Cubi Birthday Cake

By Meraki P. Lyhne


Seldon watched Daniel, sitting on his thinking sill, doing what Seldon wouldn’t have expected the boy to grow into in six months. But the boy was now his King. A Cubi Royal. They grew into their role from genetics, and Daniel’s growth could still put a lump in Seldon’s throat from pride and gratitude. Not to mention confusion. It was difficult to keep up with.


This was the young man he’d been entrusted to help grow. This was the young man who chose him to stand at his right side to be the honest and raw truth if power went to his head. This was the young man who’d come to love Seldon even though he found Seldon barbaric and old and cruel. And fun in bed. There was that.


The truth was the boy had caused Seldon to grow more than Lord Caledon had hoped when pushing an Untouchable on Seldon because yeah, Seldon had been too involved in his work with the troublesome breeders. He’d come to expect trouble. He’d had too little to invest himself in outside of work, and he’d needed the wake-up call. He’d needed raw and honest truth, too.


But Caledon had loved Seldon even then, wanting to see him grow.


That was another reason for a lump in Seldon’s throat. He was loved by two men. And those two men also loved each other.

However difficult it could be for Daniel to sometimes balance the Cubi love patterns, he did well. Seldon and Caledon still worked on incorporating the human aspects, but…their King? He introduced way more understanding or willingness to learn than he had his first many months.


But their third lover was Seldon’s reason to approach the young lover. Their King.


“May I disturb you?” Seldon asked.


Daniel looked up, his expression open. A grin spread. “My mind is boggled, but I think I’m running in circles. Randr says to fill my mind with joy to help birth results of joy.”


Seldon chuckled and sauntered closer. “Oh, you’ll love this, then.”


Daniel squinted. “With a smile like that, it looks interesting.”


“You, makeup, a camera…”


Daniel grinned. “Sounds promising. What are we doing? A collection?”


“No, I was thinking…Caledon’s birthday.”


Daniel’s grin fell. “That’s in a week. Shit! I almost forgot. You said it was soon, and we talked about it, but then all this shit happened.”


“Easy, boy.” Seldon stepped in and wrapped Daniel in his arms, happy to feel Daniel melt into the embrace. “I hope that’s why you trust in me?”


“I do.” Daniel looked up at him. “Of course.” The shadowy golden makeup framed and accentuated his eye color no matter the confusing color his eyeball took. Human green iris, red eyeball for Cubi, and gold for King. His many emotions settled on red, which Seldon had come to understand as merely a Cubi. Gold would be when he felt Royally needed. His natural green human was when he needed to focus on human elements regarding what the Cubi people needed. It helped Seldon immensely.


Daniel’s eyes settled on red now, meaning he’d settled on focusing on something merely Cubi. His lovers.


Seldon loved that he could read him like that. “I’ve arranged something with Heimli, and my idea is to make a calendar for him. Of us.” Seldon grinned. “This might sound corny, but…three hundred sixty-five more days to love him.”


Daniel smiled. “Three hundred sixty-six. It’s leap year.”


“Oh!” Seldon had missed that. “We’ll make an extra photo at the end. Have Heimli make a candid. And extra day.”


Daniel’s smile grew more radiant. “Not just us. Let’s get photos of his children and loved ones. And let’s find one of Maledon. Heimli will have to travel, but let’s make a calendar that fits his year. Children on their birth months for instance. Us on the month we…I learned Cubi love. And Maledon.” Daniel’s eyes grew blank, the red shimmering strongly. “Let’s fill his year with love in general. And you and me in a tub for the leap year.”


“Not a library?”


Daniel laughed. “You heard the tales already.”


“Yeah.” Seldon grinned at having been told that Daniel had defended him even though Seldon had been in a red shirt at the time. Actually, he’d been lying on his stomach from a ripped up back having met a single tail for a hundred lashes, while Daniel had seduced a House Lord in a library labeled a no feeding zone. They’d never been a match to the Royal hunger, even as Daniel had been growing into his powers.


