Unexpected thread or treat?

a paranormal crossover romance short story by Sen Funkel


A calm breeze whispered to Gral.
Old lights had arrived in the place he called home.


Home… what a strange concept. At one point, his home had been a structure where others lived. His home was no longer only the place and beings he cared for, guarded, with him on the territory he watched over. Fenix, the hearth of his home, was sleeping next to him.

The urge to get up, assess those lights who had newly arrived, was strong. He would need to know more to be able to react accordingly, to know if his intervention will be needed, or not.
The very reason that made him want to go as fast as possible was also the reason he hesitated, seeing as Fenix had draped his leg over his and clutched his arm in sleep. Fenix held his forehead against Grals shoulder. His breaths were deep and calm, the soft exhales caressing Grals skin.


Such conflict in my heart you bring, my bird.

Gral just wanted to stay in bed with Fenix and bask in the soothing, warm rays of energy he gave off. For some time, he did exactly that. He was nearly asleep when his restless thoughts returned.


In the morning will be soon enough for me to see what those new arrivals are up to. If there’s any cause for alarm, I would know soon enough and can react fast enough, he told himself to ease his restless urge, Fen already called you a mother hen too many times. I’m not a chicken! I can rest and relax. I want to rest and relax with Fen by my side. Fen is safe. I’m right next to him, so even IF anything would try to-


Another breeze softly tousled Fenix’ hair before it brought its message to Gral and with it enough reason to abruptly stop trying to calm himself. It had carried to him smoke and the residual energy of fire. There was a fire in his territory!

I should have gone on the first note of changes, he chided himself as Gral tried to gently extract himself from his love's embrace. No chance to get free. Fenix didn’t seem inclined to losing his body pillow, aka. Gral. Just as Gral was about to morph into his spirit form to get free, Fenix stretched and blinked sleepily at him.


“What happened?” Fenix whispered.


“There is a fire somewhere near the river to the left of us. I need to go.”


Fenix sat up, stopping Gral in his tracks by laying a hand flat on his chest.

“A fire? It’s the night after new year. Maybe a firework fell down there from some idiots still lighting that shit up, and near the nature conservation of all places. Do you think it will spread? That's too dangerous, you can’t just stop a wildfire, Gral! Fire isn’t one of your affinities. Should I call Papa? Or, maybe him AND the fire department.”


“Shhh, my bird. The fire isn’t spreading. I would know. But that's all I know, I need to go see. If I can't deal with the situation, I will be back in no time. Then it will be still early enough if we need… help. But, to know for sure, I need to go. I should have gone way sooner.”

Gral tried to project calm and surety.

Some worry must have slipped his expression and been visible to Fenix.


Fenix squinted at him “Sooner? What aren’t you telling me, Gral? You’re trying to keep me in an uninformed bubble! Tell me, now!”


“You are right, Fen, I ask for your forgiveness. Old souls have arrived earlier in the evening. I refrained from going to check on them, since nothing alarmed me about them enough to do so. Now, there is a fire where I think they are.” Gral was positive whoever had come had lit the fire. He hesitated, then said, “I’m not sure why they are here, or what they do. No source I have access to gave me a clear reason for alarm.”




“But,” Gral couldn’t help his smile, “everything I do know doesn't make any sense to me.”


“This means it’s not a wildfire situation, but a possible danger to you.”


“I will be fine, I will not leave my spirit path.”


“Nope, you will not go there alone and end up running naked through the woods if you need your physical form at some point. What if whoever is there needs help? Or rather, needs to be helped along out of the conservatory, with a good kick in the ass perhaps?”


With that, Fenix rolled out of bed and started pulling on his socks. Why he started with the socks, and not underwear, Gral still didn't know, but was very fond of. Better view this way, in his opinion. As soon as one of his favorite views was covered with weatherproof pants, he put his own jeans and green cotton pullover on. He was out of the bedroom and nearly out the door when Fenix’ muffled shout of ,“Shoes!” reached him. Sighing, Gral put on the waterproof boots.
Fenix was ready to go by the time Gral finished lacing up his boots. A soft click indicated their door was locked.

“I’m ready for our quest. Lead the way!”




A bonfire had been lit.
Gral could feel it long before the light it gave off came into view. He and Fenix arrived on the edge of the woods, from where they could see its flames dance in the cold winter night and sparks swirling up in the night sky as if to go mingle with the stars.
Fenix stepped close to where Gral had stopped, partially obscured by some young hazel trees.

