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Cinnamon birthday

Elakdon sauntered through his house, feeling tired to the bones, yet it was barely seven in the evening. Sometimes, human bureaucracy was more daunting than they had to be. Other times, they cut corners. Today, they’d cut a corner, and Elakdon had been forced to keep the human government at the tables until he was satisfied that they’d given the situation the attention he thought it deserved.

Ignorance had made them cut a corner. At least he was good at telling stories and keeping an audience engaged while doing so, so he’d ended up giving them an exciting history lesson to close some knowledge gaps.

But no more. Not today. Elakdon just wanted to find a couch, his husband, and snuggle to something stupid on TV. It wasn’t often he was in the mood for TV, but tonight, he needed it. A romantic comedy, maybe? A comedy, at least.

Elakdon reached the den and found the remote next to the TV, then flipped through to Netflix to see if something new had been uploaded. There had to be, considering it had been ten months since he’d logged on the last time.

“Aw, my King looks knackered.”

Elakdon grinned at Randr as he entered the den and came to encircle Elakdon from behind. “I am. I’m in the mood for snuggle and something funny. And feeding. Humans forget Royals are hungry, and I only had a mile high snack in the chopper.”

“Doesn’t count as a mile in a helicopter,” Randr mumbled, nibbling at Elakdon’s neck. It caused delicious shivers to run over Elakdon’s skin.

“I’ve heard rumors of fun and feeding,” Guard Lady Paridin said.

“Really? I’m all ears.” Elakdon continued enjoying his husband’s lips teasing his skin as he flipped aimlessly through the titles on the screen, yet nothing caught his eye.

“A young Succubus on the west estate turns twenty-five today. She’s having a party. She and her friends talked about how fun it could be to have their King as a birthday cake.”

“Oh!” Fun images flittered through Elakdon’s tired brain, and an idea stood out.

The Guard Lady laughed. “I see you agree.”

“Oh, yeah—especially with one so newly empowered. I should shower and change. And find a present.”

“Go shower, my King, and I’ll handle the present.” Randr slipped around front and stole a kiss.

“Where do you come up with presents out of the blue?”

“I discovered online stores,” Randr said. “I may have an addiction.” He then dashed off, leaving Elakdon grinning.

He looked at Lady Paridin. “Would you get canisters of whipped cream and chocolate fudge, then?”

She snorted. “Yes, Nol.”

“Oh, and a party hat! I need a party hat.”

The Lady left, chuckling.



As Elakdon and three Guards drove to the West Estate of his House, twenty kilometers from his main building complex, Elakdon second guessed some of the brilliance of his plan as the attire was not fit for winter in Denmark. It was snowing outside, and all he wore was a golden satin robe and slippers. And a party hat.

There was one disadvantage to crashing a birthday party the way he sometimes did. He rarely knew the Cubus closely enough to know what they might wish for. Or what kind of party he was crashing.

In his lap, he had a neatly wrapped present, and he smiled at Randr’s ingenuity when finding gifts. That man could conjure them up seemingly by magic. Knowing he liked online shopping, Elakdon even suspected Randr had a small storage of presents for all purposes.

Elakdon hoped the Succubus found humor in the present along with it being useful. It was always hit or miss when not knowing them. Turning twenty-five, she’d been empowered three years ago, so she was a hungry mingler. Twenty-five was a big day in human society, too, and her age meant she was still connected to the human world. A cinnamon birthday. If not married, the one turning twenty-five would be covered in cinnamon. At age thirty, it would be black pepper.

Elakdon remembered when the tradition had started. It had only been the pepper back then, and impatient people had probably added the cinnamon to avoid having to wait for so long to tease their friends with being unwed.

He’d found it stupid—especially since it had been around the fifteen-hundreds that the tradition had been born, and the Cubi had been struggling enough with some of the other human laws and regulations at the time.

Today, though, he liked it. He even participated once in a while. Today, the tradition was fun. And a good party usually followed. Fucking someone after they’d been sprinkled heavily with pepper was not always a great success because that strong spice got into everything and ended up everywhere. Sneezing was not sexy—could never be sexy. I made for some fun sex, though, and Elakdon was very much up for fun feeding that evening.

Also, he liked the surprise of a party like that. He had no idea what the young Succubus had been classified to feed on or how, but he’d soon learn.

It didn’t matter whether it was men or women—he was a Royal, so all of his people could feed from him and feed him. His hunger would awaken to give or receive the most pleasure from the Cubus he was with, and the surprise of what that would be was always one he looked forward to.

The car finally rolled up in front of the estate. A Guard Lord stood close by, bunkered down in the snow.

Lady Paradin rolled down her window from her shotgun seat, letting a cold breeze inside to sneak up Elakdon’s flimsy garment. “Have you located the party?”

“Yes, My Lady. They’re in the party building around back.” He pointed. “Around thirty people. Oh, and there’s a tap.”

“Uh.” Elakdon grinned at the Guard Lady next to him.

The Guard Lord standing outside in the snow laughed. “Nol…”

Lady Paridin laughed, then turned and handed Elakdon a very cold flask of store-bought mead.

Elakdon grinned. “Perfect! Thank you, Lord Stardon.”

“The birthday girl’s name is Bavadin. Have fun, Nol.”

“Thank you.”

Lady Paradin rolled up the window, and Elakdon hoped he’d get warm before they arrived. No such luck. The car had barely pulled away before it rounded the end of the main building, followed the bend to the left, and revealed loud twenty-something-taste music blasting from the small place.

“I take point,” Lady Paridin said.

“My Lady,” the others responded and stayed behind with Elakdon.

“I may need to be carried home.”

Lady Olidin grinned. “With mead in your lap and newly empowered to party and feed with, Nol?”

His Guards knew him too well when she looked like that was expected.

The door to the building opened again, and Lady Paridin exited, then got back into the car. “They’re all inside and no one are in the hall, so you can slip in and make a scene.”

Yup, they knew him too well. He loved making an entrance. Which explained his attire.

Elakdon handed the present and bottle of mead to Lady Olidin, then dug into the bag with whipped cream and fudge. Equipped with one in each hand, he followed Lady Olidin out, shivering violently as a gust of wind sent snow up his robe to feel like pins on his thigs and naked ass.

He dashed ahead, feeling un-elegant as he traversed the small snowy banks while trying to avoid losing his slippers in one.

Lady Paridin opened the front door and went inside with Lady Olidn, while other Guards took up a spot outside. Two more entered behind Elakdon—one being the Lord who’d received them. Once they’d locked out the cold, Elakdon stomped the snow off his slippers and let Lord Stardon help smooth the snow from the golden fabric.

Two signs hung on the door, each with a Cubi symbol on it. Unempowered present, meaning no feeding inside. The Designated feeding area had an arrow, pointing to where Elakdon had often ended up at other parties in that building.

No one would hear them in the hallway—the music and hum of voices talking and laughing were too loud. Finally, Elakdon was ready, so he stepped forward, while Lady Paridin and Lord Stardon opened the doors wide.

The word “Nol” sounded over the music, then repeated a few times, and the music cut out. A pin dancing on the floor would have been heard. Everybody faced him and knelt.

“Thank you!” Elakdon said. He then held up the canisters and shook the whipped cream, grinning. “The weather didn’t allow for me to come as a cake, so I hope you don’t mind decorating me yourselves.”

Laughter erupted along with the sounds of everybody getting back on their feet.

“Now! Where’s the birthday Succubus with such a fun idea?”

One stepped forward, grinning, yet she seemed flustered and awkward. It was adorable. She looked kinda rockstar with her dark makeup, dark-red nails, and long black hair, but her curtain bangs were fiery red, framing her face and playing perfectly against the nuance of her lips. She looked kinda badass.

“Nol.” She came over, failing miserably in hiding her grin.

“Happy birthday, Bavadin.” Elakdon stepped up, leaned in, and kissed her on the lips. She put an arm around him, pulled him close by a tight hold on his lower back, and deepened it. Oh, damn, she was a very active pleaser, that was for sure. Elakdon’s hunger rose along with a boner. All that badassness about her turned him on, and he expected to be in for a wild night. The look in her dark-brown eyes as he reluctantly pulled back made his mouth grow dry. It took a moment to find his voice. “I brought a precent from me and Randr.”