Today, Seldon didn’t doubt it. With the King the once spoiled brat had grown into, Seldon appreciated the insight and wisdom of House Lord Caledon even more. Neither had expected that young Untouchable Beauty to become their King, but he had. Neither had expected to end up in a love triangle, but they had.


“What do you and I have that he should yearn to join like I wanted to have witnessed the library scene?”


Daniel cocked his head. “Definitely not my lack of understanding.”


Seldon smiled and hugged his boy tighter. “Leave that be,” he whispered. That had been painful for Seldon, physically, but it had been an important Cubi lesson in the difference between feeding and love. “You learned and grew, which was my hope, paid by my suffering.”


“I still hate it. Please teach me something new.” Daniel looked up, the color of his eyes shifting as he mentally ran through all he’d learned. They ended on red.


“Cubi love is not limited by a pair of opposite genders, you know that. That’s for procreation, and we love and honor our mates. Love is fluent. Love is never something to be stingy with. Love has many nuances.”

Daniel grinned. “And flavors?”


Seldon cocked his head. “What are you thinking?”


“I still eat. Cale doesn’t. I’m thinking…what can still excite an old Cubus like a Cub can be about a cake? A birthday cake?”


“Oh!” A million delicious images mingled in Seldon’s head, while he tried to incorporate the human aspect that Daniel brought. Then he grinned. “I think I have just the idea. Other than the idea for the calendar.”


Daniel’s beautiful face lit up in a smile. “Tell me more, Papi.”


Seldon laughed loudly at the reference.




By the day of Caledon’s birthday, Daniel and Seldon had managed a grand scale conspiracy, having the help of the Guards, the Ilkil-Nol and Nil, and a few of Caledon’s children.


But that was for later. First, Caledon’s meeting that morning had been a ruse to make them all set an alarm clock, and all Ilkil-Nol and Nil had been in on it. The diligent Lord got up, took a shower, dressed, and went to his meeting, while Seldon and Daniel followed suite, grinning conspiratorially all the way through that morning routine of getting Daniel’s ass ready.


According to their morning plans, they stood outside the door to the Grand Council Hall half an hour after the morning meeting of Ilkil-Nol and Nil had commenced. With them were two human feeders, one being Caledon’s claimed breeder, Oliver, and another he enjoyed more than once a month lately.


“Do you think he knows?” Daniel whispered.


“Absolutely not,” Seldon said. “I asked Ilkil-Nol Lady Laudin to make this sound official.” Seldon felt quite proud of himself for having thought of having the left-hand Lady of Nol-Elakdon play a part in the morning surprise. Hearing Caledon bitch about a morning meeting on his birthday meant they’d managed the surprise. Hopefully, Seldon having been loud about wanting his lover home by three pm to celebrate, even if it wasn’t a round birthday, had hopefully helped.


No morning feeding for the busy Lord, and he was cranky. Hangry, even.


Daniel looked down himself. His cock stood hard and hungry with a candle tied to it with a golden bow. So did Seldon’s, and he, too, had a candle tied to his cock, but with a red bow. No sticking candles in there. That took training and…desire for that sensation.


The two humans for Caledon to feed on human hormones on were equally decorated, and Seldon helped stroke their cocks.


“I kinda like these” Daniel said, fingering the golden metal arches with a gem at each end, pinching each of his nipples.


“I dislike them, but I’ll do it for him,” Seldon said, seriously not a fan of the tightness around his nipples. Wearing a pointy party hat topped off the ridiculousness, but they were going for fun decorative like a cake would be. To add to it, all of them wore tinsel bracelets around their upper arms, elbows, knees, ankles, and the base of their cocks.


“I love them, and I know Lord Caledon will, too.” Oliver looked as excited as Seldon felt about their surprise.


“Yeah, he knows how to rub them right!” the other human said. Jean or Sean. Seldon wasn’t sure. He just knew a nipple loving feeding room for active Incubus had been opened up somewhere, and Caledon had flagged it on his feeding app. It was where Seldon had found the feeder to join in on being the Cubi version of a birthday cake.


