500 Fist Bum(p)s

by Meraki P. Lyhne – all rights reserved.
This is a fun story published for free on my website, merakiplyhne.com and may NOT be sold!
Do share the link with likeminded awesomely kinky people, though…
Being in college fucking sucked! The tuition certainly sucked. There was only so much semen in his balls and only so much blood in his veins, and he needed at least five benjamins to make tuition and that new book so that he could actually pass that class.
Ten days until that bill was due and that book had to be brought to class.
Shit. If he hadn’t lost his job because some fuckers had bashed in the windows and trashed the store that he had a part time gig in, he’d have made it by then.
He’d spent three years slaving to get this education, and he was so frigging close to graduating. This was not going to stop him! He was stronger than that. He was a survivor! He was too innovative to let something like that hinder him! Dammit!
Three days later, he’d scraped together another one hundred fifty from odd jobs and selling his bike. No one was hiring, and it hadn’t been long enough since the last time he’d donated. Even his balls were empty because of fucking Linda.
He regretted going all splurge on her at a restaurant because now he couldn’t make it. He would have been able to if some selfish idiots hadn’t destroyed his only means of income. That job had been the only thing that let him live on anything other than noodles and cocktail sausages from a fucking can!
Seven more days until payment was due, and desperation finally closed its clammy hand around his throat, suffocating him. He’d gotten the book, yet he was one hundred seventy-five bucks short, meaning Axel scoured the web-infested corners of his mind, scrambling for a solution. He’d borrowed a bit from a few friends, yet he was still short. So was everybody else this close to payday, and Alex knew his paycheck would be half of what he usually got.
Only one possibility was left. One he knew others had used, thanks to them oversharing when he came begging for a twenty. That’s how that idea had ended up in that unused corner of his mind.
Going through Craigs list, the only thing that could save him now was…dating an older guy.
No. Nope. Wasn’t happening. His ass wasn’t going to be turned at some horny old man he didn’t know to stick his wiener into for ten minutes.
But he was getting desperate, thus the dusty corners of his mind were taken into use.
Thinking of all the time he’d put into his education and how hard he’d struggled, come mere days before tuition had to be paid, he seriously considered it. And felt nauseous from it every time.
As the days ticked down to five, Axel was running out, so he swallowed his pride along with nausea and logged onto his computer.
But he hated the idea of whoring himself, wondering why some hot cougar didn’t want his company for a hundred bucks. Because a hot cougar could go to any bar, wink at a guy like him, and have him follow her home like a horndog in rut season! Working himself up to it, he spent ten minutes procrastinating and checking emails and social media.
Then onto business…
His breath caught when he saw it. Two hundred dollars to participate in a world record attempt in fist bumps? Someone was desperately needing a partner! He didn’t even look through the description. He would fist bump some dude until his fists were bruised enough to type notes in pain if it meant he could collect the last few hundreds he needed! Two hundred would leave him enough for more than noodles as a once a day meal, too!
So, he signed up and left his details.
Wow. Two hundred for half a day’s work. An old warehouse downtown would be the startup at ten am that Saturday.
Not fifteen minutes later, he got a response. Accepted. Meet up prepared and clean. He didn’t even want to know what crowd they expected if taking a bath was necessary to be request. He was desperate enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the worst pack from whatever bars they got people to participate.
Fist bumps? It had to be a bar sport of some sort.
But he got it! Oh, man! The gods smiled upon the lucky ones.
Axel closed the lid on his computer, stretching and grinning, feeling lucky. Finally, that mind boggle was over, and he could focus on Linda. Oh, yeah, that honey was going to get his undivided attention once his financial troubles were over.
Saturday came about, and Axel showered and went in good time, considering he’d sold his bike. He caught a buss going halfway there, meaning he won some time.
It was strange walking through that end of town, though. It seemed all but abandoned on a Saturday when the busy week with employees weren’t there to make that part of town seem lively. It looked dead and deserted if it hadn’t been for all the flowers in the pots here and there looking alive and pretty.
The sign for the world record attempt hung over the door, so he entered, finding himself in a line of people. The problem with getting people showered seemed odd. Most looked like regular guys. Some wore quite a bit of leather, making him wonder if it was a biker sport or something that he’d just never heard about. Or maybe he had the wrong idea of what went on at bars. He’d always pictured old haggard men with red spongy noses and dirty jeans, riding so low you could see their butt-crack.
It was a good thing he’d come early, though, seeing as five hundred people in line would take a while to get through. He’d ended up among twenty-five, tops.
Some people talked, others merely looked down, and a few sent Axel a side long glance or two.
Finally, it was his turn to stand in front of the card table.
“Driver’s license, please,” the guy said.
Axel fished it out and put it on the table, and the guy copied the information.
“Do you have a cell phone with you?”
