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All books and series
by Meraki P. Lyhne


The Rise of an Incubus King

The first series in the World of Vidundr

The Cubi are are a vain people who live in a parallel society, hidden away from humans. They feed on sexual pleasure.

M/M pairing only - high heat!

Alphas of All are about to run

The second series in the World of Vidundr

The Vargr are an old race, remembered in lore as the wolves who ran with the gods in Norse Mythology. They are shifters.

M/M pairing only - low heat!


Dancer series


Coming soon

The third series in the World of Vidundr

The King that rose in the first Cubi series managed a lot, but there are many loose ends to pick up.

One is to secure the Halflings who got lost during the war. The Halfling, Aaron has the skillset needed to get to some of them, but he has work ahead of him to make sure he can see it through, too. 

All pairings - medium to high heat.

Strippers in Space


A sweet and sexy series introducing a space opera world with body positivity. 

M/M pairing only - low to medium heat, slow burn.

Available here

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Chronicles of an Earned

Original mythology


Massive worldbuilding containing everything you can want in an urban paranormal. Demigods, angels, demons, secret societies, gargoyles, witches, name it, it'll be here!

M/M pairing only - low to medium heat, high action and complexity. 

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