“Is he here, too?”

“No, I think he had an appointment. He’s sorry he couldn’t make it.” That was the usual excuse because they both knew that most felt uncomfortable with his appearance, and he’d most often end up camouflaged by a wall, watching life unfold around him. But if anyone came to their home, the visiting Cubi had to treat Randr with respect, or Elakdon would lose his fun-loving mood and cool.

Elakdon turned his head to find Lady Olidin still holding the present, so Elakdon handed over the whipped cream and fudge to the birthday girl, then took the present and handed it to her. There was only one problem now. Now her hands were full. She seemed to realize that, too, and laughed, then handed the canisters off to a friend nearby to accept the present.

People moved closer, and Elakdon looked around at the many faces, acknowledging them. He recognized a few, too, and one young Master blushed as Elakdon winked at him. He’d empowered him not long ago, and that had been fun and scorching hot. A completely impromptu Royal empowerment in the stables.

His attention quickly returned to the birthday girl as she began unwrapping what Randr had picked for her. A gift basket with a cinnamon theme – soap, bath oils, scented candles, a little canister with cinnamon, and a recipe for cinnamon cookies. Yeah, Randr knew how to stick to a theme. But Elakdon had added a box with a gold pendant with his royal crest on one side and the Cubi symbol for happy celebration on the other along with a hand-written card that they’d both signed.

She snickered. “I hate cinnamon.”

Elakdon laughed. “Well, it fit the theme, so…” He leaned in and smelled her. “If the aversion came about from earlier parts of your birthday, I get it.”

“That certainly didn’t help the matter. But I have a dear friend who loves it. We trade stuff like this. If you think that’s okay, Nol.”

“Oh, I absolutely do. This was meant as humor. This, however…” Elakdon picked up the box, opened it, and revealed the chain and pendant. Bavadin gasped and looked up at him. Yeah, that was a perfect present. All the gold adorning their Royal was theirs, and he was the keeper of it. He liked the symbology of putting his touch onto their wealth and reminding them of it and his position as being part of their treasure.

He opened the lock and held it out.

A brilliant smile spread as she lifted her long flowing hair out of the way, allowing him to step closer and reach around her neck to close the chain. She let go of her hair, then put a hand over the one-inch crest. She looked up at Elakdon. “This…this I love. Thank you, Nol.”

Elakdon hugged her, while her guests clapped at the gift being well-received. “Now…this was a party before I crashed it, right?”

Bavadin stepped back, laughing. “Yes, Nol.”

“Forget all the formalities, then. Let’s just party.”

“Let’s go get you in a partying mood, too, then, My King.” She hooked her arm under his, then hauled him across the room toward the bar so fast he left a slipper behind. Formality gone!

The music and chatter started up again.

It was a self-serve bar, and Elakdon hurried around to pour drafts. He then noticed the friend, whom Bavadin had handed the canisters over to, had followed them, so he held up a glass in a silent offering. She nodded, smiling brilliantly.

He loved that look in the eyes of his people. It meant he was being a good King.

Once he’d poured for the three of them and another few for people who’d arrived for a re-fill, Elakdon held out his glass for a toast.

“I’m curious. What awesome presents did you get today?”

“You want to see the gift table?” Bavadin pointed.

“Absolute!” Still a slipper short, Elakdon followed, noticing again that the red-headed friend followed. When she and Bavadin interlaced their fingers, he smiled. Maybe he’d empower two that evening? But once they were at the table away from the others, he noticed her scent was off. She hadn’t been empowered yet because she was too young, but she was a born Succubus. “Lovers?”

“Yes, Nol,” Bavadin said. “We’ve been together for almost a year.”

Elakdon smiled, then looked at the lover. “Had you been empowered, too, I’d have loved to empower you both tonight. Unfortunately…” Elakdon raised a hand and made a fist.

A Guard came to him immediately. “Nol?”

“The lover is unempowered.”

“I’ll be close and secure her from your doses, Nol.”

“You’ll have a shadow tonight,” Elakdon informed the young Succubus. “What’s your name?”

“Riadin, Nol.”

He shook her hand, then stepped closer to smell her. “I can smell your dad’s a Changeling, and your mother is human. When you one day feel ready to have cubs, make sure the father is a born Cubus. To strengthen the Cubi genes. Also, I will empower you personally to make you stronger. Let your parents know, please, but I will allow whom has been given the honor to empower you to join us, and I will empower them, too.”

Riadin grinned. “Thank you, Nol.”

This was his duty to his people. To strengthen them. Her Cubi gene was so weak it neared a washed bloodline. He couldn’t have that. He’d never risk it.

“Now!” Elakdon turned to face the booming table. “Let me see your presents.”

Bavadin started from an end, picking through all sorts of stuff, and Elakdon found a trend. She loved metal music, had a thing for acrylic nails, makeup, and skulls, be they from monsters, animals, or…the human one was a fake, though. It gave him a unique insight into the Cubus he was with, so he always started at the gift table for that insight.

How goth. Or, Memento Mori? Being a thousand years old, he rarely thought about his own death. Only Randr’s. He was terrified of it, and he quickly shook the thought.

“What kind of music do you like, Nol?” Bavari asked.

“Almost everything. It has changed so many times in my lifetime that I enjoy the creativity as it happens, and some stick with me. Other music genres just…evaporate from time and mind.” Elakdon picked up a gift certificate for a streaming service. He knew that one because he and Randr had bought one for a Vargr biteday not long ago.

The music was back on, yet the guests apparently didn’t agree on one genre, and everybody were allowed to go to the computer and plot something in. Elakdon considered doing it, too, but he’d leave it to them and enjoy whatever they came up with.

Once they’d gone through the gift table, they’d also drank their beer, so they returned to the bar where Riadin made it behind to the tap and refilled their drafts. A Guard had returned Elakdon’s slipper to him, too.

“What kind of drinks do you like, Nol? We have a selection over there.” Bavadin pointed to a table filled with booze, juice, and soda. And a big bucket of ice cubes. And thermos.

“Irish coffee? If anything, I brought the whipped cream.”

The look she sent him made his groin tingle. “You did, didn’t you…”

She was scheming something naughty, and Elakdon felt excitedly impatient, so he flashed her a sexy smile and let her feel her King’s horniness. Her eyes grew heavy, and Elakdon’s turned a darker molten gold in response. He knew when his eyes did that, and the scent of Bavadin’s hunger rising made his cock rock hard.

Bavadin stepped up so close that they stood flush against each other, and her legs closed around one of Elakdon’s, making her thigh ghost against his crotch. Only that flimsy material separated them. And her black denim pants. “I think we better make sure you’ve gotten warm from coming here in the snow before we…undress you and decorate you as a beautiful cake.”

“Yeah,” Elakdon croaked.

A self-secure smile ghosted her lips, making Elakdon look. Her tongue swept out, wetting her lips. Oh, yeah, she knew how to seduce. Then again, Elakdon was not difficult to seduce—especially when already looking forward to empowering his people.

“I’ll go make you an Irish coffee to make you nice and…well, you’re already hot.” She left, laving Elakdon with a goofy grin on his face and a boner poking out from the robe.

 As she left, his gaze fell upon what looked like a pamphlet on the bar, so he picked it up to glance at as he took another sip of his beer. He then choked on it and looked around for a clock, as the pamphlet turned out to be a program for the evening’s festivities, and he’d made it there before…karaoke!

“Mead! Guard! I need that mead!”

“What’s wrong, Nol?” Riadin asked.

Bavadin returned just then, holding a tray with three mugs.

“Karaoke,” Elakdon said. “I…you’d prefer me slightly drunk before I do that.”

Bavadin laughed long and hard, then distributed the mugs with Irish coffee for her lover and Elakdon. He loved her laugh. The power of the sound in it.

The giggles from the lover fit her calmer persona compared to the powerful badass that Bavadin was. Riadin had natural red hair, a few freckles, and bright blue eyes. She could charm any man with a strong force of feminine gentleness. She certainly charmed Elakdon, and he looked forward to empowering her.

Lady Olidin placed the bottle of mead and shot glasses on the bar, so Elakdon poured for the three of them.

“May the first quarter of your life as a Mingler be followed by three full of happiness, love, lust, and true friends.”