“What do you see?” he whispered.


“There are four people around the fire. All of them are… other, and older than any human could grow. I think I felt some of their kind in the cities we visited, but there I don’t have the same reach and depth of impressions like here.”
They had watched the group for a little while when Gral suddenly reached for Fenix’ hand, spinning them around and putting Fenix at his back. Fenix tensed up immediately. 


“I was wrong,” Gral growled,going tense “there are five of them. Show yourself! I may not be able to see you, but I felt you coming towards us good enough.”


“This is unexpected,” a pleasant deep voice said to their right.


Fenix watched with surprise how the air seemed to shimmer before revealing the owner to the voice. A tall man with a body that indicated great strength stood beside the tree they had used for cover. The light of the fire flickering enhanced the lines of the scars along his face.  A calculating look by a glowing green eye was focused on them. Fenix looked back to the bonfire and saw that the group that had been sitting around it were approaching with a confidence in their step that worried him a lot.
Fenix was unable to bear the silent stare off that Gral and the stranger engaged in.
“What is unexpected?”


“You shouldn’t have been able to see through Randrs camouflage.” One of the approaching men answered as he stepped up next to the man who probably was Randr, regarding them curiously with a golden gaze. Fenix was struck by how beautiful he was, taking in a sharp breath and letting his gaze roam along their bodies. 

All of them were beautiful, their skin flawless, their eyes glittering purple in the flickering light of the fire. He had the sudden urge to step closer to the one who had just spoken when Gral, who was still holding his hand, squeezed it painfully hard. 

Fenix stepped instead nearer to Gral, arms crossed over his chest.


“I didn’t see through the camouflage,” Gral said calmly, “I felt the camouflage around you.”


Randr tilted his head toward the golden eyed newcomer. “Nol, this situation is not what I assumed it was.”

“It clearly isn't.” The graceful golden eyed, powerful being before him acknowledged.  “This begs the question… What is it then? And who, may I ask, are you?”


“My name is Gral. You have stepped on the land I am guarding, and lit a fire. I came to assure the safety of my home.“


“We don't mean any harm to your home, guardian.
I am Nol Elakdon. This is my husband Randr. My guards are Lord Stadon, Lady Yardin and Lady Paridin.” Each inclined their head with their introduction.
“And who are you, lovely companion of the guardian Gral?”

Fenix wasn’t prepared to be the whole focus of Nol- Elakdon intense and hot stare and he let out a small squeak. The sudden heat that rose in his body up to his neck brought with it a quickening of Fenix’ breath.
“I-I-I’m Fenix, but please call me Fen,” he tentatively stepped past Gral and toward Randr with an outstretched hand.“We didn’t mean to spy on you. Welcome to our….. whoa, your eyes are really distracting. I like your eye color the most, though. Green is just so full of life, don’t you think? I won’t ask why they are this way, or why you all have different colors, or how you pulled that invisible trick off, that would probably be considered rude. Buuut, IF you would want to tell me, that would be awesome. Um, do your people shake hands? You don’t need to, of course!” Fen awkwardly pulled his hand back and held it with his other to his chest, biting his lips. 

Randr looked disbelieving at him. 

Fen was just about to apologize but stopped when he noticed the genuine, blinding smile Randrs husband directed at him.
Randr made a careful step towards Fenix, this time with his hand outstretched. Relieved, Fenix reached for it and was surprised when Randr clasped it in both of his. 

“It’s a pleasure meeting someone as beautiful as you, Fenix.”

Randrs gaze had become smoldering

“I agree.” Fenix’ blush deepened, looking up at Randr through fluttering eyelashes.


Gral watched Fenix flirt with the tall warrior, uncertain if he should intervene or not.


“Ah, I hate to interrupt, I would love to see how this may play out.” Nol- Elakdon said with a sharp note to his tone, “Sadly, there are just too many unknowns to let this scenario unfold. Randr… well, maybe we can…. persuade them to share with us some of their secrets.”
With those words, Gral saw the three guards begin to move in, their expressions unreadable and focused.
“I need to discuss with you two some very delicate topics before I can decide what to do about your detection ability, Gral. You will accompany us.” Elakdon said with a tone that came from someone who was used to being obeyed.