“To ensure discretion, they’re not allowed. Please write your name and address on this.” The guy put a brown manila envelope on the table. “You can collect it here afterward. All caps and readable, please.”
Alex nodded and filled out the information, then slipped his phone into the envelope and scooted it back across the table.
“Thank you, go on in.”
“When do I get paid.”
“What? Go find your partner.” He waved Axel off, so he took his license and went inside.
What was with all the tables?
Down the rows upon rows of tables, a sign hung high with his name on it, so he went there, finding another biker. A huge ass biker in his forties waited under the sign with an intense gaze locked onto him as he approached. Predator marking pray. That was Alex’s first impression.
“I’m Axel.” His voice came out just short of a squeak, so he cleared his throat, hoping to save face.
“Cool, hi.” Nothing squeaky about that baritone. The big hairy guy, wearing only a leather vest and leather pants, shoved a paw at him, so Axel shook that big hand. “All good to go?”
“I guess.”
“You guess? How long have you been into this?”
Axel contemplated the question. “Breaking records?”
“Fist bumping?”
The guy gaped. “Oh, God.” He facepalmed himself. “Please tell me you read through that.”
“Two hundred bucks, I read that.”
The guy looked at him, a mix between humor and dread dancing in his eyes. “What did you read?”
“Two hundred bucks for participating in a fist bumping record.”
The bear suppressed a laugh. “Fist. Bum.”
Alex felt pretty slow at that moment. He was a bright guy in class, but… “What’s that.”
“Aw, shit.” The man laughed. “This is really gonna screw your day, pall. This…” He held up his hand. “Up your…bum.”
And, the lights went on in Axel’s brain. The sight in his mind wasn’t pretty. “What?” He was even back to squeaking.
“The record is five hundred hands up an ass in the same room at the same time.” He waved his hand, which in Axel’s mind suddenly seemed twice the size. Like, snow shovel size.
“Yeah, run home,” the guy said, looking slightly irritated as he turned to zip up his bag.
But Axel needed the money. Suddenly, the thought of that wiener didn’t seem as scary as the hand on the bear of man in front of him.
More than three years struggling to make ends meet to get his education. A few months left and a few days short of loosing it all. And this was what it all came down to? A hand up his ass?
Axel grew dizzy and supported himself against the table.
“Hey, kid, it’s okay.” The big dude turned to grab his shoulders, steadying Alex “Nothing wrong with making a mistake. It’s just that. You can leave.”
Alex looked up, finding the bear looking somewhere between annoyed and concerned. “No, it’s not. I need the money, or I’ll lose everything. This is my last chance to pay tuition. Three years of college down the drain.” And that thought worsened Alex’s panic attack. He leaned forward, leaning his hands on his knees, trying to get his hyper ventilation under control.
“Yeah, let’s…get you to sit. Come on.”
Those big hands turned Alex by the shouldes to perch on the table. “I sympathize, I do, but there’s no way I’m going through this with you.” The guy heaved a deep sigh and hung his head. “Look…I’ll lend you the money, and you can pay me back over time.”
Alex snapped his head up. “Why?”
Kindness flashed in the bear’s brown eyes. “You think you’re the only one who ever stood in a tight spot?”
“That’s a lot of money.”
“Yeah!” The bear grumbled. “Not to mention what I paid to be a part of this, and my boy gets a stomach flu.” The big man looked off in regret, and Alex felt like shit for leaving a good man hanging. But there was no way that hand was going up his ass.
“Everyone here can fit a hand up their ass?” Alex asked, glancing around, and suddenly the leather made sense. He’d seen a movie or two, so he’d heard of leather men.
The bear laughed, loud, warm, and rich. “No! But everybody’s going to try.” His smile fell and his expression grew somber. “Well, not you.” The bear pulled his wallet out, then hesitated. “Give me your details, name, number, stuff like that, and I’ll lend you the money. You can pay me back in rates.”
Alex’s eyes stung at the man’s generosity. He’d borrowed a twenty here and there, and he hated it. He had to find those money, too. He was out just over one hundred with friends, neatly listed in a notebook at home. Without a job, he’d be hard pressed to make those as it were. But two hundred? From a perfect stranger? Huge ass stranger, no bailing on this dude!
But Alex was going to hate himself if he walked away. And the guy wasn’t an old horny man for ten minutes and a goodbye. He was a good guy. He looked like a neck-breaker for a biker gang, but he seemed a decent guy.
“I can’t imagine this not hurting.”
Why did his brain latch onto that?
The bear chuckled. “Let me guess. Straight boy?”
“One-way street?” The bear pointed a fat finger upward.
“Oh, yeah!”
A smirk tugged on the bearded face. “Boy, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.”
