Roughnecks & Butterflies
Ore 5 #1
On August 20th, the sweetest love story I’ve ever written will be relaunched. It has some intrigue and action, slow burn and exotic dancing, a bit of angst, a good portion of body positivity, and lots of strippers.

This may well be my favorite book from Mr. Lyhne to date. While I love his other series, there is something about Ethan that I instantly connected with. He is just a likeable kid.

Daniel Mitton  - Goodreads

Sparks fly and it’s only a matter of time before things ignite! Meraki balances his story telling and sexy times perfectly. Absolutely loved this.

KristyAnne Norton - Goodreads

Last week this was a new to me author, now this author is the newest addition to my fav author list.

Helki  - Goodreads

Ethan has landed the prestigious and coveted job as an accountant on the mining planet Ore 5. After two years en route, he arrives only to be fired the same day due to downsizing.

But all Ethan knows are numbers, and he's not exactly a people person, but the only other place hiring is the party hub, and Ethan's out in deep waters.


Ryder is the most lusted after man on Ore 5, and he runs the most successful establishment on the planet, too. A gay strip club. He only has two problems in life. He hasn't found love, and lemons keep being misplaced to rot in his produce storage.


When lemons get keep ending up next to the toothpicks in storage, a chubby accountant finds himself in a strip club to find out why. Meeting the boss, Ryder, the most lusted after man on the planet, sparks fly!