I know some of all the twenties moves,” Matadon said. “I can teach them to you so that you can upgrade them to neo swing?”

“Yeah? I’d love that.” Freydon beamed, but then the high mood dimmed a bit. “You think they others would like it?”

“We’ll have an audition,” Aaron said. “You set the parameters for your group. What you want to dance.”

“But someone might be better.”

“Trust in your team’s strengths,” Matadon said. “A team is a cooperation.”

“Our recital is not me telling everybody what to do,” Aaron said. “Everybody brought something.”

Matadon wondered whether the insecurities in Freydon wouldn’t hold him back in the long run. Not that he questioned his King, but Freydon seemed the wrong Incubus to make an influencer. He wasn’t cut out for it. Yet, he suspected. It made Matadon smile because that was another of his Cu’Boka. “Freydon, you forget an important factor.” Matadon put a hand on Freydon’s shoulder and squeezed it, smiling. “It’s about more than the dance. What our King sees in you is what he wants the world to see, too. He sees more than a dancer, right?”

“A nephew.”

“Daniel sees a nephew. Nol-Beaudon sees something else. Royals raise their people up. That’s their genetics. You’re young and finding yourself. So are a million other young people, humans, out there.” And Matadon got it. He saw the reason for their King picking him. “You’re growing into your seduction, right?”

“Yeah. It’s difficult around a King, though.”

Matadon nodded. “Yeah, they always steal the spotlight. I kinda balanced that by trying to seduce the King.”

“Yeah, no go, kin hormones are high.” Freydon said.

Matadon chuckled. “That’s a bummer! But who do you seduce now?”

“Seduce?” Aaron asked.

“You already do this very instinctually,” Matadon said. “When a Cubus grows into their teens, their seduction awakens. The need for attention. To be desired. It’s when we begin to grow into and find our level and shade of vanity, yet it can take way longer to actually find it.”

Aaron thought for a moment. “Me and my heels and Daniel and his makeup?”

“Yes.” Matadon looked at Freydon. “Maybe classy clothes and a foot-shuffling swagger?”

Freydon smiled.

Matadon stepped back and fully took in the young man. It was awakening, but he was not set on who he was growing into becoming. Around three years shy of his Empowerment, he certainly still had time. Most didn’t find it until after their rut had passed. Maybe Aaron had from necessity in the human world? Or had he even found it? Maybe this was the entertainer he’d had to be?

“When and how did you grow into your seduction?” Freydon asked.

“I was almost forty, no fifty. The King of the North came to our House, and he was…” Matadon remembered the first time he’d seen that regal and stunning man walk through the lines of Cubi as he headed to their High Father. Matadon backed away from Aaron and Freydon as a boner filled from remembering, and Guard Lady Atadin stepped out of camouflage and up to stand between the unempowered. “Remembering makes me react.” Matadon sat on the floor at a safe distance and found a comfortable position, while Aaron turned down the volume from his phone. So tech savvy. The cubs joined him, watched over by Guard Lady Atadin. “Nol-Elakdon and a bunch of Guards walked through our House. He was…godlike.

“The Guards, though? The intensity in their very being. I spotted one, and my focus narrowed. I wanted him. For the entire stay, I homed in on him, watching him, figuring him out. It took me three days to figure out what he liked. That’s difficult with Guards on duty because they’re so disciplined and focused that they give almost nothing away, and when they do, it can be their high hunger, which says nothing about their attraction outside hunger.

“Considering I feed on pleasing very passive women, seducing that Guard became my ultimate goal. He was so…I can’t even put words to him. But one evening, at a feast, that Guard leaned over the King, and I saw what need it was I had. And the Guard had the need to give that. It stood so clear in the King’s expression. They whispered something to each other, and it was clear the Guard wasn’t on duty. They then pointed and both lusted for a Succubus who was dancing around some seated friends.

“I already liked dancing, but times meant I wasn’t focusing on that. Until that night. I used my limited dance moves to try to get to that Guard. Struck out completely.”

“You didn’t get him?” Aaron asked.

“Nope. Not for another forty or so years. I was around ninety when the King came again, and I’d worked on my seduction. First night in, I got attention. Second night, by the gods, I got fucked silly by that Guard. Third night, the King joined us.”