“We better light these,” Oliver said, gingerly pitting a lighter to the almost one-foot candle, pointing straight up from his cock. They’d all tied a cloth around it just short of their dicks to make sure wax wouldn’t run down it and touch sensitive areas, but Seldon definitely understood the trepidancy despite their precautions.


The only non-visible preparation for Caledon’s gift was the slipperiness between Seldon’s ass cheeks. Having anticipated Caledon wanting to top, Seldon and Daniel had edged each other by preparing each other with fingers and lube. Getting ready for this had been fun, too.


The door flew open, and Ilkil-Nol Lady Laudin grinned at them, so they entered, singing happy birthday to you, the candles leading the way.


Caledon collapsed over the table, laughing, cowing his face with his hands. When he finally peeked out, he looked so cute, touched, and vulnerable. “Damn, you guys!”


A rising Royal energy mingled, emanating from Daniel, adding to the Cubi enjoyment of the situation, but the feeding energy from humans, that Daniel was oblivious to, rose, too. They’d picked the right feeders to help them give Caledon the best morning feeding for his breakfast.


Caledon’s eyes darkened to almost black, while the Ilkil-Nol and Nil excused themselves, whishing Caledon a lovely breakfast.


“Fuck, you guys look hot!” Caledon exclaimed, taking in the sight of them.


“Come and get it.” Daniel shook what he got, the nipple gems dancing. He then turned and twerked his ass, making even Seldon’s cock spit a dollop.


The humans copied as best they could.


Seldon merely stood back and stroked his cock and candle, letting his gaze travel Caledon lazily, grinning. “You, my lover, are wearing too many clothes to come blow some candles.”


Caledon took the hint, biting his lower lip as he quickly discarded his clothes, his gaze hungrily taking them in.

The sound of pillows landing behind them seemed the perfect backdrop to Caledon revealing his beautiful body, and by the time Guard Lords and Ladies had filled the floor, Caledon was naked.


Seldon and Daniel closed in as agreed, while the humans found their place in the pillows, minding their candles. Seldon blew out Daniel’s cock candle and untied it, and the young King stepped up to Caledon, looking into his eyes. The connection between them was so strong, and Seldon drew a shuttering breath at the intensity.


“You carry such strength and burden in this Kingdom, my love,” Daniel said. “But not now. Not today. Today I carry you.” Daniel and his young Royal strength scooped Caledon up into his arms, their gazes never breaking.


Seldon hurried to the pillows and found his place, also minding the candle.


Daniel carried Caledon there and knelt at the border to the sea of pillows. “Blow your candles, lover.”


Caledon leaned in for a greedy kiss before releasing Daniel. He then blew out the flame on Oliver’s cock candle and covered his body, his mouth finding the decorative metal that made for more perky nipples to play with while untying the candle.


Daniel seemed the least patient as they watched Caledon feed on Oliver. Considering he couldn’t feed on the humans, he spent his time driving Seldon insane by edging him and licking his thighs and balls, while Caledon fed on the two humans, blowing those candles for all he was worth.


By the time Caledon had swallowed the breakfast loads from the humans, Daniel had replaced the burnt-down candle on Seldon’s cock with his own early extinguished one for Caledon to blow out.  


“You look full,” Daniel noticed, grinning at Caledon.


“Two humans for breakfast? I am.”


Daniel leaned in for a kiss, and Seldon watched as they shared a lingering kiss. Daniel then grabbed the back of Caledon’s head and deepened the kiss, and dose spilled between their lips. Caledon moaned loudly, and a shiver raked his body.

The two humans retreated. This was the King’s present. By the sight and sound of it, he was filling Caledon up with a full gland worth of Royal dose. Oh, man. They were going to fuck Caledon to within a brink of his sanity, showering him with pleasure, love, and the unity the three of them had become.


The kiss broke, and Caledon fell back, writhing in need, gasping from the strength of the many Royal doses. “Oh, fuck, that’s potent!” He then blew out Seldon’s candle and eagerly removed it to plunge his mouth down on Seldon’s straining cock.

Seldon fell back on the pillows, happy about the gentler treatment than having the candle untied.


