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All books and series
by Meraki P. Dark

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Lil Harvest

The birth of a demonic incubus king

The difficult balance between dark, horrible, non-con, torture, and inventive sexual sadism, a story about a victim's decision at his most vulnerable shines light on personal strength and friendships, and how a destroyed man raises himself and others up by dishing out revenge on all the rapists he can find to feed the demon king in him.

M/M pairing only

Lil Harvest Universe

Spin off stories

The Lil Harvest worldbuilding is extensive, and there are many demons. Some are short stories, some a bit longer, and the dark muses are brewing up new dark stuff all the time. Some will be M/M, others M/F and F/F.

You can find some of them here. 

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Dark Empire

Money isn't power. Mind is!

A sinister dark web niche for bored rich people with a depraved need to watch sexual decadence have put their money into a project to give them just that—high-end entertainment with lots of violence and lots of sex.

That all goes fine until they're schooled in real power.

M/M pairing only.

This series is complete.

Hybrid Incubator

Tentacles going...places.

A provocative tale about how far a person can push themselves for an ideology. What they can be willing to give up or submit to. What they can justify being done to others.

Add tentacles and oviposition, and you have a "WTF did I just read" full of kinks, hotness, and possible sweetness. 

M/M pairing only.

Stand alone, but there might be more...

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The Price of Paradise

Everybody thought fracking was just another way of getting resources out of the ground. But everybody forgot that we don’t really know what’s down there.

A dystopian tale that paints a horrific future as a result of mindlessly raping the earth for its resources. 

The next generation will have to handle the consequences, and here's a grotesque possibility for you to think about.

Stand-alone novel.

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