Just remembering the attention of a King made Matadon’s hunger rise, and it would soon provoke hormones to stink up the place for Aaron. And Matadon would probably dose.

“Long story short, Freydon. Explore yourself. I think I see why Nol-Beaudon picked you. With the kind of young and hopeful people we’re going to rub elbows equipped with chainsaws with, you’re not the only one who feels insecure.”

“Yeah, the most arrogant ones are the most insecure,” Aaron said.

“Those watching the show and feeling too insecure to join? They’ll look to you if you can keep the arrogance at bay.”

“Which will be a challenge,” Aaron added.

“They’ll feel attracted to you. They’ll want to follow you to have you show the way to their dream, too. Humans have this instinct, too, you know. Wanting to be attractive, feel important, feel needed. With us, it’s just way higher, and once we find our seduction, we grow into our maturity and confidence.”

“So, my seduction tool is dancing?” Aaron asked.

“Tool, yes, but it’s more than that. Who we seduce and how is a balance that doesn’t have to be paired with our feeding pattern. They’ll be the easiest to seduce, sure, but our seduction lets us focus on something more primal. It’s when we become the fantasy that can help us feed on high energies.”

“And it took forty years to find?” Aaron asked.

“Many don’t find it until red-eye,” Freydon said, pointing out Aaron’s lack of general insight into Cubi upbringing. This was like the where-do-babies-come-from conversation human parents had with their children.

“You might have discovered your tool, Aaron, but not your true seduction,” Matadon said. “It took my discovering my seduction to pinpoint my tools, and that’s not even dancing anymore. It’s in the swagger. It’s in our confidence. It makes us produce more powerful hormones to seduce. And Royals do that from they’re Empowered.”

Matadon’s self-esteem had even taken more than one hard hit at his failing attempts with Guard Lord Bowdon. He felt as incompetent and sad as he had upon watching Nol-Elakdon and his Guard Lord friend, Foldon, leave the House without Matadon having managed to seduce Foldon that week. He’d thoroughly enjoyed the attention of the Lady Fountain who’d dosed him to empower him upon that stay, though.

Bowdon loved the dance, so Matadon had to use that to get his way with him. But it had become more. Matadon needed more, and he wasn’t really sure how to deal with a busted ego and an uncooperative heart.

He had to shove that way down, though, because heartbreak wouldn’t help his son and the mission, so there was no time for that. It helped kill the boner, though, and lowered his hunger enough for the Guard Lady to slip back into camouflage.

Geodin entering with a few guests helped turn Matadon’s mind back onto the day’s schedule.



The next two hours consisted of brainstorming with their spin doctor, Malinda, coordinating with Guard Lady Lopdin, and figuring out the background material to create a fake ID for Matadon, soon to be Matthew, or just Matty.

The rest of the dance group arrived then, and they practiced the dance choreography with Dawdon and Sir Heimli taking pictures and filming stuff. Their marketing mill would start up now to teach Dawdon and Geradon new things. It also taught the dance group as they were interviewed by Geradon under Master Harrodon’s watchful eye.

As soon as Matadon had his fake ID, he’d have to do multiple interviews with Master Harrodon to solidify the fake persona and be able to answer odd and unexpected questions that fit and helped build the character.

Being a Lord with responsibilities in the human world hadn’t meant he needed to do a lot of that, so he appreciated the care and competence of Malinda, who was a human in the know and nothing more.

 Come one o’clock, Matadon and Aaron still hadn’t worked on their own, but the entire team needed lunch by then.

They ate at the café and chatted. Freydon roped Bao into making him a playlist of electro swing while he finished up a task in provision with his mom, and the other humans would go do what they did, leaving Matadon and Aaron the use of the studio until dinner.

Matadon felt eager and a bit stressed that they hadn’t managed to work on their dancing that day because it was paramount for their part in the mission. It seemed Aaron felt the same, considering he didn’t eat anything too heavy, and he looked troubled yet focused.



It was almost two when Matadon, Aaron, and Bao arrived back at the studio.

“Let’s get on with ours.” Aaron’s tone indicated Matadon had been right. He wasn’t the only one stressing.

“How do you work best with this?” Matadon asked.