When her eyes turned red, she’d need those friends to adapt to being confined to the Cubi Houses. Again, the need to free his people stirred in Elakdon, but now was not the time for them to rise. The Kingdom to the West still didn’t have a Royal, and the influence from there would either speak for or against whether the time was coming soon.

He drowned the need to secure the Succubus’ future freedom to roam and feed freely by enjoying the spicy sweetness of the mead.  

“What will you sing, Nol?” Riadin pointed to the pamphlet.

Elakdon grinned, picking it up again. “What genre is the selection?”

“Lots of rock and roll,” Bavadin said. That didn’t surprise Elakdon. It left him a few possibilities that made him excited, yet he’d go back a few decades. And after that…cake time.

The dance floor was booming again, and people were having fun.

Elakdon wanted to dance, too, but he needed to flush the last of the boring day, so he asked Bavadin and Riadin a bunch of questions to get some fun stories and get to know them. They moved to a table with other close friends of theirs, and Elakdon’s cheeks hurt from laughing before the karaoke began.

The Irish coffee, mead, and party vibes had loosened him up by then, and he joined the others, jumping and cheering when the mic was declared open. Around him, bets were made whether the one stepping up could sing or not, yet the bets were drinks. Looser had to drink a shot of something that smelled a lot like liquorish. Elakdon hated those. Dissolving candy in Vodka left for some nasty surprises.

But, he was at a party, so he’d participate. He looked to the Succubus on the platform, gauging her overall self-esteem as she scrolled through the list. It was never a safe bet with Cubi. Many were self-secure, even when about to take on an ordeal they knew they’d botch but would have fun with.

Elakdon looked at Bavadin. “It’s kinda unfair since I figure many of you know whether she can sing or not.”

“We’re not allowed to participate, then. I know, so I’m not participating.” She squinted at him. “And I’m not telling.”

“Honor, I like it.” He looked at the stage again, where the Succubus had found her song. “Nope, not a singer.”

 A song started up, and the Succubus began to sing. Too sharp sometimes, so he’d won, but she could move a crowd, and they grabbed their beers and squeezed together around the stage, dancing along.

Being there for Bavadin, Elakdon focused on her yet also on giving her space with her friends. He did whisper to Riadin what Bavadin’s favorite songs were, hoping he knew one well enough to sing it. It took some prodding and follow up questions, but he finally settled on one.

Six songs in, Elakdon had had to drink three of those disgusting drinks. When no one seemed to be in a hurry to take the stage, Elakdon did, grinning at the cheering. He looked through the selection to find the classic and iconic song that he knew for sure he’d sung enough to sound okay. But that was beside the point—they were there to have fun. He merely hoped Bavadin would forgive him for butchering one of her favorites.

Finding the track for a metal version of his chosen song made him scramble for the headphones to hear the track, making him smile. He liked the original Zombie, but this could lively it up a bit. For her, he’d try, so he picked that one.

The song was a crowd pleaser, but when the metal part stepped in, and Elakdon added the necessary aggression to the tone to catch up, there was a momentary stunned silence before the roof blew off the place and people started dancing harder.

It spurred Elakdon on, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself, happy he’d gotten tipsy enough to go all in and follow the enthusiasm as it rose. He’d planned on being slightly drunk to overcome the urge to stop if his choice had killed the party because quitting in the middle of a karaoke song was a no-go. He did get self-conscious about it, though. The reaction, however, was awesome.

It even seemed Bavadin forgave the flat tones. The crowd certainly did.

But it was Elakdon being overly self-critical, considering he’d danced and partied like this to the others who couldn’t carry a tune all the way through, either.

The song ended, so he grabbed his beer, held it up and cheered, then gulped down the rest and left the platform.

Bavadin came over, laughing. “You stole my number, but you were great.”

Elakdon hugged her. “Thanks. And I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, I have a few backups.” She winked at him.

“Good.” Elakdon felt better. And thirstier, yet his glass was empty. “I’ll just…refill.”

“I’ll sing.” She let go and dashed off, and Elakdon spun to see her rush onto the platform, while the crowd went nuts.

Elakdon forewent a new beer, afraid he wouldn’t make it back to the front in time, so he grabbed something from the nearest table. It was one of those alcoholic sodas which were too sweet for his taste, but he was not missing Bavadin singing.

Riadin grabbed his arm. “She’s so good.”

Another metal version of a classic started up, and Bavadin stepped up to the mic with a new look in her eyes. Her badassness picked up ten-fold as an obviously practiced performer got into her zone.

“Oh, yeah,” Elakdon groaned, unable to tear his eyes away, and he was happy he hadn’t gone for a beer and thus  missed that shift in her.

That full laugh made sense now. She was used to using her voice, and what came out held no false tunes. She was an artist, and if there was one thing that could turn Elakdon on like nothing else, it was artists doing their stuff, and this young Succubus knew how to turn good songs into great metal songs.

She didn’t stop after that one, though. Had Elakdon overlooked something on the pamphlet after karaoke? Maybe, considering everybody figured it a concert now. He certainly did, and he drank another three of those sweet alcoholic beverages in a lame attempt to stay hydrated while dancing. Which, of course, didn’t work.


By the time Bavadin had sung seven or eight songs, Elakdon had reached a slightly tipsy state, matching the crowd of cheering spectators.

She left the stage, and a few brave souls ventured up there to fill her big shoes. This time, though, Elakdon needed something other than those sweet thingies, and Bavadin seemed to have the same idea as she headed straight for the bar, stopping ten times to thank people commenting on her little concert.

Elakdon and Riadin snuck through and made it there before her, having three drafts ready. The light bitterness quenched Elakdon’s thirst differently, and he groaned in delight.

Bavadin rounded the bar, grabbed a bottle of water, and drank it all.

“Wow,” Elakdon said. “You’re amazing.”

She gave him a brilliant smile. “Thank you, Nol. I sometimes wonder if my time as a Mingler lets me have time to do this more.”

“Has your hunger settled?”

“Somewhat. Next spike is around the time my eyes grow red, right?”

“Usually, yeah, and it’ll be for longer.”

“I get totally horny from singing, though.” She sent him a sidelong glance that made Elakdon’s cock stir.

“I get totally horny from hearing you sing.”

“Me, too,” Riadin said.

“Aw!” Elakdon whined. “I’m so sad you’re not empowered yet. We could have had so much fun!”

“I’ve heard you’re in enough control not to dose us,” Riadin said.

“Not taking that chance, sorry. A night like this, I can lose them all over the place when engaging in feeding. Being appreciated by my people is…I lose doses to feed my people.”

“Oh.” Riadin pouted, which looked adorable.

“I guess that’s going to complicate the birthday cake,” Bavadin said.

“Yes and no. Guards will know who’s empowered and who isn’t, and unempowered are kept at bay. And then we all get a shower and wherever I end up as the cake will be sanitized. We brought that, too, in case I lose control.”

That sneaky smile returned on Bavadin’s lips, and her eyes filled up with promises of fun naughtiness. She grabbed her beer and rounded the bar, once again coming to stand really close to Elakdon. He got excited again about empowering her, and when she once again encircled his leg with her thighs, she pressed against him with her whole body.

Elakdon loved the feel of her breasts pressing against him, and he couldn’t help but look between them, seeing his crest lie of a good handful sized boob. E wanted to kiss his way across her bosom, feel her skin ghost against his lips.

Bavadin reached out and closed her hand around his wrist, so he let go of the beer on the bar, letting her lead. She brought his hand to her breast, and he sighed at the softness under his palm.

“Isn’t my hand cold from the draft?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll warm you right up.”

A surge of lust spread from Elakdon’s stomach, racing over his skin as hunger and pooling in his crotch. He teasingly stroked the breast he’d been offered to fondle, biting his lip as he enjoyed the feel of her. He loved exploring a new Cubus, yet he felt pretty sure he’d be the one explored fully later.

A sneaky smile spread as she reached for his other hand, and he let her guide it to the other breast to distribute his attention on. And they said men couldn’t multitask. He was focusing on two breasts at the same time. Theory disproven.

His thumb brushed over a nipple, making her arch against him. Her reaction set off another surge of pleasure, and energy shot up his spine as a delicious precursor and taste of what could be slowly built from then on until they both culminated at some point.

