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The Vargr #2

Awakening Ember - The Vargr #2

The belief in the old Norse gods may have been suppressed by Christianity, but that doesn’t mean the races of old didn’t survive. Like the Vargr wolves.

All his life, Matt had been alone with his mom, but the Vargr in him responds quickly to meeting his pack. His relationship with his lover Rasmus evolves, and he’s grown tight friendships with the other Vargr pups.

Matt has also started Alpha training and is being taught and guided in what that means for him and the ember that awoke in him far too early.

Pack Alpha Steffen keeps a close eye on their new pup and the powerful ember Matt arrived with. It worries him—not just for Matt but because of the lore and history of how the Vargr pack Sköll Hati had gotten their name.

He senses trouble on the horizon. When Matt’s ember reacts violently around a Geri Freki Alpha, Steffen must step in and step up. The trouble that lands on his doorstep is but the beginning of whatever he fears lays ahead.


 I loved that the Vargr are so clearly different from human society, and that it feels full and complete - not merely some kind of human derivative.

John-Torleif Harris  - Goodreads


Youth and change, necessarily cautious old ways mixing and clashing with newer, more reckless attitudes. Great start to a series.

Linda Crandall - Goodreads

I like the world building going on here. It was so good. [...] It is a really good coming of age story that I would easily recommend to others to read.

Amy  - Goodreads