The Vargr

The Vargr series is my first attempt at writing shifter wolves. It's my take on Alpha, Beta, and Omega, and it's based in Norse Mythology with a lot of freestyling. Because it's based on Norse Mythology, it's set in contemporary Scandinavia. Denmark, where I'm from, to be more exact. It's fun to write because I get to share some of my culture and country.

I'm currently writing a good portion of the books to get the worldbuilding right. It's my absolute favorite part of writing in the paranormal genre. Considering the amount of research I also have to do, I won't begin releasing the series until I feel certain that the worldbuilding is at its best.


Jay Aheer from Simply Defined Art has been asked to do the covers for this series, too. I loved her work on Cubi, so I'm looking forward to her vision of the Vargr.

The image to the left is one of the inspirational ones for developing the Vargr wolves. 

The mythology the wolves in this story are based on Sköll and Hati, who're the wolves chasing the sun (sol) and moon (Mani) across the sky. I twist this to fit something symbolic. 

The same goes for Geri and Freki, who're the wolves at Odin's side. They eat the fallen who're unworthy of Valhalla. 

The Völsung sagas are also part of the worldbuilding along with Fenrir himself. The Völsung favored strength and even procreated among siblings to strengthen their own genes. 

Finally, there are the hidden wolves of Fenrir who guard Hel. 

If you want to see more inspirational images, I collect them on a Pintarest board, which you can find HERE 


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