“Prepare a table for Nol, and guard the unempowered,” Guard Lady Paradin said.

“My Lady.”

Elakdon grinned at Bavadin. “So, we messed up giving you cinnamon. How did I do with chocolate fudge?”

She matched his grin. “A favorite of mine.” She leaned in and Elakdon bared his throat for her, releasing a shuddering breath as hot air ghosted his neck. A warm tongue heated a path from the middle of his neck to his ear, and a shiver tore through him. “My absolute favorite, though?” She caught an earlobe between her teeth and tongue, applying just enough pressure to coax a grunt of excitement from him. “Honey.”

Elakdon and Randr had seen something on TV once where a naked woman on a bar had been covered in honey, and people wiped it off her body with cut pieces of fruit and ate it. He should have thought about that before coming to this party. Man, it would have been so perfect, considering so many still ate.

He’d have to remember that next time. Or put it in his calendar for Bavadin’s thirtieth birthday.

“I love honey, too,” he revealed.

“But you can’t eat it anymore, can you?”

“Mead, dear Succubus, mead.”

She giggled. That sound so close to his ear made Elakdon shiver again. His cock felt trapped at an odd angle between them, yet he really didn’t want to step away from her. He wiggled a bit to see if his erection would work itself free, which in turn caused delicious friction.

Bavadin once again put her hand on the small of Elakdon’s back and pulled him tight, while her other hand slid around to grab an ass cheek.

Elakdon felt desired and craved, and involuntarily thrust against her, thus managing his earlier endeavour of getting his cock into a more comfortable position.

“Oh, look, the table has been emptied,” Bavadin whispered.

Elakdon looked to his right, finding Guard Lord NAME removing the last few bottles.

Lady ONAME stood with a spray bottle and rags, yet Elakdon needed the rawness of the party, so he pulled away from Bavadin to pull her toward the table. She quickly followed. Her hands undid the strap around his belly, then slid under the fabric and caressed up his abs, over his pecs, and over his shoulders, taking the robe off his body to slip to the floor.

“The table is stickly, Nol.”

“I don’t care,” Elakdon managed, letting Bavadin and her intense gaze urge him back and onto the table to lie down. It really was a sticky table. Lots of drinks had been spilled on it, and it also smelled like popcorn. It felt uncomfortably cold, but the look in Bavadin’s eyes did what she’d promised. Warmed him right up.

The young Succubus grinned at him, then held up a can of whipped cream and chocolate fudge. She leaned over to place her mouth by his ear. “I love this present, My King.” She then kissed him greedily, and Elakdon moaned loudly into her mouth. More hands joined in, touching his extremities.

Once Bavadin pulled back from the kiss and stood, Elakdon could see the ones closing in around the table and Guard Lord SNAME standing at the foot of the table, watching him with his arms crossed.

The bag that Elakdon had brought went around, and people dug canisters out of it.

“Let’s turn our beautiful King into a beautiful birthday cake.” Bavadin shook her whipped cream some more, then initiated the project by putting a little mountain of it on one of Elakdon’s nipples. The cold made it harden and tingle.

Elakdon closed his eyes to relinquish himself to sensation, loving the tidbits of their reactions shimmering through when they touched his body. It was too little physical contact, though, but once they began eating off his body, he’d get all that delicious feeding energy from being a cake. When they set in on decorating his groin, even spreading his legs, Elakdon groaned from imagining tongues and lips there.

“You definitely look like a cake now, Nol.”

Elakdon opened his eyes and looked down the table to the Guard Lord, grinning, and…filming. He caught the fact that they’d put little flags in the mountains of whipped cream on his body, and someone had found springles.

“The birthday girl gets to…cut the cake.”

“No,” Elakdon said, getting a grin from Bavadin. She bundled her hair up and tied it in the back of her head, while the lust in her gaze rose.

Bavadin then leaned awkwardly over the table, keeping her gaze locked on Elakdon, before she stuck out her tongue and licked his body from navel to sternum.

A loud moan tore from him, and he once again closed his eyes to enjoy the surprise of the sensations to follow. He fought to keep the doses back because he really didn’t want to interrupt the party that much. As long as none of them dosed, he should be fine. Focusing on not raising his Royal energy had to be the main focus, then, but how was he to enjoy his people, then?

He was there to focus on Bavadin. He’d keep telling himself that.

But then mouths and tongs and nimble fingers moved all over his body, nibbling, licking, and exploring him, leaving him struggling to keep the doses back, while his senses tingled at their hunger for him and their craving for something he could give them, either actively or by receiving it from them.

He loved being the center of so many Cubi’s attention. He craved it and felt fulfilled as their energies spread across the skin that they were licking deliciousness from.

It seemed almost coordinated as they started at his extremities and worked their way toward his crotch and nipples and some shared their taste experiences with him by kissing him, leaving him with the hints of chocolate and whipped cream. Luckily, no one brought more than that, considering it would make him unwell for a few days.

At that moment, Elakdon didn’t care. He was too busy enjoying their touches, and he moaned and writhed on the sticky table, crying out when someone sucked his cock down their throat.

He snapped his head up to see who, moaning at finding Bavadin looking up at him with her mouth wrapped around the base of his cock.

Don’t dose her yet, don’t dose her yet, don’t dose her yet.

Elakdon let his head fall back and hit the table, adding just enough pain to dim his immediate reactions to the pleasurable experience of her warm mouth wrapped around his cock.

Lips moved up the inside of his left thigh, while someone licked across the right side of his ribcage, catching an erotically ticklish spot. A tongue traveled up his peck and across his clavicle, while someone sucked his fingers into their mouth.

It was all so erotic, yet he tried to focus on the mouth he knew belonged to Bavadin. It was still around his cock, sucking and teasing him. As it left his straining member, the lips didn’t stray far enough for him to be unsure of who took over. He could still follow her nibbling, even though another mouth closed around the head. His balls were Bavadin’s next target, making him quiver and moan.

Her tongue knew wonderful tricks.

Someone sucked a nipple, making Elakdon arch against the mouth for more. A masculine groan sounded in response.

The sound of more whipped cream being sprayed onto him was loud enough that he noticed that the karaoke had finished, and a playlist once again dominated yet not loudly enough to drown out the amorous sounds from the Royal birthday buffet being appreciated. Chatting and laughter surrounded them.

Bavadin moved lower and licked under Elakdon’s balls, and he gasped at the sensation. He loved getting rimmed. Lying on a table didn’t allow her the freedom to roam, though, and he whimpered from need and desperation to give her the needed access to shower him with pleasure.

His mind pushed wonderful ideas and scenarios at him for when he’d empower her alone and have time with her. Coupling that with all the Cubi treating his body to sensory heaven while enjoying him as a birthday cake, and Elakdon felt his pleasure rise steeply.

Don’t dose, don’t dose, don’t dose.

Bavadi snuck an arm under Elakdon’s leg, lifted his ass enough to gain access, and moaned against his tender flesh.

Elakdon quaked and moaned loudly, managing to grab one edge of the table and pull someone sucking on a nipple closer, which gave for more enthusiastic effort. But his race was lost. All those sensory inputs overwhelmed his system, and he gasped and groaned as his body and mind soared toward ecstasy.

Bavadin’s wonderful tongue disappeared from his ass, a mouth plunged down onto his cock, and a slick finger slipped into his ass.

Elakdon lost it and jerked, crying out as the orgasm barreled through his body.

It left his panting and lax on the table, grinning goofily at the ceiling.

Slowly, people pulled back, touches sliding off him with a sense of longing to touch him again, soon. He’d need the guest list and go find them to empower them, soon.

Guard Lord SNAME came over and helped Elakdon up on shaky legs. Looking at Bavadin, she had a proud and sexy smile on her lips. Yeah, she’d made her King’s knees knock, and the active pleaser was very pleased with her accomplishment.

Elakdon went to her, grinning. “Man am I glad I cleared my schedule to let you explore thoroughly when empowering you.” She was horny now, and Elakdon even figured it mean. But the party had reached the right side of midnight for them to soon go find a bed. “Tell me what you need now to be able to enjoy your birthday party before that.”

“Your very potent semen will keep me over. I’m just sorry the delicious taste of it will be washed away by more beer.”