Alex covered his face, then split two fingers to look at the mountain of a man. He seemed to look right through Alex and into some dark depraved pit of his soul that was curious of the unknown. The forbidden.
“Nothing wrong with being curious, you know. And no one will ever know.” The bear looked around. “Silence of confidentiality is high in our circles. A badge of honor. This will remain between you and me if you want to explore yourself a bit.”
Alex couldn’t look at him, and his gaze darted all over the place where he now recognized men standing close, boys being petted by bears and big men, but also regular people the same size.
“I’m skilled. Experienced.” Confidence laced the big man’s deep voice. “You won’t be hurt, I promise. I’ll go for pleasure. Slow. We won’t make it, I know, and I venture at least fifteen in here won’t make it either, but we count.”
Alex’s brain fired so fast he couldn’t really derive anything useful from it, but it ended up trying to weigh owing this big and kind-hearted dude two hundred bucks for not being able to read a fucking ad to being a good sport and help the fellow out. Truthfully, it wasn’t just his guilty conscience and moral compass that bothered him. It was the curiosity that had been awoken about something he’d heard jokes about and that was it.
He was in college for Pete’s sake! This was when people did stupid shit and learned stuff about themselves. And the guy seemed trustworthy. If he’d lend Alex two hundred just like that, he had to be a good guy.
“I’ll tell you what…” The bear lifted a leather bag onto the table, still smirking and sending Alex knowing glances. “You’ve come early enough for me to help you prepare. Clean out? And…” He pulled a leather mask from the bag. “Offer up some anonymity. You’ll be surprised how much it’ll help you shut off.”
Alex stared agape at the mask, looking like something out of a horror movie.
“It’ll buffer hearing so you can’t hear the moaners here too much. And, for extra sensory deprivation and anonymity…” He held up what was clearly to cover the eyes, and Alex noticed the studs on either side of the face of the mask to have it clocked into place.
And he blushed. He frigging blushed, which the bear merely seemed to find cute. That smile meant he looked at Alex like a cute…boy.
It set off a torrent of emotions that were so confusing that Alex couldn’t cope.
“No paying me back if you try. And don’t worry, I won’t even try to get a hand in there.” The big man stepped closer, his intense gaze pinning Alex onto the edge of the table. “You’ll be perfectly safe to feel yourself out.”
And Alex felt safe with him. Those steadfast brown eyes centered his world for a moment, and before Alex caught himself, he nodded.
“Good,” the bear cooed. “Now to the boring part.” He dug into his bag again and lifted out a tube with a white rounded nozzle at one end. At the other end, Alex recognized a red bag from his grandmother’s house as a heating device for when he had a stomach ache or stiff neck. “Come on. We have a bit of time.”
Once no longer pinned down by those safe brown eyes, Alex felt his reluctance growing. He grew nauseous.
“This is just a process. It’s ughy but necessary. And once you…hopefully, learn the splendors awaiting you, you’ll see it as a necessary evil.”
That smile. It seemed somewhere between predatorial and comforting as the bear held open the door to the company washroom.
“I’ll leave you to this. But I won’t feel offended if you back out. You can still borrow the two hundred.” The bear held up the thingy.
Alex drew a deep breath, his gaze cutting from the red bag and hose, and his mind kept reminding him of three years on a bench and the goal so close. Choosing between an old horny guy and this pleasant and friendly guy, Alex reached a shaky hand toward the red bag with a hose.
The bear moved it just out of reach. “If you can’t go through with this, don’t start, but I will stop even if you try and then change your mind. You’re a dedicated young man, I’ll give you that. I respect that. But I will stop if I sense that you’re too uncomfortable and can’t enjoy it.”
Alex managed a nod, his need for the education pushing him to reach for the bag more determined. But once he had it in his hand, he squinted at it, then at the bear. “I might need a pointer here.”
That predatorial and patient smile. How could it be both?
“You temper the water and fill it in here, or you put that on the hose.” He pointed at the nozzle. “Lube it up.” He held up a small bottle of a clear viscous liquid. “And you put it…in your bum.” He grinned, and Alex blushed. “If it hurts, stop. If not, great, hold it in and repeat until nothing but clear water comes out.” The bear grinned. “Of your bum.”
Alex ducked his head, trying not to die from humiliation of reading that ad so wrong. And to not laugh. As much as he hated the predicament he was in, he couldn’t hate this guy. He couldn’t find him unappealing. And, he couldn’t suppress his curiosity.
But the thought of having to find two hundred bucks to pay back the guy seemed an insurmountable task, too, and he’d cost the guy a lot more than that because he hadn’t read the full ad.
“Back out before you push yourself too far. My offer stands.” The bear then left, but he opened the door immediately again and stuck his head in. “Oh, and just so you know, I’ll be standing here to make sure no one interrupts you. You have privacy for this. For about half an hour.” He then ducked out again, leaving Alex in a strange echoing silence, as the tiled walls breathed back at him.
