The Secret Love Nest
This short story takes place in the timeline of Vargr #2 – no spoilers.
Matt raced through the woods between the Alpha house and Wolf Park, hoping he’d make it home before Rasmus got there. Having the other Alpha trainees and recently risen ones run with him, he was sure to get there faster than if he’d run alone because Alphas pushed each other to the limit. Running with risen Vargr? Yeah, the pups went all in!
Steffen had stopped Alpha training early that day because Tanja had texted him about something that needed his attention. It had immediately put Matt’s brain onto planning time with Rasmus, considering he’d been so busy lately.
The sound of pups laughing grew closer, and the six of them exited the woods to find pups having roped some of the Vargr into a game on the lot in front of the communal building. Matt hadn’t made it home before Rasmus because he was currently balancing on a rope, laid out on the ground, while trying hard not to drop the potato lying at the end of the spoon in his hand. At least spring had pushed forward.
Matt loved this side of his boyfriend—the big brother of the pack, always up for fun and games with the pups.
“How about I beat you at pool?” Esben asked.
Matt still watched Rasmus as he slowly made it from one end of the rope to the other. He shook his head. “No, I have plans for me and Rasmus.”
Esben pulled in air to say something, yet this time Matt sent him a glare. He was not up for his bullshit that day. “Oh, it’s like that?”
“Yeah. I’ll kick your ass later.”
“At pool?”
Matt grinned. “However you want it kicked.”
Esben laughed, yet Matt saw in his eyes that a challenge had started. At the end of the day, one would concede, be it from a game or a fight.
Rasmus made it across, cheered, then cried out as the potato rolled off his spoon.
Matt laughed and went to him.
Rasmus smiled brilliantly and leaned in for a kiss. “I dropped my spud.”
Matt chuckled against his lips. “I noticed.”
“Any plans now? I can get you a spoon, too.”
“Actually, I hurried back to see if you want to go for a ride with me.”
“Where to?”
Matt smiled. “I have something I want to show you.”
“Let’s do that!” Rasmus looked around, then scooped his younger brothers up under his arms, and dashed off into the community building. Matt followed, kissed his mom and baby sisters, then left with Rasmus, while Rolf and Brian were hashing some brotherly argument out, talking with their fists, in the other end of the community building.
They jogged to the garage, got the bike out, and drove off with the pups following them to the gates.
A moment alone like this, coupled with the freedom he felt while riding the bike, lulled Matt into a moment of peace. His ember slumbered completely, and all Matt felt was a steady heat and calm.
Rasmus tightened his grip around Matt. Yeah, Betas and Omegas could feel an Alpha being content, too, and their strengthening first bond made it easy for Rasmus.
They didn’t have to go far. Matt had planned the trip for a few days, striking out because of Rasmus’ homework load. Everything was ready, though.
Matt parked the bike for them to run the last mile into the woods, holding hands.
Finally, Rasmus saw their target. At least Matt expected that to be why he slowed down. Staring at a huge beech tree, Rasmus stopped fully. “Wow.”
“Yeah. I found it about a week ago, running here with Dad.”
Rasmus looked at Matt. “This is what you wanted to show me?”
“Yeah. Also, I have a plan for it.”
“For the tree?”
“Yeah. And us.” Matt put his arm around his boyfriend and pulled him close. “We keep getting interrupted by siblings, so…how about we build a tree house just for us?”
Rasmus snickered. “You don’t think we’re too old for tree houses?”
“Asks the guy who just balanced a spud on a spoon across the parking lot.”
Rasmus laughed loudly. Matt loved how he lit up. “You have heard the story of me and Torben’s tree houses, right? I know you have.”
“Yeah, but I have confidence in you having learned a lot since.”
Slowly, Rasmus nodded, his eyes twinkling. “Okay. It’s gonna take a while, though.” He looked up into the big tree whose thickest branches seemed to have grown just for the purpose of carrying a tree house.
“It’s still too cold for the plans I have for it right now, so we have a bit of time.”
Rasmus slowly turned his head to look at Matt, a sexy smile playing on his lips. “Okay. I’ll need to take some measurements and stuff, though.”
Matt split into a grin, shrugged out of his leather jacket, then ran toward the tree and jumped to grip a branch. He climbed the tree to get the bag he’d hidden further up. Rasmus followed around the stem, looking up, and he held out his arms to catch the bag for Matt dropped.
