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Meraki P. Lyhne/Dark is a Danish author spanning multiple genres and pseudonyms.
This pseudonym is best known for huge worldbuilding within MM Paranormal and a bit of space opera. Meraki P. Lyhne spans the genres from plot heavy and character dense stories like Chronicles of an Earned to space opera thriller with a sexy twist like Ore 5 to the highly erotic series The Cubi to action heavy series like The Vargr.

Under Meraki P. Dark, he delves into the darker side of the paranormal, and he doesn’t hold punches. Under this name, the trigger warnings are there for a reason! The world isn't always pretty, and books under this name illuminates that with the hope that the insight brings attention and awareness to subject matters that rarely make it into the news because it's horrible. But victims of these horrors need attention and representation, too. 

Other than that, he kicks back on his small farm and fixes it up.

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