Alex looked at the hose and red bag in his hand.
But, he’d better get going, so he shuffled out of his pants, feeling extremely vulnerable. But there was something about the bear that made Alex feel safe. With that guy camping in front of the door, no one was going to come in. Still, Alex locked himself in one of the shower stalls to finish his business. He tempered the water, filled the bag, lubed up the nozzle, and swallowed hard before he actually managed to pop it in there and raise the bag. He was a science student. He knew the mechanics going on with water in higher or lower position compared to where it was supposed to go. And that felt strange to say the least.
One thing Alex had not taken into consideration was the fact that when things wanted to come out, he was in the wrong fucking stall!
“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” he mumbled to himself, clenching his cheeks tightly while walking stiff-legged out the shower stall to plop down on a toilet. “No,” he whimpered, then face-palmed himself.
How much more awkward could this get? This was disgusting! This was idiotic! This was a two-hundred-dollar espresso-shit experience!
That part made suffering through a horrible expelling worth it, but it left Alex with more fear about what stuff going into his ass in half an hour would feel like. The nozzle wasn’t bad. It was an slender and uncomfortably hard thing, but that was it. He couldn’t imagine even the pinky of that man’s hand being less in circumference than the plastic nozzle, though.
Either way, in for a penny, in for two hundred bucks, so Alex repeated the disgusting routine as specified until only water came out.
Just knowing that everybody, or at least half of everybody, outside had done this today was a strangely intimate piece of information, yet he felt shame at having to step out soon, and everybody who looked at him would know what he’d just been up to.
Still, he finished up and got dressed again, then washed that plastic nozzle thoroughly.
The bear stepped forward and away from the door when Alex opened it, and the big man had apparently stood there, bouncer style, with his logs for arms crossed over a barrel of a hairy chest.
“All good?”
Let’s go with that. “Yeah.”
The man still had that patient and amused expression as he took the enema bag and walked Alex back to the table.
Alex kept his head down and glanced around, but people didn’t really look at him like he’d feared. And he finally realized that he was compartmentalizing. He feared people looking at him and knowing what he’d just done, yet in a moment, he and half of everybody else in that room would be lying on a table with their exposed asses, having someone shove a hand up there.
Again, Alex grew lightheaded, and for a moment he almost stumbled. A powerful hand grabbed him, and the bear’s gaze had turned from amused to intense. It seared Alex but also made him snap out of it.
“This does not look like a good idea.”
Alex’s mind reeled. “There are so many people,” he whispered. “To know.”
Comprehension lit in the brown eyes. “Do you know any of them?”
Alex glanced around, finding no familiar faces. He shook his head.
“When you leave here, do you think you’d remember any of them?”
Again, Alex glanced around, finding most talking comfortably, grinning, not paying him any attention. He shook his head.
“Why would they remember you?”
Such a dry and matter of fact statement that immediately pulled Alex back to the present and pointed out how paranoid he must have sounded.
“I don’t know.”
“Is it only your shyness, or do you fear my touch in a minute?”
Again, Alex thought, but he didn’t have to think long and hard about it. “Mostly them. I can’t even…imagine…the rest.”
The bear grinned. “Well, you can either enjoy the sensation or you can’t. I’ll stop if you can’t, of course.”
It felt so weird, but Alex kinda trusted the guy to do that. His calm demeanor yet intense personality was a good combination, and Alex brain even offered up the word alpha male to tease his own sense of masculinity. That big bear was all man! He looked to be in his forties yet extremely fit. Alex was a slim man in his early twenties, and he felt more like a teenage string bean next to him.
But that youthfulness about himself once again reminded him that it was okay to try stuff in college, and the guy seemed a safe one to introduce Alex to the one thing he’d never imagined he’d even contemplate trying.
Him and another had sucked each other off when bored once, but that was it. Didn’t make him gay. And that was part of the forbidden part that kept teasing Alex’s curiosity, yet he couldn’t put words to it, and he certainly couldn’t make heads or tails of his emotions.
Alex’s thoughts were interrupted when a man called upon their attention.
“Thank you, everybody, for joining in on this event. I’m sure we’re going to have fun!”
The explosion of cheers sounded…lewd somehow.
Alex fully understood that his window of opportunity to find another way to get two hundred bucks had just closed. He glanced at the big man, not really surprised at finding his gaze trained on him, weighing him. Alex didn’t even hear the rest of the stuff the man, doing the intro to the record attempt, said.