Grinning, Daniel moved behind Caledon and arranged him so that he had his ass in the air while he sucked Seldon off. Daniel looked almost like he’d discovered a cake just for him as he stared into Caledon’s ass. He then grabbed a cheek in each hand and buried his face there, resulting in delicious vibration from a loud moan around Seldon’s cock.


This was without a doubt the beauty of being in a threesome.


Seldon’s mind let go to fully enjoy Caledon’s hungry and eager attention, not to mention the lovely sounds he made from Daniel’s enthusiasm. It brought back memories, though, to the day Nol-Elakdon had arrived in America. They’d met him, tussled after sex, having ganged up on Caledon in the office and teased his body and mind until he’d begged.


The memory spurred Seldon on, and he felt an orgasm built to the mental image of Caledon gripping his hair and writhing on that desk.


Seldon looked down at the beautiful man, sucking him off. There was something intimate and vulnerable about seeing his cock slip into a mouth, and the serene expression and lust, evident on Caledon’s face, upped it to a new level.


But something was missing. Caledon’s black mane of hair still looked too neat, so Seldon ran his fingers through it, vowing that Caledon would look even more sex-tussled this time, once they’d sucked all those doses out of him.


Caledon opened his eyes and looked up at Seldon, who gasped at the raw desire, shining in his heavy-lidded eyes.

That was it for Seldon. The intensity rose steeply, and he threw his head back against the pillow, moaning loudly as he fed Caledon his load, getting sucked through the orgasm.


Caledon moaned as he swallowed, but he seemed almost desperate as he pushed Seldon’s legs apart and scrambled to lie between them, kissing his way sloppily up Seldon’s chest and toying with the nipple jewelry.


“I’m ready for you,” Seldon whispered hoarsely.


Caledon propped himself up, a grin spreading. He then shuffled closer, and Seldon pulled his legs back to soon after feel the head of Caledon’s cock press in. “Best birthday breakfast ever,” Caledon whispered breathlessly, then moaned and let his head fall back as he sank in to the hilt.


Daniel shuffled up behind Caledon and embraced him, his fingers seeking out nipples.


A shudder tore through Caledon. He then set a steady and slow pace into Seldon, while leaning back against Daniel to have his body open to be caressed. It prompted a different position in Seldon’s mind, so he swung a leg around, meaning Caledon slipped out of him.


Seldon caught the confused expression as he flipped onto all four and backed up, and Caledon dosed mind wasn’t slow to figure out what was going on. Once penetrated again, Seldon rose up onto his knees so that Caledon was pancaked between them.


Caledon reached around and toyed with the jewelry on one nipple, while reaching down to stroke Seldon’s cock. Considering Caledon’s limited movement against Daniel, Seldon helped set the stimulation the dosed Lord needed, and they soon swam away in pleasure.


The sounds of sloppy kissing behind him made Seldon smile. He loved when they could be just them and enjoy unhurried feeding and then lazy Cubi lovemaking. With how full Caledon would be for the remainder of the day, there was a big chance for lots of that. Except more party had been planned.


But that was for later mind-work.


“Oh, God,” Caledon whispered. “I need more. I need…I need…lie down.”


Seldon fell forward from a push to the back, landing softly in the sea of pillows.


Caledon’s long and athletic legs straddled Seldon’s thighs, and he soon after penetrated. He then held still, and a long moan escaped him. “God yes, fuck me.”


Seldon turned his head, catching the serene expression that soon turned intense from pleasure as Daniel slipped inside. At least that’s what it looked like from Seldon’s limited view.


“Yeah,” Daniel whispered. “Now please us both and let us feed you.”


Caledon groaned again and set a new pace, laying down over Seldon to sneak arms under his chest. He rotated his hips, stimulating Seldon to completely lose himself in the delicious sensation. Mixed with a hot tongue exploring his neck and shoulders, Seldon floated away in the gentler side of his lover.


Good thing Seldon wasn’t the one dosed. The Cubi birthday cake would have taken on an entirely different kind of flavor. Considering their position, he even snickered at them being a layered birthday cake.