“Easy!” Elakdon grinned. “Just make me come again after you’ve had more beer.”

She lit up. “Good plan.”

“I should probably go wash all this sticky alcohol and popcorn residue off, though.”

“No, you look and smell a hot mess.” She stepped closer. Seriously, the look in her

eyes and the imagined feel of her exploring his ass some more turned Elakdon on all over again. “We can shower together, then.”

“Deal.” No second thoughts on Elakdon’s behalf, even though the popcorns felt like they stuck to his back, and something still liquid ran down his back and tickled between his butt cheeks. His front was a mess, too, with saliva and cream and chocolate fudge. Bavadin grinned victoriously, then grabbed his beer from the bar and handed it to him.

But he shouldn’t stay naked among unempowered Cubi because that was a clear sign of feeding and dosing possibilities when it was him, and especially in settings like these. He was just happy he hadn’t lost a dose in there, probably causing the others to lose one, too. No cleanup, and more time for partying.

Once again sporting a hardon, Elakdon found his robe and slippers, got into them, and held out his beer for Bavadin to clink her own against. “How to get the party back on track?” Elakdon asked.

“I should sing another song.”

“You should definitely sing another song!” Elakdon nodded vigorously, making her laugh. She stepped closer and stroked his cock. Definitely moving toward the empowerment then, so Elakdon ran his hand up her thigh, around to feel out her ass, then up her flank to cup and caress a breast. “Do you have a wish?” she whispered.

“Uhm…” His mouth went dry again. “Kissed by a rose?”

Bavadin’s brows shot up, and a grin spread. “Oh, yeah.” She gave his cock another few strokes, then slipped her hand lower to caress his testicles, making him shudder from delight, gasping when one finger snuck behind and pressed lightly against the perineum. She then let go—leaving Elakdon wanting—topped off their beers, and let her lover carry hers to the stage for another, hopefully, mini concert. Even Elakdon would go up there again and sing something. But what? He had no idea, and he gulped down half a beer to regain the buzz needed to override the self-consciousness of singing karaoke.

Also, he felt parched from the moaning.

Five songs and a few of those sweet thingies later, Bavadin left the mic for others. Apparently, some had waited for her to stop singing to say goodnight, while some had tumbled out the door, too drunk and in need for sleep to stick around.

The party was coming to an end. Even Bavadin’s lover, Riadin, said goodnight and hugged Elakdon.

Bavadin sauntered over, looking ready to move on from the party. Elakdon felt ecstatic that she felt comfortable enough with him to put her arms around him and smile lazily. She felt the center of his attention, then. He felt like a good King for being able to bond with her like that.

He loved his people in an entirely different way than he did Randr or the Succubi who honored him by carrying his children.

Happy they had such a connection, Elakdon reached up and caressed her cheek, then began slow dancing with her to the calmer go-home music playing on the streaming service. It made her smile even more, and she leaned in, resting her head against his shoulder and tightening her grip around him. But she danced along, and they shared a moment, swaying together in their own little world.

It was so calm that Elakdon could even finish his beer while dancing, and he offered her some, pouring for her. It made them giggle in their tipsy state.

“Where do you want to go?” she asked.

“We can be driven to my place, and you stay with me. Or I go with you to your place? Or we crash here, which is my least favorite option.”

“Why?” She pulled back to look at him curiously.

“Because I want our night to be special, and a borrowed bed isn’t.”

She looked grateful for the answer, then sneaky and hungry. “Is it true that you enjoy everything?”

“No, but I am capable of enjoying a lot that my people enjoy. Some things I enjoy more than others.”

“So…” Uncertainty flickered in her eyes.

“Come on, young Succubus, whisper your King a naughty secret.” He smiled and leaned in, turning his ear to her. “Don’t ever be shy with me. I hope to teach you when empowering you, too.”

“I may have a kinky streak.”

“Hold on, that needs my good ear.” He turned his head and pointed to his ear.

Bavadin snickered. “I’m kind of irritated that I don’t have a dick sometimes, so I…bought one.”

“Oh!” Elakdon pulled back to look at her. “However much I dislike a piece of plastic up my ass, I have come to tolerate it to feel the heightened energy in the Cubus I’m with. As long as we have physical contact, we feed. But that piece makes me feel robbed of something intimate with you.”

“Which is why I’m sad I don’t have a dick. We don’t have to—”

“No, no, no…” Elakdon put a finger under her chin and lifted her face to meet his gaze. Insecurity didn’t become her, so he smiled. “We explore and see what pleasures we can find.”

“I bought a really comfortable one.”

“The technology of dildos has probably advanced since the last time a Succubus introduced the idea. I look forward to you teaching me how much.”

Her smile grew. “If you’re not a fan, I still have fingers.”

Elakdon grinned. “You do. And I love those.” But he worried about a part of her statement. Looking around, only Guards and three guests, sitting together at the far end, talking quietly together, remained. “Your place, then? To play with your…dicks?”

She snickered. “Yes. I’ll just say goodnight to my last guests.”

Elakdon nodded and stepped back, watching as Bavadin dashed off, seeming so light on her feet, even though she’d definitely had enough alcohol to feel as lazily tipsy as he did.

Guard Lady Olidin came over. “May I ask the plans, Nol?”

“Her place. I’ll stay the night.”

“The morning and early noon, then. Yes, Nol.” She smiled and showed him the time. Just after four AM? Wow, that was early. “I’ll have the car brought around, considering your attire.”

“Thank you.” While waiting for Bavadin, Elakdon went to the bar and put the empty glass down. He then folded up a program for the evening to bring home as a souvenir and to help jog his memory as he told Randr all about it. His ugly husband lived vicariously through Elakdon’s connection to his people, and Elakdon sometimes felt powerless to help Randr break out of his lot in life among a people as vain and beautiful as the Cubi.

It was considered polite to ask about Randr and why he didn’t attend, but that was it. They knew that.

Bavadin snuck up behind him and caressed his ass as she rounded the bar, grinning. She then grabbed four bottles of beer and the mead plus a bottle of Bailey’s, yet she had to shake a few to find one she apparently figured held enough contents to be worth bringing.

Okay, so their party was starting now.

Elakdon looked under the bar and found a shopping bag which he held out for her to put the bottles into. He put the party program in there, too.

She snatched two of the sweet soda beers or whatever and four bottles of water, topping off the capacity of the bag. “That should keep us over.”

“Yeah.” Elakdon put an arm around her, and they left, but he waved goodnight to the three remaining guests, then tried to mentally prepare for venturing out into the cold of four AM in the winter. No go! The wind had picked up, and his balls felt like they withdrew into his body in protest.

Luckily, the car was close by, yet they were both tipsy enough to stumble around in a snowbank on their way there, and this time Elakdon lost a slipper.

“I’ll get it, Nol,” Lady Olidin said.

“Thank you!” They hurried ahead and into the warm car, where they huddled up to get warm. Bavadin grabbing the back of his head to lay a deep kiss on him certainly helped, and cold fingers warmed up fast as they slipped under clothes in pursuit of feeding energy and a fun empowerment.

The drive wasn’t long, and no one was up as they made it through the hallway to her apartment. They stumbled inside, still with hands all over each other. She turned on the lights, and Elakdon put the bag down and closed the door behind him. It was a cozy one-bedroom apartment like most non-parental Cubi lived in, and it held the overall vibe of her metal badassness. That included black roses painted on the wall above the bed in the adjacent room.

The fire of lust shone in her eyes again, yet Elakdon’s body needed a bit more warmth before it wanted to rise to the occasion.

“Do you mind a bit of music?”

“Not at all. Just not too heavy.”

“I got something.” Bavadin went to her computer, opened the lid, and soon after a good balanced kind of rock metal played at a volume that allowed for easy conversation. “Shower?” She slowly lifting her t-shirt to reveal her stomach. She had a piercing in her navel.

“Yeah.” Elakdon slipped out of the sticky robe and slippers, enjoying her hungry look as her gaze traveled his body. She smiled and began undressing, slowly, teasing his mind. She even turned around as she pulled her pants down, revealing an ass to die for. She had perfect curves—a healthy woman’s body, yet not by human society’s anorexic standards. At least the humans were slowly moving away from those. The Succubus in front of him? She could have been a fertility goddess, and Elakdon wanted to worship her as one. Sans the fruit of it. She was not ready for motherhood, anyway.