“Remember, since you’re so new at this, and I’m very competent at this, you’re in safe hands. We’re going to go slow. It’s useful for you to try to find headspace, so I suggest you wear the mask. For anonymity, mostly, but it can also help you not to hear what goes on around us. If you feel insecure and need me to slow down or something, hold up your hand.” He indicated how by holding up his own shovel of a hand. “If you need me to stop, hold up your fist. I won’t have you leaving here feeling…bad about what we’re about to do.”
“I can either enjoy it or I can’t,” Alex said, repeating the options the man had mentioned earlier.
“Exactly. You’ve never tried anything up there?”
“A thermometer doesn’t count, right?”
The guy grinned, shaking his head slowly. “Money isn’t everything. Remember that. We’ll figure something out, but I won’t have you completely overstepping your own boundaries here.” The grin spread. “It’s okay to be curious, though. And I’m very good at helping with exploring curiosity.”
The bear’s tone dropped, and Alex knew he was turned on by what the guy was about to do to Alex’s ass. Having a big dude stand there and feel aroused by him was…hot, and Alex couldn’t even wrap his mind around that. He was straight, for crying out loud. How did that work?
But the forbidden aspect of it certainly did something to him. The butterflies in his stomach could be nerves alone, but the tingle below that? Alex was curious, and all that kept him from jumping into it was nerves and his brain insisting on it being all wrong.
He was curious, though, and the guy made him feel…safe.
So, Alex turned and grabbed the mask, struggling a bit with it.
“Let me.”
Alex let go and let the man put the mask over his head. The feel of the leather was even a sensation that Alex liked. It muffled sound, but a mouth close to his ear meant he could still hear the words, not to mention feel the rumble of that deep voice reverberate against his body and ear and make his cock stir.
“You need to undress a bit.”
Practical detail, but as Alex reached for his belt, his glances ended on the other men finding their places on the padded tables here and there. Some wore slacks with their ass exposed, others wore nothing but a leather vest. Some even wore jockstraps, and a few had on what looked like tights with a hole cut out at the right place.
Alex wore jeans, a t-shirt, and an open shirt.
“Just your pants.”
Alex appreciated the guidance and got out of his shoes, jeans, and underwear, while trying to get his nerves under control. He knew he could make it all stop if he didn’t like it, and he was so nervous he almost did. But he was curious. He wondered if he’d been curious enough if he hadn’t needed the money so frigging bad, though.
The bear apparently figured he needed some guidance, yet he didn’t push Alex or anything. Alex then noticed that a thick mat had been rolled out onto the table while Alex had been shrugging out of his pants.
It was soft enough to lie on, albeit a bit cold, but he felt very vulnerable and ridiculous as the bear pushed his legs back, then guided Alex’s hands to grab the back of his knees to expose himself. He imagined he looked like a woman in labor.
The bear fished out a water bottle, but it definitely wasn’t water dumping out in a huge and long glob to coat his right hand. He then locked gazes with Alex and mouthed Relax.
Yeah, that was way easier said than done.
Watching those big hands smear the thick glob of lube was nerve wrecking. But not as much as when those hands dropped to between his legs.
A slick finger massaged around Alex’s asshole, and he gasped and jerked at the foreign feeling, clenching up.
Again, all he could see was the mouthed word, Relax, along with the intense focus of the bear being trained on Alex. Then a finger slipped inside, and Alex shivered from straining. But it didn’t hurt like he’d somewhat feared. And it felt a lot different from the hard plastic he’d shoved up his ass multiple times not long ago. Remembering that, he then feared he hadn’t done a good enough job because then this was going to get disgusting.
When the finger in his ass began moving in and out slowly, those thoughts were replaced by the surprise of that being comfortable.
Alex closed his eyes and focused on sensation. He’d not expected that. As he focused, he began to better feel his body, and yeah, he was tensing up a bit. He tried to relax, while that finger easily slipped in and out, discovering exactly when he did because the sensation changed. It grew pleasurable in a new way, and he even felt a moan escape.
Reality crashed back around him, and his ass involuntarily tightened around the finger, which in turn stopped moving.
Alex opened his eyes and looked at the man fingering his ass. That intense gaze, that calmness, that smirk, and the forbidden pleasure. It aroused Alex, and he felt his cock harden.
He quickly snapped his eyes shut to once again focus on sensation. He managed to feel his ass relax again, and the finger began moving. Then it slipped out and a bigger finger took its place. And that felt even better.
Those two hundred bucks suddenly became no problem earning, and Axel leaned his head back, fully decided upon taking as much pleasure from his mistake as he could, while enjoying the anonymity and forbidden college exploration that he’d someday file away under wild youth not to be talked about.
When the finger slipped out again, a lot more pressure against his hole made Alex strain a bit, until he remembered he had to relax. He was learning entirely new things about his body, but those fat fingers on the bear paw of a hand simply didn’t fit inside his virgin hole.
But the guy was experienced. Alex was sure of it or it would have hurt a lot more than the insistent sting.