“I find the feel, then the dance. But we’re about to compete. On TV.” Aaron planted his fists on his hips, shot one out to the side, and sighed heavily. “Any ideas?”

“It’s a competition, so…how do you find the feel when having to outdance the others when you were a stripper?”

Aaron gnawed his lip, his young face knitted from too much worry.

“I’ll wear headphones.” Bao dashed to the corner with the computer. “I can juggle two programs, so just tell me when you’re ready to hear what.” She put on the big headphones.

“Your input would be appreciated though,” Aaron said.

She didn’t hear him. Matadon smiled, thinking she had to be the young woman described when they said Asian women were tiny porcelain dolls. Maybe people thought about geishas with their beautiful makeup and clothes? He liked her. She was fun and sweet and helpful and a hellion when it came to toprock. Which was when he took the most to her.

Aaron sauntered over and repeated, once she looked up and took the big earphones off. Everybody else used air pods, but not her. She said the sound was better.

“I have a mix of everything I used in a quiz to guess music genres,” Bao said. “Maybe if you just dance to that, something will pop up? Inspire?”

“Like our dance off?” Matadon asked.

A smile grew on Aaron’s face. “That could be good. I mean, I can’t learn ballet in that time, which is obviously one of your strengths, and I’m not strong enough for your bboying level.”

“And I’m no stripper, even though I give great lap dances.”

Aaron laughed. “We wouldn’t get away with that on stage, anyway. Bao, please put it on.” Aaron looked at Matadon. “We’ll see where we find common ground?”

Matadon nodded sharply, took off his shoes, and started warming up.

Bao’s track started out with something generically pop, and Matadon didn’t feel it. By the looks of it, neither did Aaron, but they danced to it. Jazz loosened Matadon up a bit. A waltz put fun into it as Matadon hurried to Aaron and grabbed him to dance, making him laugh and allow being led. Something Matadon had never heard of and knew no dance moves to seemed college frat house inspired. Either that or bars. It was uncoordinated, too big in every arm and lag movement, making it seem a tongue in cheek dance, but it was hilariously fun to join in on, and Aaron gave it his all, grinning from ear to ear. Some jitterbug, merengue, and Freydon’s electro swing was on there, and that last one kicked them both into gear. Maybe from remembering Freydon’s eagerness? Or maybe merely because it was great and uplifting music?

Hardstyle shuffles proved too much for both of them, as they wanted more full body movement with that one. It was also the last one in the quiz playlist.

“How about something between electro swing and electronic bass styled?” Aaron asked.

Matadon dashed to Bao, and she removed her headphones. “Can you access my playlist?”

“Is it on here?”

“I dunno.”

“It is,” Aaron said. He took over the keyboard for a moment, and a long list of recognizable folders popped up on the screen.

“That one.” Matadon pointed and let the tech savvy people do the clicking around. A few more clicks, and they’d found the style Matadon figured could be optional from Aaron’s description. “Something like this?” Matadon backed up and tried out a few moves, freestyling to the feel they’d somewhat agreed upon.

“Yeah, yeah…” Aaron tapped his chin and foot to the beat, thinking. “How to make it ours, though?”

“Add a bit of hips?”

“And our long legs?” Aaron took the leg-pose, dramatizing it enough to make Matadon laugh. “Do that again.” Aaron grabbed Matadon’s arm and took him to the mirrors where they stood side by side, feeling the music.

Matadon got back into the rhythm. “I think this might be too heavy a beat.”

“You’re right. Bao!”

“I’m not wearing headphones!”

Matadon snickered.

“Sorry. Can you skip to number eighteen on that list?”

Matadon nodded. “Uh, good choice.”

That number started up, and Matadon repeated the steps, this time trying to add the hips a bit more, checking himself out in the mirror.

Aaron copied. Not looking at himself gave a different impression, and he no longer liked it. This would take forever. “Oh, I see, I see. How about…” Aaron counted out, then tweaked everything and made it better. Matadon copied, then added a few steps. “Yeah! I’ll just turn on a camera.” Aaron dashed to one on a tripod and returned a few seconds later.

Without being asked to do it, Bao started the track over. Okay, so they had their tune. Something electronic, heavy beat, lots of computer sounds.