Gral sighed. Gorgeous people, like my Fen, seem to come bossy. Elakdon shares that and his brilliant presence with my bird. Sadly, I will not be able to see how much I could bring him to shine. His energy would be delicious.

“We will not.” Gral was just about to get Fenix out of the thread’s way, but he was too slow, distracted by his thoughts.

Randr had sidestepped Fen, using the grip on his hand to swirl him further away from Gral. He had one of Fenix's arms trapped behind his back. Randr lifted his other hand up to Fenix's cheek and softly caressed down until his hand was covering Fenix’ neck. Fenix swallowed against the hand, his pupils dilating.
Randr again fixed Gral with his calm, challenging stare. 

Such confidence in your abilities, Randr. I just love to shake that up and see what's behind your enticing charm.

Gral contemplated that thought for a second. He smirked, his dimple showing.

The wind picked up, his clothes falling to the ground, as he stepped into his spirit path, bringing him in no time at all between Fenix and Randr. The momentum his physical body brought with it being thrown into existence managed to topple the green eyed warrior. Together they crashed to the ground.


The guards had formed a protective circle around Nol- Elakdon, weapons drawn.


“You know,” Fenix pouted, not having taken a step away from them, “if they do capture me, it’s way more dangerous for them, Gral.”


“It’s better to avoid capture at all, Fen.”


“Maybe I did want to be captured by Randr. Silly spirit.”


“You…. did?” Gral had his suspicions confirmed. He stopped in his efforts to get off Randr, his tries made difficult by the frozen ground, lost in the thoughts that whirled through his mind. His shy bird wanted to be held by Randr? They had talked about the possibility of Fenix searching for another lover. That he would want a complete stranger they encountered in the middle of a cold night, who was clearly one of the other species to walk the earth… he hadn’t been prepared. He wasn’t prepared for his own attraction to the ones Fenix chose. 


You have a type, bird mine. Old, scarred and appearing unapproachable.

“Yes, Gral. I want him. I’m alright. Look at their eyes. I think I know what they are. Randr…and his husband could be a gift to us. Papa told me about meeting someone with eyes like them, but his lover's eyes were red.”


“Don’t tell me you think they are vampires.”


“Pffft, vampires… no,” Fen giggled, “but I’m sure they can suck just as well.
Ah, you’re so cute. Now you ended up naked in the woods anyway. Well… not in the woods, but on Randr. I thought you are more of a romantic and would need way more persuasion, but tackling a sexgod naked surely should get the job done.”


“Oh,” Gral didn't want to push down the throaty laugh exploding from him. 



For the third time in just a few minutes Randr was intrigued and caught off guard. This had not happened in a long, long time.

Grals sexy naked body atop him smelled heavenly, the vibrations from his laughter feeling so good against his body. Randr lifted his hands to Grals hips, letting his touch be soft and teasing.
Gral stayed atop of him, not relaxed fully, but calm, gazing at him through the wild mane that was his hair…
The dark deep eyes focused fully on him, both of them unwilling to break the connection. The look in them was far softer than he had expected. The softness in them told Randr that those eyes were old, as old as him, maybe even more. Only the very young or the very old were able to expose themself so much, without wariness, without fear, without the hard edge of living rubbed into them. Eyes not only sharpened through age, but polished. Smooth on the surface, cut into precision. 


Such a sexy enigma you are. Are you as enamored with me as I am with you, Gral? Will you let me hold you, bring you pleasure?


Randr needed to know. He took a shaky breath, the insecurity he felt familiar and unwelcome. “You smell purely human, which I know you aren't.”


“This body is purely human." A short pause. "But we are not just our bodies, are we?”


“We are not,” Randr agreed.


“They look so hot together, don’t you agree, Fenix?” Elakdon had stepped closer. The look he shared with his Allon was short and told Randr all he needed to know. 


Giving in to his hunger he grabbed hold of Grals ass, rocking their groins together.
He was delighted about the moan he got from Gral. With care he rolled them until they were lying side by side. He raised himself up on one hand, his other caressing Gral until he could grasp his half hard length. He held Gral’s gaze while bringing him to full hardness. His heart throbbed, excitement heating him up.
Thinking about the smug smirk he had gotten from the handsome longhaired man before he had disappeared, he decided he didn’t need to win this little side battle, if he won the fight.
Randr hoped he was right.
He smirked at Gral before bending down, deepthroating him. The gasp was the cherry on top of the pure energy he fed on.



