Ring of Lust

The final book in the Dark Empire series will be released on September the 29th and conclude this dark psychological thriller that is heavily marked by erotica.

This series is meant to disturb and shake you. 

The level of mindfucking and depravity serve as tools to look at something deeper. Something human. 

Is there such a thing as necessary evil? Where's the boundary between them?

Dark, depraved, and cruel mixed with hope, love, and friendship.

Mind the trigger warnings on this one.

This series is published by Taboo BooxXx and banned by Amazon due to controversial content.

The author has pulled out all the tricks to bring us a sadistically deep disturbing, hopeful story.

Josh Dale - MMidnight Café

It´s dark, twisted with lots of strong emotions and a tough subject that makes you question your own



Cosette - Goodreads


If you read dark books, there are always a time when you think nothing can surprise you. No one can show you something new. And then you realize how wrong you were, because there is.

Szidi - Goodreads


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