Matadon loved working choreographies with Aaron. Not just because he was a quick study but because he came up with so many new moves. Pop it here, lock it here. Notice that bass, notice that transition. He had such an ear and an uncanny understanding of flow and crescendo, and he could fill out pauses.

Matadon was a good dancer at the styles he loved—Aaron was a phenomenal dancer with broad talent and a deep understanding of music. Together, they streamlined a choreography, playing off each other, yet Matadon was grateful for technology because their rapid-fire ideas and execution would have been lost if not for a video camera catching everything.

Teaching Aaron toprock and watching their movements sync up in the mirrors, Matadon understood the comment from Ramudon. Aaron was good at copying what he saw. A few replays, and they’d synced as perfectly as humans could after two hours.

“One, two, and three, and slide—” Aaron counted.

The music cut to something else in the middle of a beat.

Matadon and Aaron stopped and look around, confused. Something exotic full of organic drums. Aaron picked up the new track in a heartbeat and shook his hips, holding out his arms. All he needed was a belt full of jewelry, and he’d be a belly dancer. Matadon laughs loudly.

“Sorry!” Bao exclaimed, then the beat started up again.

Matadon picks that one up first, finding his place in his choreography, and Aaron followed. But only for a moment.

Aaron stopped and jumped around. “That’s it, Matty! We need to add that! For the choreography.”

Matadon stopped and came to him, gaping. “Belly dancing?”

“No, the unexpected as a spoof, I think. And then new beat. To up the ante and finish hard.”

Matadon’s mind offered up visuals. “Or as a fun transition to downrock.”

“Yeah.” Aaron grinned, his eyes lighting up.

“Absolutely.” Matadon stalked to Bao and Dawdon, who’d snuck in during training. Aaron hurried along and plopped down next to his boyfriend.

“That could be your style,” Dawdon suggested. “Mixing something else in.”

“Yeah, but won’t it seem a bit forced at some point?” Aaron asked.

“How many shows will there be?”

“Around twenty, I think,” Matadon said.  He contemplated Dawdon’s suggestion, liking it. “Well, the first one for the audition can be a tongue in cheek, and we can do another where it changes with a crescendo in the music, rolling from one style into another. To show off diversity?”

“Can you make music mixes like that?” Aaron asked Bao.

“I’ll certainly try!” Bao exclaimed. “That sounds awesome. Maybe medley style?”

Matadon and Aaron slowly turned their heads to look at each other. And there it was. That would be their style.”

“I’m not sure I can edit medleys, though,” Bao said. “Not without help.”

“Well, let’s…find someone who can help you.”

“Or to just do it!” Bao said. “I’m just a human feeder here.”

Matadon looked at her, sad to hear that opinion about herself and her place. “No, no.” He scooted closer to sit next to her. “You’re a part of our dance group, human or Cubi be damned. You’re a team member, and you know Aaron’s dancing better than most. That’s valuable insight for a project and mission like this.”

A smile grew on her face. “Really?”

“Very really!” Aaron stated. He looked at Matadon. “Does Grand Lady Geodin know who can probably help Bao?”

“She might. Who was in charge of getting you the resources you needed?”

“Guard Lady…”

“Hunter Guard Lady Crodin.”

They looked around, but Bowdon was camouflaged, tossing a tidbit of information at them, and the sound of his voice did unexpected things to Matadon. He hadn’t noticed Guard rotation while dancing.

“Thank you,” Aaron said loudly.

Matadon smiled, thinking his son would get the hang of it. It had taken him some time, too.

Bao smiled. “If I can help, I will.”

“You know…” Matadon leaned into her. “The style of dancing you taught us threw me for a loop because I once had a lover from China. I learned a…well, it’s nothing like what you taught me.”

“A Chinese dance?”

“Yeah.” Matadon smiled in remembrance of a petite and graceful lover who shared the love of dancing. “I dance it sometimes in celebration of our love. It’s very special to me.” Matadon looked at her. “Just a feeder? Just human? You have no idea what you really mean to us, do you?” He looked away from the vulnerability in her gaze to commandeer her computer and find the music. “Don’t look.” He kicked off the sneakers and pulled off the re-designed t-shirt of their dance uniform, then ran to Aaron’s corner full of fabrics and stuff. He fitted something around himself as he crossed the floor to the open space.

Aaron, Dawdon, and Bao stared at him as he found his seat and starting position.