Fenix was in heaven.
His grumpy, reluctant lover sprawled naked on the forest floor, getting the blowjob of his life by an ancient warrior sexgod, and Fenix could see everything. Fenix only looked away as Nol- Elakdon sat down on the moss next to Randr. Fenix blinked surprised. Thick green plush moss with little purple flowers cowered the ground around them. The cold winter wind was absent and in his stead a welcoming warm breeze played with his hair, tugging him in Grals direction. Fenix's hands flew up to remove his clothes, hat and scarf dropped without a thought. He cursed as he tried to get  off his coat, his fingers not cooperating in his need to be with his lover.


“Fen, come to me. I’m going to undress you, beautiful one.” Nol- Elakdon extended a hand towards him.


Fenix rushed to him and let himself drop to his knees between Gral’s head and the stunning Nol-Elakdon. Every touch while he got undressed a tease, his eyes jumping from Grals blissed out expression, the hand he had in Randrs hair, Randrs mouth, back to Nol- Elakdons agile hands and sinful sexy expression on his face. He was aroused to unknown heights with all those wonderful temptations.

Finally, he could feel Nol-Elakdons fingers caress his stomach to then flutter along his loins down to his inner thighs, then up again. The touch made him crazy, wanting it never to end. Beside him Gral groaned out incomprehensible words, his face scrunched up and red on the dark wild locks around him. Randrs arm bulging with the effort to hold him in perfect position to get Gral mad. Fenix wanted more, his cock pulsing, but he was caught in indecision. With whom should he do what next?

Nol Elakdon cupped his face in both of his hands, making him look right into the liquid gold of his eyes.

“Tell me. What do you wish to do with Randr?”


Fenix’ thoughts calmed, “I want to fuck him while he’s sucking Gral off. Oh, that's such a good idea. I need that. Please. Randr, can I?”

“Fen,” Gral panted, “you’re gonna…. I… fuck.”


Randr looked up, his lips smacking as they left Gral’s cock. 

“Oh, I will not only let you, I will ask you to, Fenix.”


“Yesss. I have lube… somewhere. I think in my coat? There still should be.. where’s my coat?” Fenix couldn’t see his coat anywhere. A guard stepped up, coat in hand. Delighted, he found two lube packages. Randr had in the meantime lost his clothes as well, and Nol- Elakdons winter gear was off too, but he remained clothed.

“Give me one of those, I’m gonna help you get my husband ready. Randr, lay back down on your back. Fen is right, I need to see you sucking Gral off while Fen is driving you mad.”


Randr did that, half turning his upper body to press his face back into Grals crotch, licking, sucking, teasing while Elakdon and Fenix got him ready.


Nol- Elakdon grasped Fenix’ cock, lubing him up and mock-whispered to Fenix, “Do as I say, and I will help you drown Randr in pleasure.” All three of them moaned.


Fenix positioned himself between Randr’s legs, following Nol-Elakdons hand he still had on his cock. The other hand landed on his hips, guiding him forward as he pushed into Randr until he was fully seated.


Randr grunted, closing his eyes in bliss. “You have a very nice cock, Fen. You feel so good.”


Nol-Elakdon now had both hands on his hips, setting the pace of his thrust with gentle pressure.


Fenix let himself go, drowned in pleasure, relaxed as he only followed the guiding of the warm hands on his hips. Time had no meaning. The sexy moans and gasps whirled together, creating music he let his own voice mingle with. The flow of it in sync with their bodies. 


Gral shouted, coming into Randr’s mouth, who swallowed every last drop. The sight was too much for Fenix and he followed his lover into the climax. 

Before he could collapse onto Randr, strong hands lifted him and he was laid on to Grals chest. Familiar arms pulled him into a warm, safe embrace. 

Still riding the aftershocks of his orgasm, he managed to turn his head to see Nol-Elakdon lips around Randr’s cock. It was beautiful to watch them. As he came he said with so much love only one word “Allon.” 


A guard offered wet wipes to Nol-Elakdon, which he took and washed Randrs face before leaning in for a kiss.


Fenix looked away, feeling like this kiss was on an intimacy level not meant for him. 

Instead, he decided to kiss his own lover back into awareness. He followed the kiss with many little pecks. Gral growled at him, brows furrowing. Fenix knew that Gral loved the pecks, he had named those growls love rumbles. He loved them. Gral was pliant, stretched out and lazily rubbing circles on Fenis’ back. A thought struck him.
“Were you able to… bathe in their lights?”