Once back on the ground, Matt helped get out all he’d managed to shove in there, which included a blanket, notebook, pen, tape measure, and a few pieces of chocolate.
Rasmus grinned. “You’ve been scheming.”
“I love your ideas sometimes.” Rasmus dropped the bag, then set about unfolding the blanket under the still bare crown of the tree.
Matt helped out, and they soon snuggled up next to each other. Rasmus shuffled around to have Matt lie with his head cushioned against Rasmus’ shoulder. Matt loved that position, and he moved closer to hold Rasmus, enjoying the sight of little buds making ready to bloom in their chosen tree. He hoped they’d be there to see it then and relish in its beauty. It was Matt’s favorite color in nature.
“Do you have ideas for material?” Rasmus asked.
“I figured a lot has fallen down around here during the winter storm.”
Rasmus chuckled. “And no hammering nails into the tree, I get it.”
“Yeah. Leave no traces that nature can’t handle.”
“That’s why our houses kept falling down.”
Matt chuckled. “So, we see if we can find a book on knots?” Matt heard it before Rasmus laughed. They were reading a romance with knotting Alphas at the moment, and it had a secret place in the woods for the two Alphas. It was what had sparked Matt’s idea when he saw the tree.
“We definitely need to know ropework, yeah.”
Matt propped himself up to look at Rasmus, admiring his smile and the lazy pattern Rasmus’ hand drew on Matt’s back. “You rise first, so your knot will be the first we explore.”
Rasmus bobbed his brows. “I’m looking forward to that.”
“Me, too.” Matt leaned over Rasmus and kissed him. He loved the soft gasp that escaped into his mouth as they opened up to each other to deepen the kiss. He loved the taste of his boyfriend’s mouth, and he could lose himself for hours of making out, enjoying being held and stroked the way Rasmus did now.
Sometimes, the look in Rasmus’ eyes, when Matt had first taken initiative to kiss him, still came back to him. That and the look on Rasmus’ face the first time Matt had reached below the belt and stroked him through his boxers. The moan that had escaped Rasmus then…the memory of it alone could arouse Matt. And it did.
Matt grew hard and ground against Rasmus, who in turn pulled Matt closer and groaned into their kiss. He then toppled Matt and deepened their kiss more greedily. When he pressed his hand against Matt’s flank and slipped it down to cup an ass cheek, Matt ached against him to get more physical contact.
Tank genes made Rasmus a strong Beta, and Matt loved a moment to relinquish to the safety and pleasure he found in their love.
“How are we going to get a mattress up there?” Rasmus asked, then set a course down Matt’s jaw, nibbling.
Matt moaned and bared his throat for more loving attention. “No idea. We’ll make a pulley.”
“Or loads of blankets. Pillows.”
“Yeah.” The answer came out a whisper. Matt was too busy sensing and feeling to think about practical stuff like that, but it did bring interesting mental images of their love nest being taken into good use upon completion.
“No interruptions,” Rasmus purred, then sucked Matt’s earlobe.
A shiver raced through Matt, increasing his need for being closer with Rasmus. He sought out his lover’s lips and melted into another heated kiss, groaning as Rasmus ground their erections together.
Too many clothes were in the way, though, but it was still early spring. Also, naked in a public forest wasn’t ideal, even though they were a good mile away from the main road. Not many ventured off the beaten paths, but some did.
It didn’t feel like Rasmus cared. He pawed between them to get their pants open, grunting deliciously from effort at pushing fabric out of the way. He then squeezed their erections together, and they both bucked into the fist connecting them so intimately.
“Now I know what I didn’t put in the bag,” Matt said.
Rasmus merely smiled. “Let’s hear that plan?” He kept up a slow pace, thrusting against Matt, who tried to match it, while Rasmus’ hand massaged the tip of their cocks.
Matt loved the feel of Rasmus’ cock. The foreskin. He was circumcised because that was apparently only a norm in America for non-religious reasons. “Docking.”
The smile and purr from Rasmus aroused Matt even more, and slickness grew between them from precum.
“We’ll have to settle on spit, then.” Rasmus let go and scurried down. Matt groaned in expectation, pulling himself further up on the blanket and lean against the tree to make room for Rasmus. It had the added bonus of propping his torso up to have a splendid view of Rasmus’ grin before he opened his mouth and darted a tongue out to lave at the clear bead at the tip of Matt’s cock.