He no longer remembered the name of the dance, but he’d seen it performed many times—especially by classical dance schools.

Over the years, he’d modified it a bit to reflect the lover he was honoring, but expressiveness and showing emotions clearly on his face were still aspects he focused on like when he’d learned it.

Halfway through the dance, representing a moment when the dancer connected with love, Matadon remembered that Bowdon was watching. It probably made it into the dance. It certainly did his expression. To fully feel the dance became no problem after that, yet the lover he’d remembered by dancing this for so many years seemed to…let him go. To let him dance for someone else now.

He hadn’t been held back by a broken heart or anything, but it seemed strangely poetic considering Bowdon had said he loved watching him dance. Could a dance be what revealed what they had or didn’t have? What they could or couldn’t have?

The song and dance ended, and Matadon swayed for a moment, then picked up the flowing garment he’d tossed as part of the story told through movement, while Aaron, Dawdon, and Bao clapped wildly.

“Wow,” Aaron said. “That’s sensual dancing at a level I have never managed.”

Matadon grinned at the praise and plopped down to sit with them.

Bao all but stared at him. “That was beautiful.”

“It looked very ballet,” Dawdon said.

“I think ballet was heavily influenced by classical Chinese dancing, minus the acrobatics,” Matadon said.

“Imagine that as a twin dance,” Aaron said. He looked almost dreamy.

“I have music for it. I can medley it with…uhm…”

Matadon and Aaron chuckled at her sudden puzzled expression.

“I like the medley idea,” Matadon said. “Tongue in cheek for the audition? Scratchy LP sound to let us look confused, and then belly dance until a beat drops?”

“Yeah.” Aaron looked giddy. His smile dropped. “We need some kind of prop. To distinguish it.”

“What’ll our clothes be?”

“For that dance? Street clothes.”

They thought for a moment but were interrupted by Aaron’s phone. He looked at it. “Dinner alarm.”

“Dinner?” Matadon looked around for a clock. He’d completely lost track of time. They’d danced all day.

“Joining us?” Aaron looked at Dawdon and Bao.

“I need to catch up on my quota.” Bao began to pack up her stuff.

“You’re Matadon’s feeding pattern, right?” Dawdon asked.

“Yeah, no. Dance partner.” Matadon got up. “No feeding.” He noticed Bao’s expression as he brought the prop fabrics to the corner, catching a sense of relief. He understood why humans sometimes needed to be by themselves. If only they knew that most if not all Cubi did—especially those who’d lived and served in a King home.

Guards were hungry, and unless in a harem, getting approached by a hungry Guard was why Matadon understood Bao’s need for this room to be her safe space. He still wanted to help her explore pure with the Cubi of her feeding pattern, and he still thought himself capable if and when he earned her trust to touch her for something as simple as a massage.

Currently, she’d expect it to grow sexual. He had to earn her trust that it wouldn’t.



Matadon jerked awake and turned over, blind in the darkness of his room.

“Hush…” Bowdon whispered. “It’s Bowdon.”

Matadon’s heart picked up speed, yet he had no idea how to feel. He felt a bit hurt that it had taken so long. The dance stepped forward along with the thoughts he’d had during it, yet it left him no less confused.

“Am I still welcome in your bed?”

Without being able to see Bowdon, Matadon could only guess at the Guard’s mood and emotions from hearing him. “Yes.” Matadon pulled the covers back and reached out with his other hand. Chilly naked skin teased his fingertips before that coolness slipped into bed and close to lie against him.

Matadon had watched Bowdon take a shower, but to feel the very masculine body slipping in next to him let him appreciate the slightly hairy body at a different level. The chilly touch of someone sneaking into his bed for late night pleasure ramped up Matadon’s lust for the Incubus he’d tried to seduce for weeks now. And somehow fallen in love with.

He’d fallen for a Guard, which was stupid. He could never be the sole focus of an Incubus like that. He would always and ever be third, max. Guards were Guards and loyal to their Royal and Kingdom first. Then began the Cubus. Their Cu’Boka was so singularly focused, and that was what made them Guard material.