“I did. In Theirs, and yours. You look happy.” Gral observed.


“I am. This experience… was more than I wished for. I’m so glad that we could share that.”


“I’m happy too, my bird. I think we should get up.”


“Noooooooo. I wanna stay here on the fluffy mossy wonderbed you made and cuddle you. It’s so warm and comfy!” Fenix exclaimed, rubbing his cheek against Gral’s chest. 




“Huh. I didn’t realize that until just now.”
Gral looked in surprise at the moss. He hadn’t paid his surroundings any attention after Randrs hands were on him. He had been so caught up in the intensity of their lust.

“I think that wasn’t me alone. We did that together.”


“It’s very impressive.” Nol-Elakdon said in a calm voice, this time looking thoughtful. Randr was dressed, standing to his right.


Gral would have loved to stay like this with Fenix a bit longer. Today, he didn’t get that specific wish fulfilled. A soft wind had brought him reason to hurry and get Fenix inside. He nudged Fenix off him, one arm around his waist to stabilize him as they stood up.

Mischief overcame him, “Yes, you are very impressive. You deserve the title sex gods.”

Fenix walked a few steps away, then plopped back down, took his socks and pulled them on. Gral smiled at him. His bird was the oddest, most beautiful creature. 


“We aren’t known any longer as sex gods. We are the Cubi.”

He turned back to Nol- Elakdon and Randr.

“Cubi? As in Incubus and Succubus?”




“That explains a lot, and not really anything, does it?”
Another cold breeze bit into Grals naked skin, urging him on. “Do you have a place to stay the night? A snowstorm is coming. This little patch of warmth will not stay, and your bonfire will not withstand the snowstorm.”


“ A storm, really?” Randr looked pensive up to the sky.


“Well… these mountains are a bit different, and not all the weather follows the usual rules here.”


“How long will it take the helicopter to get here?” Nol-Elakdon asked.


Lord Stadon took a moment, then replied, “Around an hour, Nol.”


“That isn’t fast enough. The helicopter will maybe be able to land, but not fly back at this time. It will be too dangerous for anyone not used to navigating the terrain here, and even with that… I wouldn't recommend it.” Gral was torn. He didn’t want to bring the Cubi back to their home. Fenix and he would be able to get back, even escape if the Cubi tried to hold them a second time. He didn’t want to leave them to the storms the dances of the Wilas brought. 


“Maybe we can reach Papa’s hunting lodge?” Fenix helpful pointed out.


“Yes, that is near enough.”


“Oh, I hope he still has his marshmallow stash there. We could make s'mores! I’m starving.”

Fenix stepped up to him, pushing Grals forgotten clothes into his arms.

“Dress, so we can go.” Fenix regarded the Cubi for a moment, before giving each of them a blinding smile. 

“You are all welcome to come with us to the lodge. It’s quite big, there should be enough food for all of us and you can use the landline if your phones lose connection. That's quite common, don’t worry if it happens.”


“Thank you for your hospitality, Fen.” Nol-Elakdon inclined his head, “I gladly accept your offer. Lord Stadon, please inform everyone that my plans have changed. Gral, how long will this snow storm last?”


“They usually last for 8 hours.”


“They? The storms? Ah, I have so many questions.” Nol- Elakdon looked pleased.


Gral sat down to bind his shoes. Maybe he should get some that don’t have strings that need to be tied. He mangled the first try, again and was just about to untangle and try again when hands were knocked away by Randr. His shoes were laced up in no time and Randr offered him a hand to stand up. Their eyes locked again, still holding each other's hand. 


“Gral, you should definitely hold Randr’s hand, so that he won't get lost through the woods.” Fenix called out as he ran up to Nol-Elakdon with an outstretched hand. 


“Should I?” Randr asked amused.


“Oh, yes. And we will be faster that way. How good is the Cubis night vision, Nol- Elakdon?”


“Quite good.” 


“Awesome. Then we can look at their asses together. Gral? Lead the way, I’m ready!” Fenix held up the hand entangled with Nol-Elakdons in triumph.


“I think another treat is in order when we get to your hunting lodge, Fen.” Randr said with a heated look back as he was led forward by Gral.


Fen blushed profusely.




The End… for now