The sensation of his tongue coaxed a moan from Matt, and his eyes fluttered closed.
“I love the expression on your face when I do this…”
Matt opened his eyes in time to see Rasmus’ lips close around the head of his cock, and his eyes drifted closed again as pleasure of a tongue, circling his glans, overwhelmed his system. But he quickly opened his eyes again to watch as Rasmus continued to suck. He loved watching him. He loved watching him even more if their positions were reversed. Rasmus had the most expressive sexy face ever.
The need to watch his face when getting pleasure washed over Matt, and he frantically pulled at Rasmus’ arms, who released his cock with a pop, and the vacuum created made Matt cross eyed for a moment.
“What?” Rasmus asked.
“I need to touch you, too.” Matt managed to pull himself up to kneel on the blanket, and Rasmus shuffled closer, locking their lips together.
To taste himself on Rasmus’ lips was the most intimate Matt could imagine, and he greedily pulled Rasmus close, thrusting against him to feel their cocks rub together. Reaching between them, he took over where Rasmus had left off, shivering from delight at the moan that followed.
Matt pulled back to watch the lazy expression on Rasmus’ face while he continued fondling them. Rasmus’ hands stroked Matt’s body and slipped under his shirt to brush a finger over a nipple.
Grinning, Matt accumulated some spit, then released it to catch it and smear it on their cocks. Rasmus smiled and did the same. Together, they managed to slick themselves, and Matt breathed heavily as he shifted enough to align them.
Rasmus groaned and breathed heavily, watching what Matt was doing. Slowly and teasingly, he stroked Rasmus, pulling the foreskin back and forth. Now he understood the turtleneck reference. The softness of the skin, however, was one Matt now wondered about what felt like if he’d had his own. He loved that he could borrow Rasmus’, though, which was kind of an insane way of thinking about it, but it was wildly intimate to do.
Matt finally directed their cocks to poke at each other, then slowly pulled forward so that Rasmus’ foreskin snuck over Matt’s glans.
Rasmus groaned louder and breathed more heavily.
Matt’s attention was split between the erotic sight of their cocks kissing and Rasmus’ expressions. Rasmus’ hands had plans, too, though, and he reached for Matt’s and his own balls, stimulating them while Matt focused on their cocks. It was a heavenly balance, and Matt soon found himself getting lost in sensation.
Suddenly, Rasmus let go of himself, grabbed the back of Matt’s head, and laid a deep kiss on him, plunging his tongue into Matt’s mouth. It ramped up Matt’s arousal, and he only lost his touch for a second before upping his efforts to bring them more pleasure.
He was getting close and managed gasps in the sloppy and greedy kissing. Rasmus’ whimpered moan sent Matt over the edge, and he jerked and shuddered as he orgasmed. Rasmus followed not long after, clutching at Matt moaning against his neck. The feel of their warm semen adding to the slickness as the post-orgasmic sensitivity followed made Matt quake and groan.
But then Rasmus pulled away and fixed his clothes. “Even here we get interrupted.”
“What?” Matt looked around.
“Vargr hearing. Two humans and a dog is closing in.”
“Fuck,” Matt grumbled and packed himself away. Not optimal with semen smeared all over his cock, but there was nothing else to do, considering lube wasn't the only thing he hadn't thought of.
Rasmus plopped down on the blanket to sit leaned against the tree, indicating for Matt to do the same. He then grabbed the notebook and pencil, sending Matt a sly grin.
“I hope it’s not a big dog without a leash on.”
“They don’t come near bitten Vargr. Unless something’s wrong with its survival instinct, of course.” Rasmus turned his head to listen. “I think it’s in a leash. One of those on a wheel that says when it’s stopped.”
Just then, a dog began to bark. It didn’t sound as big as Matt had worried about. He wasn’t exactly afraid of dogs, but he’d never had an interest in them, either.
Looking up into the crown of the tree, Matt looked forward to having their love nest finished so that they’d have time to snuggle after a wonderful orgasm. As it were, he settled with sitting leaned against Rasmus who was sketching.
Looking at the pad, Matt sat a sketch of their tree house take shape.
Matt smiled. It was going to be even more amazing than he’d imagined with Rasmus’ creative inputs. Now they just needed to figure out how to get all those pillows there and where to get them.