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Word and character lists

Only characters who appear in this book are mentioned in the following lists. For the full lists of the Cubi cast, please visit this LINK


Cubi characters


Aaron – Untouchable – age 19 - born September 5th

            Mom – Linda

            Dan – human father figure

Lord Matadon – Aaron’s biological dad – former Harem Master to Grand Lady Geodin – born in Norway March 9th. He’s 514 years old – rose to Lord 72 years ago – feeds on passive energy from women.

            Cubi children:

Ramudon – Grand Master (human lover, Natalie)

            Son – Sir Skyndon

            Daughter - Mingler

                        Zaidin – Mistress

                        Unnamed so far – Sir


Alex – Mecla, Mingler, the first Natural Beauty (former feeder) – functions as Butler in the home of Nol-Beaudon


Daniel Thomas Evans – age 20 – Nol-Beaudon – Royal – King of the Cubi of the West (America)

            Caledon – Lord, Ilkil-Nol (left-hand advisor to Nol-Beaudon) and lover to Nol-Beaudon and

             Seldon – Lord, Tunra-Nol (Sheriff) and lover to Nol-Beaudon and Lord Caledon


Dawdon – cub photographer at the Cubi newspaper – Aaron’s boyfriend

             Ingdon, Sire – Dawdon’s dad

             Jigdin – Madam – Dawdon’s sister

             Preydon – Master – Dawdon’s brother (human lover, Gina)

             Ruudon – Sire - uncle on mother’s side

             Sigdin – Dawdon’s aunt on his mother’s side

             Zicdin – Dame – to Empower Dawdon


Chase – Mingler – Heimli’s assistant

Esdon – Sire – grew up with Matadon. He’s a prick.

Freydon – nephew to Nol-Beaudon - age 20

             Apdin - Dame – Freydon’s mother

             Grydon, Sire – Freydon’s dad

                          Beldin – Freydon’s little sister, age 5


Gamdin – young Succubus working at the paper with Dawdon and Geradon

Geradon – cub reporter at the Cubi newspaper

Harrodon, Master – son of Nol-Elakdon – editor in chief at the Cubi newspaper

Heimli – Sir – famous photographer in the human world

Linda – Mistress – and Penelope – Grand Mistress – couple that Aaron dances for at a private party

Nil-Kardin – the first Royal, rose 2399 years ago

Nil-Sundin – Second youngest Royal – Queen of the Media (Middle Europe, North Africa, and parts of the Middle East)

Nol-Elakdon – Royal – over 1000 years old – King of the North (Scandinavia, northern Europe)

Podin – Lady – in charge of feeding pads in the Grand House of Nol-Beaudon

Stadin – Lady in charge of a hotel housing Cubi families in


Grand Lords and Ladies

Geodin – niece and Fountain of Nol-Elakdon of the North Kingdom

            Human companion – Jade – passive receiver of male pleasure



Guard Lords and Ladies

Aaron’s detail:

Artidin Lady

Afdon Lord

Bowdon Lord

Tomdin Lady



Bennidin Lady – second in command of the Royal Guard

Heldin Lady Kriil-Nol – first in command of the Royal Guard

Lildin Dame, helps Matadon fight the cold


Hunter Guards

Lopdin Lady – in charge of the hunting teams

Crodin Lady – the one securing resources


Guards in training

Kaydon Ofbrad – Master – Alex’s Cubus lover (out of House with the King)

Marcadon – Master – son of Tunra-Nol Lord Seldon




Human characters

Miguel – passive feeder and designer of the college feeding pad – on the dance team

Bao – Chinese dancer on the team

Wade – on Aaron’s human dance team

Oliver – been with Lord Caledon for years

Leon – human representative from the Canadian Government

Hardy – human representative from the US Government

Jonas – Hardy’s son, age 11

Jade – Grand Lady Geodin’s companion

Natalie – Raudon’s lover

Gina (Ruudon’s lover)

Malinda – spindoctor



Wordlist to the Cubi world


Adli – means beloved (as a child)

Allon – means lover (in a love relationship)

Changelings – humans who have the gene that will turn them to a Cubus upon being subjected to the dose.

Cu’Boka – a sense of unity and responsibility the Cubi people feel toward each other on a societal plane. It’s biological.

Cubi, plural – Cubus, singular – gender neutral

Cub – term of endearment for Cubi under the age of Empowerment (age 22)

Dahlidin – Sister of Nol-Elakdon, King of the North – built the Great House of Dahlidin to await the rise of a Royal to take over that Kingdom. Placed in Kentucky.

Feeder (formerly called a breeder, now merely called human) – humans who were brought (most often kidnapped) to the House to feed Cubi.

Fountain – a Cubus that a Royal doses heavily to be a fountain of strength for the Cubi people to be dosed by. All high ranking Cubi and Guards are Fountains. Their eyes change faster than normally dosed Cubi.

Harem – a Fountain’s closest Cubi to help suck out the Royal doses that strengthen them

Ilkil-Nol – left hand of the King, focused on all international relations

Kriil-Nol - means active lead defender of her sovereign Royal’s Kingdom.

Lokil-Nol – right hand of the King, focused on all shared nation relations

Mecla – Contraction of Mehim and Saicla meaning Empowered and Autumn – a middle name all changelings are given upon their Empowerment.

Minglers – Cubi whose eyes have yet to take color

Natural Beauties – humans collected for the purpose of forced changes by a Royal to raise the number of his/her people.

Nil – sovereign Succubus ruler (Queen)

Nol – sovereign Incubus ruler (King)

Rado-Nol – Father of Royal Incubus

Tami-Nol – Mother of Royal Incubus

Untouchable – a human or Cubus who is raised to and schooled in Cubi ways to one day hold a position or be a companion/assistant to a high ranking Cubus with responsibilities.

Washed – a Changeling gene so diluted that their hormones can pose a health risk to Cubi, even cause death.


Cubi Worldbuilding


All Cubi born names end with -don (male) or -din (female)

Cubi are empowered by the dose at the age of 22.

Cubi eyes change color roughly every hundred years due to design by how often and much they’re dosed by higher Cubi.


The eye-colors of the Cubi and the title

Red – Sir/Madam

BLUE Master/Mistress

BLUE Grand Master/Grand Mistress

Green – Sire/Dame

Purple – Lord/Lady. Only Cubi born can get purple eyes

Gold – Royal (King/Queen). It’s a genetic trait that means that Cubus can only feed on the hormones of their people, and they can get human sickness from being with a human


Elaktis’ Heterochronic Iridocyclitis – bogus diagnosis slipped into human textbooks by Nol-Elakdon to help explain when Cubi with colored eyes are noticed.

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