Bavadin giggled as her foot caught in her pants and she needed support from the wall to manage to kick them off completely. Yeah, drunk sex could never be graceful, but it could be fun. Elakdon went to her to help out by placing his foot on the constricting garment, and she managed to free her foot, then claimed his lips and pushed a bit to make him walk backward to the bathroom, both stabilizing themselves by the help of the wall as they continued kissing sloppily.

They made out and felt each other up while the water reached the right temperature, which to her was scolding. Elakdon managed to lower it a bit before they cooked completely under the sprays.

“You definitely need help with this project,” Bavadin murmured against his lips.

“What project?”

“Washing all of you.”

Her hands all over him? “Yup!”

Bavadin turned off the water, then grabbed a bar of soap. It smelled like chamomile. Elakdon liked that and relaxed under her touch as she began rubbing the bar in gentle circles on his body, stepping in close to rub her body against his to distribute the suds.

Fantastic idea.

His cock rose again, yet she left it alone while teasing his senses with her hands and the feel of her body slipping against his. When she made it around back, she pushed her pelvis against his ass, making him think of her kink and her still worrisome comment about missing a cock.

Cubi saw transgendered people, too, yet it could inhibit them from feeding fully. Had she been discovered to have that problem when being empowered, he was sure he’d have heard about it, though, because he was the first to get a call when one was found. Only he could feed the ones so at odds with their physical body, and they often came to stay with him to feed solely on him or the ones they discovered could feed that Cubus.

He’d have to talk to her about it if he found energy being impeded. But he couldn’t do that when she had had alcohol because it could make the mind loosen up enough to disregard dysphoria.

He shook the thoughts to be dealt with later and focused on what she was doing. Leaning his hands against the wall of the shower stall excited her, and the washing project turned more erotic as she spread her attention to his ass and cock. But she was being a tease about it—her touches too light or slow to really bring pleasure, and it drove him nuts. Which she liked, too. As he grew more and more desperate for stimulation, the feeding energy heightened.

Judging by the energy traveling Elakdon’s skin and moving to his spine, Bavadin wasn’t just an active pleaser. No, she wanted to edge him until he lost his mind and…oh, he’d begging before the empowerment was over. It made him smile. He definitely didn’t mind that. Imagining her tongue where her fingers lightly teased him coaxed a moan from his mouth and sent a fresh surge of energy shooting toward his spine.

“I love the sight of a strong body slowly coming undone under my touches,” Bavadin said in a husky tone.

“I love the strength in a woman who can make me come undone,” Elakdon said.

That comment made her moan. “There are so many senses to explore,” she whispered. Elakdon merely nodded, wondering what she had in store for them that night…morning “It’s why I chose a chamomile soap.” Her hands left his groin, and she shifted the intensity of her touches as it felt like she now kneaded muscles up his back in an erotic massage. “A body and mind that relaxes and allows the full relinquishment of control can soar so high.”

Gods! Elakdon wanted that. He wanted all of that!

Slowly, she encircled him in her arms and pulled him back from the wall to lean into her. She turned on the water and backed them under the sprays. Elakdon stayed completely lax, letting her do whatever she wanted, which was to wash the suds off his body, aided by slow caressing touches.

She took the showerhead and carefully guided his head back to rinse his hair before returning the showerhead and massaged shampoo into his scalp. It was wonderful, but what topped it off was that she kept some sort of contact between their bodies—currently sliding the inside of her thigh against the outside of his. So soft and smooth. Sometimes, she stepped closer and pressed her breasts against him, reminding him of the beautiful body standing so close to him.

She balanced the slow build wonderfully, and he indeed relinquished into all she wanted to spoil him with. He felt spoiled and enjoyed the time to be pampered. When she rinsed him off again, he felt like he needed a moment to pull his brain out of the relaxed state.

Apparently, she’d washed herself, and they exited the shower to dry off. Again, she led, and he let her pamper him.

“Do you always pamper the ones you feed on?”

“Yes, but I have to admit you get special attention. To explore with you is…so very different. To feel the energy with you is different.”

“My energy is different. That’s why.”

She smiled, drawing slow circles with the towel as she dried him off. Sinking to a crouching position to dry his legs, Elakdon’s breath quickened as her face was so close to his hard cock. She turned her head, and her hot breath tickled his member, making him gasp, but she merely smiled up at him and brushed past the tip as she shifted her weight to dry off his other leg.

It was frigging sweet sexy torture, and he loved it.

Finally, she stood, and Elakdon couldn’t hide the smile that let her know just how well she was doing at teasing him.

“Do I get to dry you off?”

“No.” She grinned. “But you get to lick me.” Perfect trade off. Except he didn’t get to in the bathroom because she took his hand and led him to her bedroom, then sat him on the bed. “Be right back.”

She left the bedroom, and Elakdon got up long enough to remove the covers and climb in, hearing the sound of bottles shift in the bag as it was lifted from the floor by the door, then a cabinet opening and closing. Bavadin returned with a tray with two shot glasses, the mead, two beers, two bottles of water, a bottle opener, and something edible for herself, which she placed on the nightstand.

Elakdon scooted in on the bed, making room for her, yet the way she climbed on made him feel stalked. And he loved it. She climbed over him, forcing him onto his back, and straddled his hips, still smiling.

Slowly, she ground her sex against his, with just enough pressure to stimulate him and let him feel her wetness. The scent of her filled the air, and Elakdon needed to feel her, so he caressed up her thighs and stomach to cup her breasts and brush her nipples.

The moan that rolled from her lips and the sight of her head lulling back at his touch made his cock bob. He craved to feel her more, and the imagined feel of himself sliding into her caused a rush of hunger prickles to race across his skin. Judging by the energy from her, mingling on his skin and traveling to his spine, then his reaction fed her. A true tease.

Bavadin looked at Elakdon, her gaze filled with mischief. “Lie still for me.”

He managed a nod, while she leaned toward the nightstand and poured a shot of mead. She then sat back, placing herself carefully so that her groin fit snugly and directly on Elakdon’s hungry cock. Leaning forward, the wetness let her lips slide against his member, making him gasp. She was having too much fun torturing him. With anyone but a true tease, Elakdon would be too impatient, and this was where the Royal side of him came out to play, syncing his feeding with that of the Cubus he was with.

Anyone but her, he wouldn’t have been able to lie still as she poked a finger against his lower lip and slowly pushed the digit into his mouth, then guided his mouth open.

“Careful now.” Oh, that smile. But he knew to press the back of his tongue against his palette to avoid drowning in the mead she gently poured into his mouth. Once she’d guided his mouth closed again, he swallowed and watched as she sat back to drink the other half of the small glass’ contents. A drop escaped and rolled down a breast, and he whimpered, wanting to lick it off her.

She apparently caught that and leaned over him so he could do that, and the taste of her skin and arousal, coupled with the feeding energy she was building in them, sent another wave of lust through Elakdon.

“You’re very good at lying still. One guy, I had to tie him up.”

By the Gods! “You and I need to re-empower you when sober. And we need a Lady I know in the bed, too.”

That prospect seemed to both delight and puzzle her. “Why’s that?”

“Your feeding patterns are merely evolving. Tying someone to a bed? Be careful until we’ve re-empowered you because energy like that can turn sour real quick.”

That news didn’t seem new to her, and she nodded, clearly understanding the gravity of what he was telling her.

“There’s no big risk of that with me, though. I’m too strong.”

That made her smile again. “Would you like to see the strap-on, then?”

Elakdon grinned, despite it still not being a favorite idea of his. “Let’s do that.”

Bavadin dismounted, making Elakdon grunt at the missing feel of her weight and wetness on his cock. She placed the shot glass on the tray, went to a dresser, and opened the top drawer. Top drawer? That meant it was prioritized.

While waiting for her to find it all, Elakdon poured two glasses of mead, deciding that tonight wouldn’t be the prime empowerment of her. He needed a Succubus who fed on masochistic pleasure to help him out with this one, so tonight would be their bonding time, only, to give Elakdon more insight. And apparently, that involved plastic up his ass.

Bavadin returned to sit on the bed with her front to him, leaving enough room between them to place a bundle of fabric. He moved around to mirror her position, while she unrolled it, revealing twelve pockets from which she drew dildos in various colors, shapes, and sizes, lining them up neatly on their individual pocket.

