City of Beauty

The Cubi #9 - Coming February 20th

The epic saga of the rising Incubus King Daniel has reached its end.

This doesn't mean there won't be more Cubi in the future, but Daniel's storyline has reached its conclusion.

There will be more. 

Stay tuned! 

If you're new to this series, then note that it must be read in order. Click on over to books to find buy links for Amazon, Smashwords, Barns&Noble, and more. And strap in with a fan close by, because it'll be an epic journey between a vain brat and a grump old incubus - enemies to lovers, first love, lots of hot sex (they gotta feed, after all), and a storyline that twists and turns unpredictably.  

***This series must be read in order***

There are very few series that capture my attention from the first book to the most recent publication. Fabulous world building, wonderful backstory, great MCs with all its complexities.

Stephanie W - Goodreads


To me, evidence of how good is a series that be books , TV or movies it's when the world built around it continues to grow, gets richer , layered , keeps fresh, brings new aspects to the storyline with every new book , episode and movie.

W - Goodreads

Stunning. .absolutely mind numbing! I have been mystified from the first book in this series and it just gets better as I go further along. A must read!

april  - Goodreads


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