The Doorway


Lil Harvest #5 - OUT NOW!

As things are going well on the business side of life, demonic problems begin to pile up.


A group of Lil demons breach the veil by manipulating humans into creating a doorway. The demon King in Mason is forced to step up, and Mason needs to learn more about demon politics and rules in order to control his realm.


But demon business isn’t the only thing that needs his attention. The kindhearted side of the duo that is a human and a demon King runs into problems when the opening of the doorway puts an innocent in front of Mason, and he acts rashly to save that innocence. It forces new aspects of the underlings into light, and it opens Mason up to a whole new branch of the demonic that he never knew existed.

This series is published by Taboo BooxXx and banned by Amazon due to controversial content.

***This series must be read in order***

What the f*** did I just read? Holy shite. This is one of the darkest books I, or anyone else, has ever read and reviewed at Love Bytes Reviews.

Dan Mitton - Love Bytes Reviews

This was a masterfully crafted erotic horror feast that twists you up inside, but leaves you begging for more.

Sharonica-Logic - Goodreads

I'd been looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint. I actually wish I could read it again for the first time.

Nicole F - Goodreads


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