Once again, Alex cracked and eye, finding the intense gaze locked on him. Again, he felt transparent and like the man read his pain and pleasure like he was an open book. Well, not pain, discomfort at best.
Slowly and insistently, yet carefully, fingers moved in and out of Alex’s ass. The sting slowly eased away, and pleasure spread.
He’d had no idea that that could feel so awesome, and he wondered how selfish a man had to be to not contemplate that if he’d ever had anal sex with a woman.
Maybe it was the forbidden part of a dude’s ass being fingered? In this case, by a huge guy!
Whatever the bear did, a new kind of pleasure exploded in Alex’s ass, and he jerked and moaned, then opened his eyes, finding a satisfied smile on the big man’s lips and definite bedroom eyes locked on Alex.
Alex wasn’t into men. How could he find that arousing? He wasn’t physically attracted to the man, but there was something about his demeanor. The way he carried himself. And there was something about his size compared to Alex’s that seemed strangely erotic.
But Alex couldn’t explain it, and he couldn’t make sense of his emotions or logic or the insistent and pleasurable sensation that kept fluctuating and pushing at his mind.
He knew one thing. He frigging loved it. Especially whatever the bear had just done.
And there it was again.
Alex was hard, but he couldn’t get to his cock when holding his legs back to make room for pleasure.
The bear shifted it up, and it was never the same constant kind. Sometimes, he stretched slow and intensely, other times, he finger fucked Alex in a steady rhythm, and sometimes he hit that good spot that Alex had too little experience with to know what was.
The man began pumping his fingers in and out again, this time pushing his knuckles against Alex’s ass. It gave for an entirely new sensation, and Alex felt more than heard the groan vibrate in his throat.
The visuals he got of the big man pressing his hand into him were lovely, yet his mind kept battling it. Considering his cock slipped around in a pool of pre-cum on his stomach, his body didn’t care one lick about social norms at that point. He just wanted it to continue.
But then the guy changed it up again, working more into him, leaving Alex with the full and slight sting that left him breathless. That was lovely, too.
The way the fingers moved independently, there were obviously fingers from both hands working into him. A dude was literally digging into his ass! And it was awesome. It made him feel strangely desired and craved in a way he never had before. Why else would a dude be digging into his ass? That area wasn’t exactly the most desirable of a man as it were, but this guy thought so, and he looked horny and sexually satisfied even though nothing was touching him.
Alex didn’t understand, and at that moment he didn’t care. He was now a fan, and he was sure he’d cherish this mistake of his for many years in the future.
How long Alex lay there, he had no idea, but his hips at some point figured they needed a break. Also, his hole felt a bit sore. But it was the beginning cramp in a hip that did it.
The fingers in his ass disappeared, and Alex had to let go of a leg.
The bear waved him up to stand and held out his arms for Alex to grab onto the lower arms, considering the hands were slippery.
“Turn around and lie on your stomach, if you want. Considering you’re new at this, I don’t think we should continue for much longer, or you’ll be too sore.”
Alex appreciated his tentative nature, but it was too good. And he seriously wanted to bust a nut. “I want more,” Alex said, grinning, feeling a bit embarrassed, but the pleased expression didn’t escape him. He liked causing that, and he felt slightly mental for it.
The fact that the guy next to him had half a forearm up his ass didn’t escape Alex either, as he turned around to take his position. He even noticed he stopped to stare.
Slick fingers pushed between his cheeks, and the big man stepped up to tower behind him. “It takes a long time of training to reach that level. Years, sometimes.” The deep baritone rumbled through Alex and made him shiver. The fingers in his ass slipped in and out, slowly, spreading the pleasure again, so Alex leaned over the table and tried to find a comfortable position.
The bear used his trunks of legs to help move Alex’s into position, and then that fullness pressed in, pushing another loud groan from Alex’s mouth.
As he closed his eyes again to enjoy the sensation, images of that big hand in his ass kept pressing forward.
Many years of training? It was a sport?
He’d have to look that up. Not that he was coming back to a scene like this. This was his little sabbatical from normalcy. A very pleasant sabbatical.
From his new position, he could see more people in different positions, and he watched, enthralled, as a hand pressed against the hole of a man in the same position as Alex was in.
The hand popped in, and the guy being fisted jerked and moaned loudly enough to even make it through the muffling capabilities of Alex’s mask. Again, his mind pushed images of his own ass taking in the bear’s big hand, and his body’s reaction surprised him. A violent shiver tore through him, and he stuck out his ass for more, while his cock did a happy dance and spat up another dollop.
The fingers in his ass grew more insistent, and the pleasure intensified.
Alex grabbed the edges of the mat and hung on while he passively got filled up by fingers and pleasure.