“I’m very picky about them.” She picked a pink one up and smelled it. “No chemicals. I know how that can be a problem to especially Cubi.”

Having lost a mother to a child to hormone disruptive chemicals in a day cream, Elakdon had made sure all Cubi were schooled rigorously in it, so he was happy to hear that. He took the dildo and smelled it, too, yet the feel of it was not the plastic one he’d expected. It felt soft and pliable, yet not with so much give that it would have trouble sliding in and out.

He’d probably have to change his mind about this. The smile on Bavadin’s face meant his expressions had probably given that thought away.

“Do all the men you feed on feel excited about this?”

“Not the human men. They’re so…stuck up on a weird male pride.”

“I know what you mean. So, you just drive them insane?”

She smiled proudly. “Yup. Being active with them is different than how I can feed with more openminded men. It’s like I actively push the men to give me what I want.”

Elakdon chuckled, poking a dildo which seemed too hard for his liking. “That is the active’s lot in life. Your pleasure actively drives us, yet with me you want control. That pleases you.”

Bavadin nodded. “But not with all men. Why is that?”

“Because their pleasure is what feeds you,” Elakdon said. “You take the cue from them like I take my cue from you. Being your Royal means you get to explore yourself fully through my ability to feel out your full potential and feed from it. It’s my lot in life. One I greatly take pride and pleasure on.” Her brilliant smile warmed him. “Now…which one is Riadin’s favorite?”

“I dunno, we don’t use them.” She looked at the collection. “I don’t have the same urges with her as I do the men I feed on. With her, I just…” A sweet shyness blushed her cheeks as they rolled into very personal stuff. “Slow and tender mutual exploration.” Elakdon nodded, grinning, remembering how he and Randr’s first time had been. “You only bed Cubus, right?”

“No, I’ve bedded many humans, too, both men and women.”

“How do you…well, not feed, I get that, but…what do you enjoy with them?”

“I’m very much an active pleaser then. Exploring a body is so hot. Being with a human means I have to guess because no energy travels my skin to tell me what’s going on.”

“I love the feel of your energy.” Her voice dropped to a husky whisper, making Elakdon smile and glance at her. He then looked over her collection of toys, feeling them out, then settled on a purple one. “See what energy this one can help you find in me.”

That brilliant smile excited Elakdon, even though he still expected to feel cheated because the material wouldn’t let him fully feel her and connect with her. That was his plastic experience so far, at least.

Bavadin quickly packed up the dildos and moved them to the floor, then tossed a liter-sized bottle of water-soluble lube on the bed. But first, mead. And she took the initiative to reach for a glass, holding it out for a cheer.

 Elakdon grinned and took the other glass. They drank their mead, and he’d only just swallowed when she claimed his lips and toppled him, making him drop the glass from enthusiastically following her. He heard it break, but he didn’t care.

It was time to be explored. And probably tortured some more.

Bavadin’s mouth traveled Elakdon’s body, slowly shuffling him around until he finally lay comfortably in the middle of the bed. By then she’d felt out every little spot on his torso that raised his excitement, nibbled along every erogenous zone on his ribcage, and made him moan loudly as she tongued his V, leading to his groin.

Her tongue elongated and snuck under his foreskin, sending delicious jolts of pleasure through him, while her nimble fingers danced up the inside of his thighs, urging him to spread his legs and open up to her.

Dosing her now would be a bad idea. He needed her in full control once she started in on his ass with that dildo. Her second empowerment with him, she’d be dosed far more than tonight to give the Lady full insight.

Bavadin cut off all thoughts in Elakdon’s brain by lifting one of his legs and licking up the inside of his thigh. He had an erogenous zone on the back of his thigh, just above his knee, and she almost reached it, apparently not reading the energy clearly enough to keep seeking it out.

She repeated with the other leg, yet the sensitivity to that spot wasn’t as strong as on his right leg. “Turn over for me.”

Elakdon managed a nod and flopped—ungracefully from excitement—onto his stomach. This time, she hit the spot as she placed herself between his legs and smoothed her hands up his legs to firmly grasp an ass cheek in each hand. He felt craved and loved it.

When she spread his cheeks and tongued his ass, he bucked up to give her access.

“Perfect idea,” she purred against his sensitive flesh, making him shudder. “We need a pillow.”

Elakdon’s brain caught up, so he moved around to fold a pillow in half and arrange it underneath his hips. Bavadin grabbed his cock and arranged it as he lowered himself again, so that it pointed her way instead of being buried in the pillow and squashed against his lower abdomen.

Bavadin then continued licking him and stroking his cock and caressing his balls, leaving Elakdon in sensory heaven.

The squirts from the lube bottle were loud enough to be heard over the background music, and he anticipated something cold to hit his pucker at any moment, which invariably made him tense up a bit. But when her lovely tongue withdrew, the finger that slid into him wasn’t as cold as he’d anticipated, and pleasure spread soon after along with need because she knew how to balance just enough with just too little.

Another finger pressed in, pushing a moan from Elakdon’s mouth. He could totally sail away in her pleasurable torture, and he loved the energy traveling to his spine. It was a slow trickle, meaning she wasn’t feeding yet. She was building, and she was patient about it.

He definitely felt the difference when the dildo made it to his hole, both in the feel of what slipped inside him, but also in Bavadin. Their physical connection was still there as she stroked him and leaned against his leg, and it allowed for him to feel her rising excitement as she introduced the pliable thing. He could absolutely enjoy that rise in feeding energy. And need. Her need for stimulation rose, too.

When that apparently became too much, Bavadin held the dildo still in Elakdon’s ass as she climbed around to lie opposite him on her side.

“Come lick me,” she whispered.

Elakdon was all for it, so he got off the pillow, which she awkwardly shoved out of the way while holding onto the dildo. She then bent her lower leg for his head to use as a cushion, and he did the same, yet he had to somewhat find a different position for his top leg due to the dildo that meant he had to make room for her arm over his hip, too. They managed, though.

And finally, he got to taste her, too, and he felt saliva run freely in his mouth from hunger as he buried his face between her legs to orally please her.

She cried out, then swallowed him whole, making Elakdon jerk at the sudden pleasure.

Energy built faster now, and she grew more enthusiastic with that dildo, but she balanced it well. She was looking for that good spot, it seemed. Elakdon kinda liked the dual sensation between his legs, which he didn’t often have coupled with the taste and scent of a hungry Succubus. It heightened his pleasure as he used all his skills to stimulate her clitoris while using his free roaming hand to caress her and feel behind her to see if he could use his fingers to stimulate inside of her.

To allow him access, she ended up in as awkward a position as he was in, and they mirrored each other perfectly as their pleasures rose together. Considering she’d teased him for hours now, Elakdon would no doubt be the first to lose it. He didn’t mind that. It played into his plans for dosing her, too.

And there was the angle she’d been working on finding! A burst of pleasure shot through Elakdon’s ass, and he cried out against her, breathing heavily, which overwhelmed his senses with the scent of her rising lust. He so needed more of that, and he ate her out more greedily, enjoying the hum of her moans around his cock.

But she knew how to hit that good spot now, and Elakdon was losing it, moaning and writhing consistently as his orgasm moved closer. Coupled with the feel of rising energy shooting to his spine, he soon after bucked and cried out, hugging her lower body close while she sucked him through a spectacular orgasm. As a true pleaser, her needs and pleasure rose steeply with his ecstasy, so he dove back in and licked her before he’d completely come down from his own pique, and she culminated against him a moment later.

He loved the taste of a Succubus’ ejaculate fluids and greedily laved up what he could to nourish him.

“Oh wow! Human men need to come and learn how to lick a pussy from you!”

Elakdon laughed. “Well, it is a teachable skill. But there’s one thing they can never give you.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“This.” Elakdon leaned in, elongated his tongue, and pushed it into her vagina, then released a dose. Whatever was about to happen would either be wild, or he’d set himself up to be tortured insanely slowly.

Her body jerked and she cried out from need, then hurriedly got out from her position to flip him over and straddle him. Her eyes blazed with need and lust, and the red color of her first rising energy swam across her beautiful deep brown irises.