But he finally had Bowdon in his bed, and he sighed, relishing in the touch that explored his body, stroking his side and down his thigh, around the knee and up the inside to tease its way beside his groin and up his belly. A hard cock slipped against his ass cheek as Bowdon gently ground his hops against him. Increasingly heavy breathing sounded in his ear, and warm gusts against his neck and shoulder made goosebumps and a chill race across Matadon’s skin.

Bowdon shuffled closer, pushing Matadon in on the bed. He forced an arm under Matadon and easily arranged him, pulling Matadon’s top leg to drape over his own leg.

Open for roaming. Matadon grinned in the dark. He was so horny, and it had been ages since a man had fucked him. Shivers of anticipation raced through his body, and the first moan tore from his mouth as Bowdon pulled him tight and sucked on his throat.

As passive as the energy Matadon fed on was, it was oddly enough how he wanted to be pleased by a man. Explored. Claimed. He wanted to feel like the most prized and precious thing in their world for that time. It was why he loved seducing Guards. Their focus was insane, and it was on him, too. He could like feeding them. Bowdon? He wanted him because Bowdon couldn’t feed on an active pleaser of women. Matadon wanted to be desired for being him, not feeding energy. If humans only knew that many Cubi understood, then maybe they’d have an easier time distinguishing sex and love and understanding that those two were merely small details in a far grander scale of nuances?

Bowdon groaned and pulled Matadon tighter, while his free hand moved to Matadon’s cock, balls, and finally to his asshole. Matadon whimpered from need by then. “Oh, such sweet sounds you make.” The finger at his opening massaged his hole, applying just enough pressure to drive Matadon insane, but not enough to penetrate and offer up the stimulation he craved.

“Oh, fuck.” Matadon shivered. “I’m so horny for you.”

Bowdon purred. “I’ll be very happy to help you with that.” He removed his hand, making Matadon groan from need, while the big body behind him shifted and something on his bedside table knocked over. “Oops. That can’t break, right?”

Matadon snickered. “No, water bottle.”

“And lube, considering I can’t really use a dose on you.”

“Under the bed, next to the bedside table.”

Bowdon grunted and reached around. “Nope.” He had to release Matadon completely and move around. “Need lights. I’m so underprepared here…”

Matadon chuckled at the grumbling tone, then squeezed his eyes shut as the light flicked on. It wasn’t a bright light, but he hadn’t expected it.

“There we go.” Bowdon smiled pleased as he put the bottle on the bedside table and pumped lube onto his fingers. “It’s cold as hell, though.”

Matadon snickered, watching while Bowdon moved to kneel between Matadon’s legs. The appreciative gaze raking his body along with the explorative touch of Bowdon’s free hand let Matadon relax and find the headspace and horniness again.

“I’m so happy you danced in a safe space today,” Bowdon whispered. “I could watch you, then, even when on duty. Such beauty and fluidity. Such strength and grace.” Bowdon spread the slightly chilly lube around Matadon’s hole, while his other hand gingerly stroked Matadon’s thigh.

He’d learned already that Bowdon had a thing for a dancer’s legs. The way Bowdon touched him and looked at him, he felt beautiful and appreciated. Finally, a finger slipped inside, and Matadon groaned loudly.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Bowdon whispered. “Every single one of the few free moments I’ve had.” He leaned over Matadon and kissed up his chest, while the finger in Matadon moved with slow yet definite purpose to cause pleasure. “I’ve watched you dance here at home to no music.” More kisses fell across Matadon’s torso. “I’ve admired you sink into your own little beautiful world of movements.” Bowdon tongued a nipple, making Matadon arch form more. “I’ve undressed you with my eyes, fantasizing about watching you dance naked to let me see your strength and grace with nothing obstructing my view. Like now.”

Matadon smiled, thinking he’d figured out what could really turn Bowdon on. He’d have to be more active, though, but riding him would please someone as visual as Bowdon. He should totally learn more erotic dancing than lap dances, yet he’d have to coordinate that with Guard Lady Artidin to make sure Bowdon didn’t have a shift watching Aaron when they worked on that for him.