Then those awesome bursts grew, and Alex soon writhed, moaned with abandon, and offered up his ass to be tended to by those big hands. An orgasm built, and it felt powerful enough to make his lower extremities feel like the blood was on fire as it rushed to his ass and cock. And it kept building and burning and the need grew to heights where he begged to come.
When the orgasm barreled through him, he shouted and bucked on the table, and those fingers kept up at stimulating him until it all became too much, and Alex squirmed around on a now sweat-soaked mat, while his body tingled and shivered from extreme sensitivity to touches.
For a moment, he merely stayed down, heaving for breath, while his mind tried to process the orgasm he’d just experienced. A dry hand caressed his naked back, slipping up under the shirt to between his shoulder blades, then back down to his lower back.
It was soothing, and Alex didn’t care that it was a huge guy doing it. Considering the man had just given him the most powerful orgasm of his life, Alex once again appreciated the care he took.
He then realized he had no idea what the man’s name was. Either that, or he’d missed it in the ad, considering he hadn’t read the description. He’d have to fess up to that, yet he wondered if he even wanted to know the man’s name now that this was to be the forbidden college experience to merely be thought back on.
Slowly, Alex managed to get his arms to cooperate to raise him up a bit and look around.
Hands worked on the zipper of the mask, and Alex let the bear pull it off. He then accepted the bottle of cold water, appreciating the care. Wow. A huge bear of a man, and he tended to Alex like he was a…baby or something.
That intense and weighing gaze was back on him. So was that smirk, but it looked way smugger than earlier. Why he looked, Alex had no idea, but his gaze dropped to a fat bulge in the guy’s pants. Would he expect Alex to help him with it?
But his fears for that ended there because Alex was exhausted, and his legs felt like the bones had crumbled to leave them useless to stand.
“Sit up,” the bear said.
Alex did and drank more water.
“I’m happy to sense that you got a good experience out of this, considering how you ended up here.”
“Oh, I did. I had no idea.” Alex looked around, finding people around them had stopped, too, and he wasn’t the only one sitting on the table, looking spaced out and happy. And he wasn’t the only one being tended to, yet the others were more intimate about it.
Someone even wore a doggy mask.
The bear looked that way, grinning. “Welcome to a brand-new world, boy.”
Alex managed a hysterical laugh. “Oh, I think I need to leave this under college experiences.”
The bear chuckled, low and rich, but he didn’t look convinced.
“Did we, I mean…did the others manage the record?”
“They’re counting.”
“They walked the lines to see how we were doing. If at least four hundred managed a full hand, we beat the standing record. But you count, too. In a different category. We made it an open call. I’m used to someone trained, but…I’m not sorry I got to work with a virgin. You did very well.”
The tone of praise did something to Alex, and he didn’t know why. He was far too spaced out to actually consider it, but the man’s praise meant a lot to him, and he smiled gratefully before he realized it.
“A bit of advice for a new boy, though. You should go use the bathroom and maybe line your shorts with paper. Until your muscle closes up again, some of all that lube and other provoked stuff will come out easily.”
Alex gaped. He hadn’t thought about that. “How long? Can it even?”
“It’s a muscle. Six hours or so.
Alex had a long walk home. “I should definitely do that, yeah.” Alex slipped off the table, now standing on more competent legs.
“I’ll give you a ride. But, if you want, you can come back to the club with some of us. We’ll be waiting for the results there to be posted and have a beer or two.”
A detail sprang to mind. “Will our names be on there?”
“No, no! We’re very discreet. We make sure everybody’s old enough, though, and for the record to be official, only the record board will have the list of names, but it’ll never be made public, don’t worry. We have a cop and some dude working at Child Services here today. What they like when not at work is no one’s fucking business.”
Alex gaped, not having imagined that. But it certainly explained the phones being collected upon entry.
Looking around again, he’d at first seen bikers. The more he looked, he found fetishes, but now, knowing that, he saw people. He was a regular boring college student. Looking at Mr. Bear, Alex couldn’t even guess what he did for a living.
Again, he didn’t want to know. He wanted to be able to finish this as a memorable and pleasant chapter of being stupid in college. Something for only him to remember and smile about. And he could now because he’d earned the two hundred dollars that left him in the green.
He grew a bit emotional over it. “Thank you. But I’d appreciate it if you’d just drive me home. I’m beat!”
“That’s very understandable. Now go grab a toilet stall before there’s a line.” The bear nodded him off.
Alex took his shoes, pants, and underwear, bring the water, too, and hurried to occupy a toilet. Already on his way there, stuff ran out his ass nd down his thighs, and his cheeks slipped against each other in an uncomfortable way. It felt strange walking butt naked past the many tables and people, but half of those still had an exposed ass, too, so…
And Alex’s hole burned. Not too bad, but he could definitely feel that someone had dug around in there for…he had no idea.
