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Welcome to the
World of Vidundr

Vidundr is an old Norse word meaning wonder/splendor


In a world much like the one you know and live in, there are parallel societies with other races living hidden form humans or hidden in plain sight.

These are The Cubi and The Vargr. There are more, but these are the ones introduced so far and have their stories told.


It is advised to read the series in the order as listed below since the world building is extensive, interconnected, and will cross.


Series are easily told part as every series has one word in the title that remains the same (Beauty, Ember, Dancer). What race is followed is also easy to tell apart as the font on the covers is the same for all Cubi books and all books with Vargr main characters has the same font.


To make sure you know what pairings to expect, the author name is a clear indicator.

Gay pairing books are under Meraki P. Lyhne

Bi or books with both MM, MF, and FF pairings are under Meraki P. Lyhne + Lyhne mirrored (referred to in text as Enhyl) on the cover like it is on my logo.


The umbrella names in the

World of Vidundr


The Cubi


The Cubi is a race of Incubi and Succubi who are, by nature, bisexual. They feed on hormones created during sexual stimulation and pleasure raised in the human body.


With the rise of Christianity, their biology and method of feeding became a threat to society as a whole and thus to them. To survive and bring peace to the world, they went into hiding a thousand years ago and have since lived in a parallel society, hidden away. Their need for human hormones means they must kidnap humans to live with them and feed them. Those were the agreed upon terms with the human society.

Necessity split their own society and caused for an imbalance between the Cubi and the humans forced to live with and feed them. But times have changed, and the humans in power today are no longer happy with the status quo agreed upon. Some set out to do something about it.


When the Cubi people is threatened, they have a biological survival mechanism. A Royal will rise and strengthen the people to evolve so that they may change and prosper under new conditions.


It about time, too, because in the World of Vidundr, the Cubi aren’t the only ones about to face massive changes.


The Vargr


The belief in the old gods of Norse mythology may have been suppressed by Christianity, but that doesn’t mean the races of old didn’t survive. Like the Vargr wolves.


The Vargr are descendants of the wolves who walked with the gods of Norse Mythology.

Norse lore is rich on prophecies, and one tells of the rise of the legendary Alphas of all: Sköll, Hati, Geri, and Freki.


When that happens, the wolves will run again. They will gather the Alphas to fight against what threatens their packs.


Something big is stirring, yet the many small details hidden in lore, allegories, and retold mythos are difficult to see as anything but coincidences. Discovering a powerful ember slumbering in a teenage exchange student is the first hint.


Optimal Reading Order


The Beauty series (Cubi) is the first in the World of Vidundr


It’s a rough world, and some humans aren’t too happy with the terms that were put in place in return for the Cubi people hiding. The Cubi have a survival mechanism, though—one that prompts the rise of a Royal when they are threatened. One that brings change.

But that Royal has no idea of his genetics because he’s nineteen years old and too busy skipping school to chase his dreams of the red carpet and a career in Hollywood.


This is not an easy story, and it starts out with very controversial matters like dub-con, violence, and angst in a stagnant society. Things aren’t good. But they can change. That’s the purpose of a Royal rising, after all.

This is a completed 9 book series that contains lots of heat, angst, controversial subjects, action, and some violence. MM pairings only, ménage, sexual monogamy is not in their nature, but they love fiercely.


The Ember series (Vargr) is the second in the World of Vidundr


Timeline: The Ember series starts three years before the Beauty series and crosses over with the Cubi world halfway into it. It is advised to have read the Beauty series but not strictly necessary. Major characters from the Beauty series will cross into the Ember series, though.


At age sixteen, Matt goes to Denmark as an exchange student to learn of his deceased father’s heritage. Finding an old Norse god on the family tree was not expected. With that discovery, the Vargr ember in him responds to pack, meaning Matt needs to learn a whole lot more than the Danish language. He needs to learn to control an angry ember (the power source of an Alpha).  


This series takes place in Denmark and uses analogies from the human world to draw parallels to explore something deeper within the Vargr society. Some of those analogies are based on politics. Don’t take them at face value—they are merely there as analogies for what the legendary Alphas of all must work with as the series evolves.


Unlike the Cubi series, Vargr is extremely low heat. It’s not a romance—it’s gay fiction, yet there are romantic subplot unfolding in the background.


This series is ongoing with release every 4 months (January, May, and September). The Ember series contains very low heat, some angst, controversial subjects, action, violence, and political analogies.


The Dancer series (Cubi) is the third in the world of Vidundr


Timeline: Dancer starts in spring after the Beauty series ended. It is necessary to have read the Beauty series as it builds directly on that. It’ll cross with the Vargr world, and it is advised to have read that, too, in order to understand pack dynamics and how pack members function together.


Aaron, best friend to Daniel, the new Royal of the Cubi people, lives with the King and tries to find his place as a Halfling born to a Lord he’s never met. When Daniel needs to go help another Royal out, Aaron is left to contemplate his place among the Cubi people and to get to know his roots (his dad).


The troubles that started for the Cubi people in the Beauty series aren’t over, and one problem arises that needs insight into the human world. It needs a particular set of skills to handle it. Skills Aaron possesses.


Aaron gets to find his place in the Cubi world, yet he’ll learn that the Cubi isn’t the only beings in the world that he never knew of.


This series is ongoing and contains high heat, low angst, controversial subjects, action, and some violence. MM, MF, ménage, and Bi pairings.

The following lists are being made and will become active links as they are. If you have ideas for something to be filled out or expanded upon, please let me know. You can contact me on meraki.p.lyhne @

Character lists

Beauty series

Ember series

Dancer series










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