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The Cubi

Unseen Beauty - the Cubi #8
Untouchable Beauty - the Cubi #1
Claimed Beauty - Cubi #2
Rising Beauty - the Cubi #3
Fountain of Beauty - the Cubi #4
Natural Beauty - the Cubi #5
History of Beauty - the Cubi #6
City of Beauty - the Cubi #9

The Beauty series

Possible trigger warnings.

This series starts out harsh and deals with some controversial topics like kidnapping, corporal punishment, and dubcon in the form of an "aphrodisiac".

The series is highly erotic while the romance is a slower build. 

The harsh and controversial elements that start out as "the norm" are part of the plot to be resolved.


Untouchable Beauty 
In an isolated parallel society, a race of Incubi and Succubi live cut off from humans, but they feed on human pleasure. An old treaty between humans and Cubi is in place, and it is not favorable to either party, even though one suffers the brunt of it more than the other.

Among the next batch of kidnapped humans, two men stand out. One is poisonous to the Cubi race, the other is their next King. But Daniel has no idea what he wakes up to. All the nineteen-year-old man wants in life is fame, fortune, and red carpets. All the Cubi people want is to preserve the status quo. Sinister outside forces have entirely different plans, though.

Change is upon them, and they're all in for a rude awakening!

Get ready for a dark gay urban fantasy series full of heat, adventure, and a long evolving plot. Massive worldbuilding unfolds in a continuous storyline with characters you either want to slap or hug and hide away from a cruel world.

This series handles dark subject matters as a plot point. It's a continuous storyline and some volumes thus end on a cliffhanger.

Author note:

I'd LOVE to invite you into this world. You can grab this first book in the series free here. It'll sign you up for my newsletter, which I send out once in a while when I have news or something exciting to share. 


Claimed Beauty

Daniel was an Untouchable destined to be trained as a companion to a high ranking Cubus. A red-eyed Incubus screwed all that up at a dinner party, and Daniel is now a confused Changeling with a libido far exceeding anything he could ever have dreamed off.

Seldon failed in keeping the Untouchable under his care safe, and he accidentally dosed the too young human. His worst fears came to pass when Daniel turned out to be a Changeling, and Seldon now has to face the Cubi justice for turning someone so young.

Luckily, Seldon has a powerful friend at his side—one who also has an eye for the young beauty.


Rising Beauty

Since the Mayflower brought the first five Cubi to America, the race has looked forward to this day. But an overlooked historical detail can bring everything they have worked toward to an end.

Daniel is settling in and trying to find a rhythm after the latest change in his life. With the help of Seldon, Caledon, and the Grand Lady Geodin, Daniel begins his education and development to rise as a full-fledged Incubus.

Seldon is not a man who rattles easily, but the latest changes to his life after the Cubi Court Order has sent the old Incubus out in uncharted territory. Falling madly in love with a human raised boy does not help uncomplicate things—especially when that boy is not yet versed enough in the Cubi ways to not mistake feeding for love or love for feeding.


Fountain of Beauty

Daniel’s Kingdom was born to the threat of war that he, Seldon, and Caledon don’t have the experience to deal with. But his Kingdom has an ally far more experienced, and with this ally comes hope of a brighter future.

In the meantime, Daniel has to stay hidden and leave the problems to the ones capable of handling them. He needs to focus on learning and growing along with his new Kingdom. However, responsibilities to his people prematurely force Daniel out of hiding and into the spotlight.

The only problem is, his enemy has counted on that.

Natural Beauty

The Cubi people have lived a secluded and quiet existence since they arrived in America. A shipment of new breeders brought two changes with it: Their next King and a mutated breeder. Those two changes set off a chain of events that the Cubi are far from ready to deal with.

Daniel aspires and works hard to find his future place as the sovereign ruler of his people. Seldon fights to rise to his new station and level of responsibilities as the right-hand Lord to a King, but the fight is also with himself. The breeders, who were freed during the upheaval in the Great House of Dahlidin, return to the human society, but not everybody finds it easy to acclimatize.

Although forced into action, Daniel’s hands are tied. Tough decisions that will either end their war or step it up have to be made. The only question is whether a Kingdom that young is even ready for that.


History of Beauty

Finally, the part of Elakdon’s Kingdom that his sister, Dahlidin, set up, has seen the rise of their next King–a very beautiful King, and a very young King. Full of hope, Elakdon tries to aid his young ally by sharing a story about how his own Kingdom evolved under a clash with the humans—a clash that changed the Cubi’s place in the world in its entirety. Change is upon the Cubi race again, and Elakdon needs the young King to see not only that it had happened before but that the Cubi people and the Royals can withstand great adversity because of their unity.

So, when the first chance presents itself, Elakdon brings the young Nol-Beaudon to sit around a fire to be told the story of how Nol-Elakdon, the millennia-old King of the North, came to be the Incubus he is today.

Law of Beauty

The newest Royal of the Cubi race is the one with the heaviest burden to carry. That is the birthright of any new Royal. Armed with a story told by his closest ally and one of the oldest Royals alive, Daniel feels better equipped to face what’s coming. Theoretically, at least.

When inviting humans to his House to further cooperation between their races, Daniel is also forced to face the men who decided to try to eradicate his race. However hard he tries to live up to his position, he luckily has people around him who will support him as he stumbles his way toward being a competent King. One unwavering supporter is the old Viking King with an ax to bury. Or two, as it is.

Any young Kingdom needs a strong foundation, and it’s still settling as those who are to help support Daniel are finding their places and roles, too. And Daniel isn’t the only one stumbling.


Unseen Beauty

So much has happened so fast, and the bloody climax seems to have left the world stunned by a gasp. Silence follows, and Daniel’s shocked system is left in a perpetual state of preparedness for when the monumental changes ahead for his people will toss another curveball.

But life slowly goes on in his House, and the calmness leaves Daniel to appreciate and discover the many facets of being a King that he hadn’t been able to focus on while waging a war.

It allows Daniel to think about the future. To see possibilities for not only his people but opportunities with his shared nations.

Change brings more change, and Seldon is hit hard by baby fever as he helps establish peace for cubs to grow up safely in. His sudden focus on children helps him distract the young King, as he scrambles to find his footing with peacetime. It helps the boy relax a bit and focus on the ones he’s building a future for. But Seldon doesn’t have time to look for a mate. Firstly, his young lover isn’t ready, and secondly, Seldon has a lot of work ahead of him as his position and duties in the House of Beaudon are about to change again.


City of Beauty

Forced into action and forced to face an internationalized world, the Cubi Royals have a difficult decision to make—one that will impact the entire world, both humans and Cubi alike.

Vision and action. Those are the two Daniel, his Council, and all the Cubi Royals are balancing to secure their people and lay the foundation for a safe future. Having to work with humans to do that, they have their work cut out for them. When the opposition makes a drastic move, new methods and plans have to be thought up and set into motion.

Even though the Cubi have remained hidden from the general population, their power as a Kingdom has a huge impact on the nations they share lands with. The youngest Royal’s vision for his people’s future inspires many. But does it inspire enough people to take action?

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