A long time later, Alex felt pretty sure his ass was done expelling stuff, so he padded the inside of his underwear and pulled on his jeans and shoes.
Half the big room had been emptied, and the big man waited by the table, all packed up and ready. They joined the line to get Alex’s mobile phone.
Again, Alex looked around, trying to guess at the other people. They seemed a happy bunch, chatting, laughing. A few even said hi to the big man waiting in line with Alex, calling him Mr. Bear. They asked how his boy was doing. Alex kept his head down for that. It surprised him that no one asked who he was. He didn’t know how he felt about that. Mainly, he didn’t know because he couldn’t explain how it felt standing beside a man who the others obviously respected. It couldn’t be pride.
They made it to the front, and Alex got the envelope with his name on it. He checked that it was the right phone, and Mr. Bear led him out of the industrial complex and to a pretty slick Dodge Ram truck. A guy that size? Of course he had a truck. And the license place almost made Alex laugh. Mr. Bear.
Alex climbed in, still feeling a bit spaced out. His body still hummed.
“What college?” Mr. Bear asked.
Alex gave the street name for his dorm.
On their way back, Alex couldn’t stop looking at those big hands, and he couldn’t suppress feeling aroused by the idea of one slipping into him. The other guy had certainly loved it, and his partner had smaller hands. How would this feel?
But Alex reminded himself that this was a onetime thing.
Mr. Bear drove up in front of Alex’s place. “I’m pretty sure your mind is going to work overtime on this experience, and if you need to talk, then call me.” Mr. Bear handed Alex a small piece of paper that seemed to have been ripped off an envelope. It was wrapped around two hundred-dollar-bills. “This is my number.” A smile spread. “And, if you decide you’re not done exploring…you give me a call, too.”
Alex blushed and took the number and money. “Thank you.”
“Now go get your education, boy.”
“Now I can. Thank you.”
Mr. Bear winked at Alex, and Alex slipped from the truck, staying outside to watch as it left the parking lot. He heard the V8 gun down the street before he went inside, stopping in his dorm room to listen to the silence. The weight of the money in his hand seemed strange, yet it was the weird sensation in his ass that took up most of his attention. It kept reminding him of what had happened.
But he was too exhausted to really think, so he took a shower. He just needed a few hours of mindless TV.
Showered, he fell asleep five minutes after having found a binge-worthy series, though, and he slept for four hours.
Almost three weeks had passed since Alex had made the biggest and most pleasurable mistake in his life, and it had awoken something in him that haunted his dreams, both while sleeping and awake.
He’d begun looking at men’s hands differently. He’d bought a dildo, soon learning that the size wasn’t enough. Also, the material had been far from as pleasant as fingers. And it was different when he was the one pushing things into his ass. Something was missing, yet he couldn’t explain what.
One thing was for sure, getting to experience that again consumed his mind to a point where he knew he had to seek it out again, or he’d have no peace from it to focus on his studies.
Welcome to a brand-new world, boy. That’s what Mr. Bear had said. Alex even thought he now recognized the look on his face when Alex had said it had been a one time off. It had shown the man’s patience with a naïve young man that he wanted to introduce to far more.
And Alex wanted it! Dammit!
Alex paced his dorm room, thinking about the phone number he still had in his wallet. Linda was cool and all. Sex with Linda was frigging awesome, but…the sensory deprivation, the forbidden feel to all of it, the sensation of being cut off entirely and being anonymous and…the orgasm that had barreled through him like rhinos on a stampede…
He wanted that again.
That smile on the Mr. Bear’s face, the calm persona, the lust from digging into Alex, the pleasure, the…safety.
The way he called Alex boy and the feelings being praised had stirred were…surreal.
Ales had finally arrived at liking the idea of giving full use of his body over to a huge man whom he knew wouldn’t hurt him.
Mr. Bear had said to just call him if he wanted to explore. And Alex clearly wasn’t done!
Alex wasn’t into men. Linda wasn’t into stuffing his ass. The mention of it had put a disgusted expression on her face. And, there was something about the forbidden feel to it being a big and strong bear of a man that worked a huge paw up his ass.
Something secret. Intimate. Powerful.
Nothing Alex pushed up there was the same. He’d tried. He’d even shoved his slender shampoo bottle up there, but the organic feel of fingers and…that look, that deep voice, the lust and pleasure and safety.
Fuck, he even got hard while pacing his room and thinking of that huge hand slipping in there.
Alex drew a deep breath for courage, grabbed the phone, and punched in the number. He then flung the ripped off piece of envelope across the room and fisted his hair to keep himself in check before his nerves got the better of him to hang up.
“I knew you’d call, boy,” that deep rumble greeted him.
Alex’s mouth went dry. “Hi,” he squeaked.