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Worldbuilding Cubi

Worldbuilding Cubi was to make a playground for myself after having researched and written a very plot heavy paranormal series. My debut, actually (Chronicles of an Earned will be relaunched next year).


I wanted to play with sex. With heat. I wanted to see if sex could become a plot point. I wanted to make it more than about “getting off”. I wanted to examine the driving factors of instincts and twist it.


What came of that and my growing abilities as an author when it comes to worldbuilding and picking at…everything, means this series blew up in my face and spawned a whole world that we’re just scratching the surface of.


What I initially wanted to play with became so much more and grew farther and farther away from the “playground” I had in mind.


Now it’s a world with more and more characters, storylines, races, cultures, etc. That’s why I’m making all these factual pages for you to have the worldbuilding in one infodump space. Soon, the very Cubi language will have its page with their grammar and written language in place, too. Because that’s how much it’s growing. 80 % of it doesn’t belong in books, but I still know it. More and more poke me with questions, so I’ll slowly be sharing the 80%, and I take questions to add what tickles your fancy to know first.


Write me at meraki.p.lyhne @ with questions.


Worldbuilding Cubi


The Cubi people are a genetic mutation. Humans who aren’t hugged enough can get skin sickness, which leads to depression. Women are more prone to this, and I think it’s part of the instinct to keep kids and loved-ones close. This mutation let someone feed from bringing sexual pleasure. Being beautiful meant they could get a lot of attention and feed well, so they became a vain people when it came to procreating. Offspring carried the gene needing this. And so began the mutation.


It wasn’t until the year 2397 before Daniel ends up with Seldon that the rise of the first Queen, Nil-Kardin, that the people were gathered as a people. Until then, they were klans of kin and others with colored eyes who lived unnaturally long lives.


(Yes, that means the Cubi people is about to turn 2400 years old)


Green was the highest color to their eyes, until purple rose with that first Queen.


(I’ll skip a great deal here because it’s not relevant to Cubi alone as it’s part of the entire worldbuilding of the World of Vidundr and the other races, too)


Societal structure

The Cubi live under a strict hierarchy that has the purpose of energies tending to each other under a culturally and genetic instinct called Cu’Boka.


Cu’Boka lives in the energy of a Royal, and that Royal is the epicenter of their people. The Royal’s dose is something every Cubi hunger for. It’s what binds a people together to tend to each other, too. It’s the sense of “US” as a gathered people.



Royal: Golden eyes and a dose that can feed everybody. They are versatile in feeding and can only feed on Cubi pleasure hormones and doses. They can get sick from human hormones.


Purple: Lord/Lady

Green: Sire/Dame

Dark blue: Grand Master/Grand Mistress

Light blue: Master/Mistress

Red: Sir/Madam

Human eyes: Mingler



One parent is Cubi, one is human. They can all grow to have purple eyes, and they will always stop eating to feed fully on human pleasure hormones.

All Royals are Halflings.


Changelings: Mecla

They are in essence humans with a latent gene from either being a distant relative to a Cubi. If they’re subjected to the dose, that gene is awoken, and the center in their brain that can process the pleasure hormones grows in, and they become Cubi. They cannot grow to purple eye color, though, and depending on the strength of the dose that awakens the latent gene, they may stop eating.



Attributes and responsibilities of a Royal

Royals all have the ability and instinct to force a change, meaning their dose holds a component that can add a coding to a human’s DNA and make the body produce the Cubi gland in their brain. It’s a painful affair with massive and intense headaches as the brain grows that gland.


Royals rise as defense mechanism when the Cubi people face adversity. Their dose brings gifts to be spread by them bedding all their people, and strong Cubi feeding lower-level Cubi through the sense of Cu’Boka. These gifts are to help the Cubi people steer through the upheavals that causes the Royal to rise.


A Royal’s sole reason to exist is to feed everybody! They are genetically hardwired to lust for all their people and want to give themselves over. They are the crown jewel and prized possession of the people. They are genetically predisposed to be able to navigate changes, learn fast, and keep their eye on many balls at the same time.


The Cubi kneel to show the Royal that he/she has responsibility to them. The Royal is placed high to remind them of their responsibilities.


Because Royals bed all their people and have time with them, their most important task in life is to hear their dreams and aspirations. They are sovereign rulers because they take all those dreams, wants, and needs to their Grand Council to ask for what’s possible to be implemented in their Kingdom.


Because the Cubi people don’t belong to the Royal, but the Royal belongs to the people, how major changes happen on a global scale is treated differently, too. Major changes to one means they all move as one, and what must be implemented one place will be forced through in others to secure them as a single people.


This, unfortunately, means changes to the human world, and it changes aspects in the status quo for other races, too. Like the Vargr (and more).


Cubi family tree


They are known as the Children of the Gods in the North as part of the legend of when Loki persuaded the Asir Balder’s blind brother to shoot him with a Mistletoe. Loki’s daughter, Hel, had fallen in love with Balder – an Incubus – and she rules the world of the dead. Only if the whole world wept would she hand him back to the world of the living. One krone refused, and Balder stayed with Hel.


As atonement, Loki and the goddess Lofn (a Royal Succubus) had a child. Not really, but this child was a symbol of all the Cubi, meaning Loki adopted the Cubi people to protect as he would his own, Fenrir, Hel, Jörmungandr, and Sleipnir. The Cubi are thus known as the stepsiblings under the gods.


Their lineage goes back way further and is connected with all the others in quite different ways, though, yet the mythology the races know their history under is mainly that of the two oldest living Royals, which are Nol-Elakdon, King of the North (Scandinavia), and Nol-Plydon, who shares most of his Kingdom with Russia (yet to be revealed timelines).


It’s all way older and stems from a different part of the world. Nine sisters birthed the races as they all inherited a faulty gene from their mother through her mitochondrial DNA. All the races in the world of Vidundr can be traced back to the same mother of nine sisters, each passing on an individual for of Vidundr. A Wonder.


These nine bloodlines will be what these series explore as it grows.

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