Flaring Ember

The Vargr #4


Matt is finally reaching the age to get the Bite from his Pack Alpha.

The Vargr in him is ready to rise.

With all the problems the packs are facing, a strong Alpha is needed.

But will he rise to the many expectations of being Sköll?


The mythology joined with modern civilization creates a unique, real-feel, world that is remarkably engrossing and entertaining

Christopher Shelton  - Goodreads


The author manages to continue some of the best world building I have encountered in years.

Charneen - Goodreads

The author's world building is astounding and I can only imagine the depth of research and planning that has gone into plotting these books.

Xanthe  - Goodreads

After a harsh time with both personal trials and developments, Matt is ready to start college among humans. However ill-equipped he feels around humans, a lonely Geri Freki pup at school pokes at the Alpha in Matt to step up.

Steffen and Tristan are struggling to keep up with the latest changes, and more are coming. With the Alphas of all rising and more and more details from the prophecies lining up, things aren’t slowing down. But Tristan brings an important ally with another piece of the puzzle.

Hati is finally with his Vargr mate, but his human side lacks a vital bond. The many changes since he found his mate and moved to a new pack are piling on, and the importance of balancing his Vargr and human side become more and more critical.

Then Völsung stops by and kicks everything to a new level.