She wasn’t going to slowly torture him, it seemed, because she reached between them and guided Elakdon into her. He gasped and focused fully on the sensation to come, finally feeling her insides hug his cock.

But she stopped once only the head was inside, making him cry out in frustration. Her gaze kept him in place instead of thrusting his hips. Also, she was still gripping his cock.

The smile that spread indicated Elakdon had guessed wrong, and as she slowly began jacking him off with her hand, she teased the exposed and sensitive glans with her wet and hot folds at every down stroke.

She wasn’t holding onto the dildo at that point, and as his body shifted and squirmed to relinquish the control that excited her so much, it slipped from his body.

Sometimes, she’d bob her lower body, taking in an inch or so, stimulating mainly the tip of Elakdon’s crotch. He needed more. He needed way more, yet all he could do was caress her beautiful body and run his fingers through her soft hair, while trying to keep himself in check.

That worked for a while, but her steady gaze full of lust, the scent of her, and the feel of the rising energy as he slowly came undone said more about the feeding pleasures uncovered by the dose. This was optimal for her. Most Cubi came undone under the dose. She gained more control over his pleasure.

That turned him on bigtime. He loved being in her focus and at her mercy. The need for her to fuck him rose. He needed more. He wanted her to give him a lot of stimulation and make him crash from overload, and the need for her to give him that rose steeply at the prolonged but balanced lack of sufficient stimulation.

“Of, fuck! Please!” Elakdon cried out and jerked under her, gasping from need.

Bavadin let go of his cock and sank down hard, making Elakdon buck and grab at the headboard. He could no longer lie still, and he thrust his hips, being met by every one of them, as she found his rhythm and shoved back to meet him.

“Yes!” she cried out, sat up, and tossed her head back.

That was a beautiful sight. Her long black and red hair flowed messily, and a long red bang fell across her face, almost hiding her eyes, as once again focused on him. Red hair over red clouding eyes, though, made her look even more badass.

Bavadin had actively pushed him that far, and now he felt free to give her what she wanted, which was this level of intensity and need from him, so he sat up, encircled her in his arms, and pulled her against himself harder as he jerked in desperation to thrust into her and give and take pleasure.

“Yes, show me, show me,” she urged. She grabbed a fistful of hair in the back of his head—not brutally hard, just forcefully enough to remind him that she was the one controlling the show and his pleasure—and locked gazes with him. “Show me how hard you need me.”

That was it! That tone, that gaze, that rich voice…

Elakdon cried out so hard his vocal cords felt raw as he came to the sweet music of her cries matching his own in intensity and her insides clamping down around his pulsating cock.

Unable to stay seated upright and unwilling to lose the feel of her, Elakdon tipped over and managed to roll them completely so that he was on top, yet he quickly steered himself back into her to feel that connection as they surfaced and enjoyed the aftermath of another spectacular orgasm.

Their sweaty bodies twitched against each other as they slowly began to relax and heaved for breath.

“With that level of control, you get to fuck me with a strap-on while dosed when we do this again. Soon, I hope.”

Bavadin laughed. “I’m glad to hear it. Watching it slide into your perfect ass is a spectacular sight.”

Elakdon loved watching his cock slip into a beautiful ass, so he definitely understood the attraction to such a sight. The comment kinda sobered him up, though, as it reminded him of something else that he had to focus on during the next time they were together. Her penis-envy. He hadn’t sensed the feared dysphoria in her, so hopefully it was merely a kink of visual stimulation for herself.

But first, his battered and dry throat needed to be lubricated, so he looked toward the bedside table. Two cold beers waited. Perfect.

“I’m thirsty,” Bavadin said.

Reluctantly, Elakdon pulled out of her and snatched the pillow she’d boxed out from underneath him to engage in the sixty-nine. She arranged the pillows against the headboard while Elakdon opened the two beers.

Her giggles made him turn to look at her, but she pointed to the headboard, drawing his attention to two of the metal bars looking out of line. He’d grabbed those to stay in control and deformed her bed.


“I don’t mind.” She reached for him, so he once again let her guide him, this time to lie against her with his head on her chest, twisted enough to be able to enjoy his beer. He handed the other to her, and they clinked their bottles before quenching their immediate thirst.

Bavadin had a sweet smile on her lips as she began to slowly rake her fingers through his hair. He felt so comfortable with her, and he loved this after care.

“Did my dose make you realize something new about your feeding pattern?”

“Yes.” She looked dreamy and not yet recovered from the intensity of a Royal dose, while she drank a few more sips from her beer, thinking. “I think you’re more than right about needing to learn from that Lady you have in mind. I never grabbed someone’s hair like I did yours. But you seemed to like that.”

“I loved your control of our pleasure. Your intensity.”

She smiled at him, still slowly finger-combing his hair. “Did you like the dildo?”

Elakdon grinned, then nodded. “I know we have human men around who loves it, too. Being a Mingler, I even think you should help out a hunting team finding more men for active feeders in your end of the scale. There aren’t enough.”

“I know…” Bavadin pursed her lips. “I just don’t know where to find them.”

“The Lady will know. She runs the hunting party for that kind of men.”

Bavadin smiled. “Thank you for your confidence in me.”

“My confidence in you is earned, remember that.” Elakdon reached up and stroked her cheek. “You proved something to me that makes me think you’re a good candidate, but it’ll ultimately be up to Lady Futadin.” Bavadin laughed loudly. “What?”

“Futa is short for futanari, which is a Japanese thing for women with dicks.”

“It means hermaphrodite in Japanese. Or merely androgenous.” Which was why Elakdon needed her there. She could feed on men actively now, but because she was a trans Cubus it had taken Lady Futadin’s Queen’s full attention and care to help her find the balance that allowed her to transition and keep the dysphoria at a level that allowed her to feed. She wanted to be passive, but she rarely found a partner where it gave her the needed energy, and there wasn’t enough pure around to help in that department.

Elakdon had agreed for her to come to his Kingdom, and he fed her often to keep her satiated. With him, she could be passive and gain the energy needed.

“I can’t believe you got wind of my idea and came here.”

Elakdon grinned. “It’s what I am. A gift to my people. And I have the best job in the world, let me tell you…” Elakdon bobbed his brows, grinning.

She snickered. “Well, I’ve also seen how intense you can be when stuff doesn’t go as planned.”

“Yeah.” Elakdon thought for a moment, gnawing his lip and lazily caressing a line from her cheek, down her throat, between her breasts, and back up again. “Today was one of those days with long boring meetings with humans, which is why I’m so happy a Guard Lady overheard you and your friends. You saved my day, too, by letting me focus on my true nature. Being a fun-loving party animal with the best drugs in his glans.”

“Oh, yeah,” she purred.

Elakdon grinned. “Would you like me to stay the night? Or…morning.”

She smiled brilliantly. “Absolutely. But if you spent the day in boring meetings, then you need your rest, too, My King. And I won’t allow you any if you stay here.”

Elakdon snorted, then laughed. “Fair and honest.” The look in her eyes, though, made him want to stay.

“I do hope to eat your ass again.”

“Oh, absolutely. And I hope to hear you sing again.”

“I’m working on a few songs that I plan on singing in one of the tents at the summer solstice festival.”

“Let me know when and where, and I’ll do everything I can to make it there.”

Bavadin smiled, staring into his eyes. Her fingertips tickled across his chest, then down his torso, finding a ticklish spot. The jerk it caused made her smile and her eyes grow heavy-lidded. “Yeah, you’re not going home yet.” She leaned in, dominating his space. “You look far from ready to leave.”

Elakdon managed a nod, then shook his head. Her presence confused him, and he liked that. He liked how she led their pleasure.

Her hand traveled further south, and it finally closed around his once again erect dick.

Feeling around on the bed next to him, Elakdon finally found the dildo and held it up. “And this? You have more plans for this, too.”

Her smile grew along with the lust in her eyes. “Yeah.”

Elakdon handed it over and enjoyed more of his beer. He didn’t expect to sleep for another few hours.

Glancing at the clock, it was six thirty in the morning. Good thing he didn’t have any boring plans that day. Maybe he’d just call Lady Futadin later that day and set up the second empowering of the badass rockstar with fun plans for his ass.

Yeah, that seemed a good plan.

But first…more begging, he suspected.

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