“That dance today…” Bowdon licked up Matadon’s throat while pushing a second finger into him, so slowly that the combination of sensation drove Matadon insane. “I imagined you danced for me.” The fingers stopped, and Bowdon’s mouth was just beside Matadon’s ear. He pulled up, supporting his weight on an arm, and the fingers in Matadon’s ass stopped. He looked so vulnerable. “Then you got this hurt expression as you looked toward the door where you know I watch from.” He’d noticed. Matadon was so in touch with sensation at that moment, so he didn’t manage to hide them from bleeding into his expression. Closing his eyes and looking away probably didn’t help hide it, but it was a quite instinctual action. Bowdon gasped. “Oh, my God, you’re in love.”

Matadon looked up at Bowdon, finding such sweetness and vulnerability in his expression and gaze. Then a dose splattered onto his face and the sweetness of a dose spread in his mouth a split second before the need to fuck tore through him, leaving him to writhe and grind his ass back onto the fingers that were the only touches on his body to offer anything at that moment.

“No, no. Fuck!”

Matadon groaned and grabbed at the big body over him, needing more. He begged for it and jerked as the fingers in him moved, but they didn’t slake it. They didn’t make the shimmering feel in his muscles and on his skin move, and they didn’t meet the need for stimulation, so Matadon grabbed his own cock and stroked it, finding it deeply unsatisfying.

“Assistance, please. I dosed my lover, and he’s an active pleaser of female. That’s not funny, Artidin! Matadon’s room.”

“Please, fuck me, please.” Matadon cried out from unfulfilled need as his skin felt afire. “Please!”

“Shit, I’m so sorry, you completely blindsided me here.” Bowdon rearranged them quickly on the bed to lie behind Matadon. The sting of a slightly underprepared penetration combatted the burning on his skin, but it certainly didn’t overshadow it.

“More, more, please, more.”

Bowdon pushed into him, and Matadon groaned at the lovely sensation, but it didn’t slake his lust, causing him to cry out. “I’m sorry, someone’s coming to help you, I called someone to come and help you,” Bowdon whispered, still in the process of pulling Matadon’s body into position.

His cock felt so good.

When Bowdon finally stopped moving them about, he sat against the headboard with Matadon impaled on his lap, leaving Matadon space to stimulate himself, so he did, rotating his hips to pull off and push back down onto Bowdon’s cock.

A hand closed around his cock, offering up stimulation, but neither did anything for the fire on Matadon’s skin.

“Oh, Matty, you get into such interesting trouble sometimes.”

Geodin’s voice flooded Matadon with relief, and he looked around for her, feeling slightly disorientated. He reached for her and tried to move, but strong arms kept him seated. Geodin climbed up onto the bed to stand next to him, then straddled him, but he needed her, so he grabbed her ass, shoved the silky fabric out of the way, and buried his face in her crotch to lick her. He’d noticed Artidin undressing behind her.

Finally, the burn on his skin lessened and moved, and all that stimulation became pleasurable. Soft thighs slid up his, while nimble fingers cupped his balls and stroked his cock. The tight and wet heat of a pussy enveloped him, and he groaned into Geodin as more energy and pleasure moved on his body.

From then on, it was easy to get lost in the wonderful taste of Geodin, the soft feel of Artidin riding him, and the fullness of Bowdon’s cock having maybe an inch of leeway in that position.

But that inch offered up the last spicy detail that made Matadon come hard not a minute later. It didn’t slake anything, and he kept up pleasuring Geodin, adding fingers to his tongue’s exploration of her, while the Guard Lady rode him insistingly.

The waves of the orgasm ebbed away, yet they left him exactly where he’d been just prior to reaching that peak. At another peak.

Geodin’s hip movements and moans changed, and the energy on Matadon’s body moved faster toward his spine. She weaved her fingers into his hair, and he moaned against her, doing his very best to send her off on an orgasm that would leave her quaking and unable to stand. He did recognize that the many sensations on and in his own body completely screwed with his ability to focus enough on her pleasure to make that happen, but he tried.

And there it was. He easily recognized when that steep climb to rapture set in, so he focused fully on stimulating her the way he knew she liked it until she tightened the grip on his hair and shuddered in his arms, while her juices ran down his hand.

The familiar taste of her and the feel of her pleasure tipped Matadon over again to come, and the thick cock in his ass was an addition to pleasure he thoroughly enjoyed.

Coming down from that second orgasm, Matadon felt more coherent again, but he wasn’t letting go of Geodin, continuing to gently lick her and relish in her taste. Also, he needed her to root his mind from a powerful dose, while Artidin rode him demandingly.