Caledon’s movements and moans changed, indicating he’d be chasing his orgasm, soon, and Seldon spurred him on by jutting up his ass.


“Oh, yes, I love your ass,” Caledon managed, gasping his way through the final thrusts needed for him to tip over. By the sounds of it, Daniel followed swiftly.


Seldon tried to calculate doses and pleasure, but with Daniel’s doses’ power, there was no real telling.

Caledon flipped off Seldon, toppled Daniel, and pushed his legs back to penetrate. Daniel grinned, giving himself over to be pleasured.


In the meantime, Seldon watched, enjoying the sight. He then hoped Caledon would fuck him again and be coordinated and clear thinking enough to hit that good spot.


Caledon noticed Seldon watching, grinning and waving him closer. He then shifted his position to sit with Daniel’s ass in his lap, leaving room for Seldon to fondle their young lover. But the change in position sounded like it hit the spot, and Daniel writhed and moaned with abandon, setting Caledon on a path to find relief from the insane lust the Royal doses had poured into him.


Quickly, Seldon got up onto his knees and leaned in to lock his lips around the closest of Caledon’s nipples, prompting the man to clutch his face close with an arm as the last stimuli to a very erogenous zone kicked off the end game.


“Oh, fuck! Yes!” Daniel shouted.


Caledon lost his rhythm and scrambled for a moment, yet Seldon tried to follow, grinning at the sound of his two orgasming lovers.


“Holy fuck, your doses are strong!” Caledon toppled Seldon and claimed his lips, once again fighting his way to lie between his legs and penetrate. “So strong, of God!”


Seldon wasn’t complaining. “Yes, come on, enjoy me, too.”


“Always, Allon,” Caledon mumbled through greedy kisses while centering his cock to slip into Seldon in one long stroke. “Oh, yeah!” Caledon upped the intensity, and Seldon grinned in expectation, catching an equally grinning young King settling next to them. “I know how you like it,” Caledon said, breathing heavily. He then snapped his hips, sending a jolt of pleasure through Seldon.


“Yes!” Seldon reached to fondle Caledon, who set the perfect pace and speed of his thrusts, finding the spot that would raise Seldon’s pleasure to the max and thus suck out the most dose in the horny Lord. With Caledon’s focus and determination to send Seldon into a world of explosive sensation, it didn’t take long, and Seldon convulsed in the pillows, shouting.


Caledon collapsed on top of Seldon, both a sweaty and heaving mess. “Oh, wow.”


“Happy birthday, Cale,” Daniel said.


Seldon tightened his grip around Caledon. “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”


Caledon released one of his cute whimpers and slid off Seldon to lie in his arm and rest his head on Seldon’s chest. Daniel snuggled in, and Seldon turned so that they flanked Caledon and nuzzled him as they came down from the high of orgasms.

“I knew you were up to something, but I just hadn’t expected to be filled up from the morning.”


“Cake is okay breakfast on one’s birthday,” Daniel said.


“Cubi birthday cake counts,” Seldon added.


Caledon chuckled. “Oh, I agree.”


“But we have more planned, and we figured you’d want to not have to run off and feed for that,” Daniel said.


“That sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to that.” Caledon sighed, his fingers slowly stroking Seldon. “But I don’t want to move yet. In fact…” Caledon shuffled around and spread his arms. “I just want to have you both in my arms.”


Daniel and Seldon grinned at each other, then found their spots, each resting their head on Caledon’s chest for more snuggle time, lazily caressing and kissing him. Seldon’s goal had been reached. Caledon looked the sexy and thoroughly fucked mess he’d aimed for.

It was a perfect start. With a party planned to take up the rest of the day with as many of Caledon’s friends and family they’d managed to get to the House of Beaudon, this seemed the silence before a storm.


A storm of love with Caledon at the eye of it. With how hard he’d worked lately, he deserved nothing less than a day to kick back and bask in the love of family, friends, and his lovers. Starting with the three of them, Seldon reveled in the fact that Daniel’s mind and understanding of the dynamics of a threesome had finally settled.


Life was good, and Seldon could think of no other place he wanted to be than in the arms of his lovers.