“Snap your hips, Bowdon,” Artidin said.

Bowdon growled into Matadon’s ear and complied, sending jolts of pleasure to mingle with the stimulations to his cock.

“Oh, fuck.” Matadon held onto Geodin, tighter, riding out the onslaught of pleasure, writing between the two Guards. “Oh, fuck!”

“Yeah!” Bowdon groaned repeatedly, and Artidin matched that rhythm, pushing back on Matadon’s cock in time with the thrusts into him.

“Oh, fuck!” Another orgasm claimed Matadon, and he quaked hard, shouting and writhing as the energy finally pooled in his spine and crashed to his groin, prolonging his orgasm and making his entire groin area and ass feel aflame.

He came so hard he saw stars and finally surfaced to being pancaked between two women sitting on his heaving body and Bowdon’s strong chest rising and falling rapidly behind him.

Finally, clear-minded again, details began to line up.

Bowdon had lost a dose to him—one powerful enough to demand a Guard Lady to help suck it out. He’d lost it from discovering Matadon had feelings for him. Wow, that could be one complicated relationship if they were to have more accidents like that.

He then realized he’d made a Guard lose a dose, which stroked his ego to no end and raised his trust in his abilities to seduce anyone in the world. It even made him snicker, but he was exhausted.

When bodies began moving, he didn’t. He stayed exactly where he was, even though his ass burned from the less than gentle penetration and fucking, which he certainly wasn’t used to. But he was too tired to move.

Bowdon chuckled and tipped them over, and his cock slipped out of Matadon. He still didn’t move. He merely grinned. “Thank you for your help Arti and Grand Lady Geodin.”

“I’ll always help my harem out of their…interesting trouble.”

Matadon snickered some more, managing the energy to raise a finger into the air. “I’ll hold you to that.”

“You do that. But first…sleep.”

“Planning on it.”

He heard the door open and close.

“Well, damn, that was embarrassing.” Bowdon shuffled around, then gently pulled Matadon to lie on his back. “You look adorably outfucked.”

“I feel it.”

Bowdon pulled wet wipes from a container, grinning smugly as he began cleaning up his mess. Matadon let him. “That hurt expression earlier. Did I cause that?”

“I’ve been confused and…insecure.”

“Don’t be,” Bowdon whispered, planting a kiss on Matadon’s collarbone. “It’s been crazy here with the moving of Cubi and getting humans and now a mission that I’ll be on. Luckily! Not leaving you now.”

“But your focus will be on my son, right?”

“When on duty? Absolutely. You’ll be down prioritized then, which I sense you don’t mind.”

“Nope. I know the score with Guards.”

“Good.” But Bowdon didn’t sound happy, so Matadon found the energy to crack and eye and look at him. Bowdon smiled, but it didn’t look happy. “There’s hope for us, then.”

“What is it?”

“I can’t tell you everything, but…considering how close you are with Grand Lady Geodin, maybe I’ll be allowed to? I’ll ask permission. I don’t want my responsibilities to ever cause that hurt expression again. Or I’ll hold no hope. I…I didn’t, which is why I tried to hold back. I can’t now.” Bowdon leaned over Matadon, who certainly felt in the very center of the Guard Lord’s world at that moment. And that look in his eyes?

Matadon’s already tired and filled body and mind apparently still had room for the surprise at his love being reciprocated. His eyes teared up, and he choked on a dose before he managed to swallow it.

Bowdon chuckled. “Yeah, we’re definitely on the same page here.” He plucked another few wet wipes to clean off what little spilled from Matadon’s mouth. “What a pair we are, huh?” He leaned in and kissed Matadon. A slow and exploring kiss. “I’m too tired for a shower.”

“Me, too. Too tired, to move, too.”

“I got you.” Bowdon shuffled them around and bundled Matadon up in his arms, kicking the covers around until he could grab it and cover them. He then reached behind him to turn out the lights. Something tipped over and broke, and the lights went out. “Oops.”

Matadon snickered. “The light bulb can break.”

Bowdon grumbled and snuggled in.

A content sigh escaped Matadon. At least that confusion was off his mind now. Onto more dancing and…an interesting new relationship.